TDE7 on Kindle

tde7front_webThe Digest Enthusiast book seven is nearly finished. The print proof is on the way, and I expect the release early next month.

Scotch Rutherford turned me onto the Kid’s Book Creator tool, which allows a fixed page design for ebooks. I ran a test, it created a .mobi file in just a few clicks, and everything looked great. Couple months later, on the TDE7 file, it couldn’t generate the TOC file needed for .mobi. Several hours of searching for answers bore only raspberries. A switch to the Textbook Creator tool worked flawlessly. This tool supports hyperlinks (which Kid’s Book Creator does not), and it uses the Bookmarks added to the PDF source file to create the TOC file needed for a Kindle book. Here the final result is a .kpf file, not a .mobi file, but it converted perfectly after the upload to the KDP website.

PM22frontNow, it’s onto the Magzter version. If you’re a digital reader, the Kindle version is now available for pre-order on amazon. It’ll be out on Dec. 11, which is about the same time to expect the print and Magzter versions to be available. Watch this space for updates.

On the Pulp Modern front, the production on Vol. 2 No. 2 is on track, with a little over half of its pages designed and ready for the final proof. In addition to the previously announced stories, rounding things out will be two articles and several new Bob Vojtko cartoons. It’s shaping up into a terrific issue.

And there are several other great magazines deep into production as well. Down & Out: The Magazine #2, Switchblade Magazine #4, and a new one, Econo Clash Review #1, should help make December a banner month for digests!