Hardboiled #24


Gary Lovisi’s Hardboiled #24 1998, cover by Bruce Timm

An excerpt from the interview with Bill Crider, from The Digest Enthusiast book five:

TDE: In 1998 you wrote a story called “There Was an Old Woman” for Gary Lovisi’s Hardboiled #24. He quoted you as saying it was “sort of a hardboiled cozy.” It’s about three sisters named Clara, Cory, and Camille, caretakers of their mother, who suffered a devastating stroke. Do you recall where
the idea for this one came from?

BC: It happens that I remember exactly how “There Was an Old Woman” came about. I’d been read- ing about fairy tales motifs, and one of them was the old man or woman with three daughters. Shakespeare used it in King Lear, which I was teaching in one of my classes, so I had it on my mind. The story came out of that, and while it’s not exactly what I’d call hardboiled, it wasn’t a cozy, either. I’m still not sure what it is, but it was kind of fun to write.