Honky-Tonk Girl by Charles Beckman, Jr.

honky_tonk_digestLike his short story “A Hot Lick for Doc,” from Justice (July 1955), Charles Beckman, Jr.’s Honky-Tonk Girl is a novel infused with jazz, hard luck, and bad decisions. Published in 1953 in a digest-sized paperback, Falcon Book #44, the book was reprinted by Wildside Press in 2011, with the Falcon cover painting. Gary Lovisi reviewed the novel in The Digest Enthusiast book five. Here’s an example of Beckman’s prose from Honky-Tonk Girl:

“She’d become a familiar sight around the bars and down on the beach. She’d come out of nowhere and she’d be around for a while, and then she’s suddenly disappear. That was the way of these girls.”