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Magazine of Horror #10 August 1965


Magazine of Horror #10 Aug. 1965 Cover by Carl Kidwell

“The Girl at Heddon’s” by Pauline Kappel Prilucik
“The Torture of Hope” by Villiers de L’Isle-Adam (Contes Cruel)
“The Cloth of Madness” by Seabury Quinn (Young’s Magazine Jan. 1920)
“The Tree” by Gerald W. Page
“In the Court of the Dragon” by Robert W. Chambers (The King in Yellow)
“Placide’s Wife” by Kirk Mashburn (Weird Tales Nov. 1931)
“Come Closer” by Joanna Russ
“The Plague of the Living Dead” by A. Hyatt Verrill (Amazing Apr. 1927)

Next Pulp Modern

PM22frontAlec Cizak has announced the lineup for Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 2. Winter 2018 at No Moral Center:
Susan E. Abramski
Tom Andes
Marc Fitch
Matthew X. Gomez
J. Robert Kane
Preston Lang
Robert Petyo
Charles Roland
John Teel
Russell Thayer
Jim Thomsen

He’s also selected photos to support the stories, so I’ve begun the process of converting them into photo-illustrations. Started with the cover, which is a wraparound. Here’s a first look at the front half, a dark image that captures the tone of the new Pulp Modern remarkably well. Watch this space, by December you’ll be able to get your own copy. In the meantime, you can catch up by reading Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 1.

Mystery Weekly Magazine Nov. 2017

“The Sugar Witch” by R.S. Morgan
“Her Father’s Killer” by Joseph D’Agnese
“Day After Thanksgiving Soup” by Debra H. Goldstein
“The Last Evil” by David Vardeman
“A Passionate Belief in Ghosts” by Tom Tolnay
“Only We Know” by Stef Donati
“Search for Bread” by Edward Palumbo
“The Mysterious Meatball Autopsy” A You-Solve-It by Peter DiChellis

Mystery Weekly Magazine Nov 2017
Publisher: Chuck Carter
Editor: Kerry Carter
Cover: Winona Adamon
7.5” x 10” 68 pages
POD $5.99, Kindle $2.99 (99¢ with print version)
Mystery Weekly Magazine website

Asimov’s Science Fiction Nov/Dec 2017

asimov_11_2017_5002017 is Asimov’s Fortieth Anniversary Year

Editorial: Excelsior! by Sheila Williams
Reflections: Gog & Magog by Robert Silverberg
On the Net: Time Party by James Patrick Kelly
“The Discrete Charm of the Turing Machine” by Greg Egan
“Confessions of a Con Girl” by Nick Wolven
“Apocatastasis” by Jennifer Crow (verse)
“In Dublin, Fair City” by Rick Wilber
“Your Clone Authors a Sticky Note” by Robert Frazier (verse)
“The Last Dance” by Jack McDevitt
“And No Torment Shall Touch Him” by James Patrick Kelly
“Timewalking” by Michael Cassutt
“Change State” by Ken Poyner (verse)
“Skipped” by Emily Taylor
“Probabilities” by G.O. Clark (verse)
“Afloat Above a Floor of Stars” by Tom Purdom
“Love and Death and the Star that Shall Not Be Named: Kom’s Story” by James Gunn
“Nine Lattices of Sargasso” by Jason Sanford
“Operators” by Joel Richards
“Nettle Coat” by Jane Yolen (verse)
“The Nanny Bubble” by Norman Spinrad
“How to Die on a Faraway Planet” by H. Mellas (verse)
“I Met a Traveller in an Antique Land” by Connie Willis
“A Myth as Big as a Mile” by Jane Yolen (verse)
Next Issue
On Books by Peter Heck
Classified Marketplace
SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss

Asimov’s Science Fiction Vol. 41 #11 & 12, whole #502 & 503, Sep/Oct 2017
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Sheila Williams
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Eldar Zakirov
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until Dec. 19, 2017
Asimov’s website

The Paperback Fanatic #37

PF37_500Justin Marriott has moved most of his digest magazines to the POD publishing model through the CreateSpace/Amazon channel to reduce the overseas shipping cost for readers. It also gives his titles an unlimited supply, so late-comers will no longer find an issue SOLD OUT.

The Paperback Fanatic #37 October 2017
Fanatical Thoughts (Editorial)
Fanatical Mails (LOCs)
Los Angeles PB Fair 2017 by Peter Wrobel
Artist Assemble 6 Nicollet and Caza
A Visual Guide to Digit Books by Ray Steptoe and Justin Marriott

84 pages, 6” x 9” full color $11.99 POD
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
The Paperback Fanatic website

Ellery Queen Selects: J25

jp25Unlike previous issues of the unpredictable Ellery Queen Selects series, Jonathan Press J25 featured a novel instead of a collection of short stories. John Dickson Carr’s It Walks by Night was the writer’s first novel, written at age 24, starring French detective Henri Bencolin, and had previously been published and reprinted at least a half dozen times by Pocket Books beginning in 1941.

The November Reader’s Digest is out, and besides “The 10 Nicest Places in America” check out page 32. Yup, it’s another cartoon from the prolific Bob Vojtko, the working-class cartoonist and long-suffering Cleveland Browns observer.


George C. Appell’s Gift Wrapped

gunman's grudgeA selected story from Justice Amazing Detective Mysteries #1, May 1955: “Gift Wrapped” by George C. Appell

An unidentified con man give a first person account of his latest scam. Imitating a wealthy businessman whom he learned to mimic listening to speech over the Universal network, the con tricks a prestigious jeweler into delivering an expensive brooch right into his hands. It’s a twisted scheme that nearly worked.

Appell’s stories usually appeared in western magazines like Zane Grey’s, Western Monthly, and Western Magazine. Dan Stumpf (Mystery File) wrote in his review of one of Appell’s novels, Gunman’s Grudge, “Actually, this is surprisingly fine: a fast, remorseless and straightforward tale of violence and damnation in the manner of Jim Thompson and James M. Cain—yes, it’s that good.”

Analog Nov/Dec 2017

analog_11_2017_500Analog Science Fiction and Fact Vol. 137 #11 & 12 Nov/Dec 2017
Editorial by Trevor Quachri
“Hybrid, Blue, By Firelight” by Bill Johnson, art by Joel Iskowitz
Fatal Starlight by Paul Fisher (Science Fact)
“Keepsakes” by Kenneth Schneyer
“Laminated Moose Zombies and Other Road Maintenance Problems” by Dennis M. Flynn & Michael F. Flynn, art by Kevin Speidell
“New Planet Landscape 19” by Ken Poyner (verse)
“Downsized” by Bud Sparhawk
“New Teeth” by James Sallis
“Luscinia” by Robert Reed
“Quantum Entanglement” by Fred D. White (verse)
“Fermi’s Slime” by Tom Jolly, art by Josh Meehan
“Quirks” by Marie Vibbert
Biolog: Marie Vibbert by Richard A. Lovett
“Time Travel is Only for the Poor” by S.L. Huang
“Papoose Lake” by Richard A. Lovett
The Pilgrimage by Edward M. Lerner (Probability Zero)
In Times to Come
The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
“Hot Air” by Igor Teper
“Kindle No Flame” by Stephen R. Luftus-Mercer
“Two Hours at Frontier” by Sean McMullen
“Reentry” by Brendan DuBois
“Weaponized” by Jay O’Connell
“Housekeeping, 100 XP” by Brenta Blevins
“And Then They Were Gone” by Ian Creasey
“How Val Finally Escaped from the Basement” by Scott Edelman
“Native Seeds” by Catherine Wells, art by Vincent DiFate
The Reference Library by Don Sakers
Classified Marketplace
Brass Tacks—Readers’ Letters
Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Trevor Quachri
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Marianne Plumridge Eggleton
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until Dec. 19, 2017
Analog website

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Nov/Dec 2017

eqmm_11_2017_500Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Nov/Dec 2017 Vol. 150 # 5 & 6, whole #914 & 915, Nov/Dec 2017*
“Small Signs” by Charlaine Harris, art by Laurie Harden
“Manglevine” by Dominic Russ-Combs
The Jury Box by Steve Steinbock
“Precision Thinking” by Jim Fusilli (Black Mask)
“Betrayal” by Bill Pronzini
“Death Will Help You Imagine” by Elizabeth Zelvin
“Murder at The Mongoose” by R.T. Raichev
“The Pest” by Penny Hancock
“The Singapore Sling Affair” by Frankie Y. Bailey
“Rizzo’s Monkey Store” by Lou Manfredo
“A Coon Dog and Love” by John Gastineau (Dept. of First Stories)
“Bogus Lives” by Tom Tolnay
“The Running Dead” by Shimada Sōji (Passport to Crime) Translated from the Japanese by Ho-Ling Wong & John Pugmire
“Honey, Hold Me” by Zoë Z. Dean
Blog Bytes by Bill Crider
“Tombstone” by Doug Allyn, art by Jason C. Eckhardt
“Wendell and Joni and Dianne and Me” by Tim L. Williams
“A Gambler’s Superstition” by T.J. MacGregor
“The Bad Guys” by Richard Chizmar
“Bad Bargain Lane” by Peter Turnbull
Index to Volumes 149 and 150
EQMM Readers Award Ballot
Classified Marketplace

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Janet Hutchings
Associate Editor: Jackie Sherbow
VP Design & Production: Susan Mangan
Senior AD: Victoria Green
Cover: Beppe Giacobbe
Cartoon: Harley Schwadron
192 pages
$7.99 on newsstands until Dec. 19, 2017
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine website

*Erratum EQMM May/Jun, Jul/Aug, and Sep/Oct 2017 issues contained incorrect volume numbers.