Pulp Fan #1 Dec. 2017

PulpFan1_500The latest zine is from Main Enterprises is Pulp Fan, with art, cover repros, articles, and  fiction.

From the Publisher by Jim Main, art by Don Marquez
“The Beast of Smoke and Fire” by Link Hullar, art by Kevin Duncan (fiction)
“Pulp Editor Extraordinaire” by Harold B. Hersey, art by Jeff Vavra
“Pulpwoody Daze” by Link Hullar
“Weird Tales Artist Fred Humiston” by Stephan Friedt
“The Cave” by Jeff Vavra, art by John Lambert (fiction)
Pulp Art Gallery #1, art by Robert Fegua

Publisher/Managing Editor: Jim Main
Editor/Production Magaer: Robert J. Sodaro
Cover Production/Logo: Marc Haines
Scanning Assist: Connie Main
Additional Art by Scott McClung (cover), Dan Taylor
32 pages, full-size magazine
$7.00 postage paid
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