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Galaxy Novels Extended—Twice

Galaxy Books/Publishing was once a bustling enterprise. The Galaxy Novel series, ran for 31 editions as digest-sized paperbacks. Then there were four more (#32–35) produced in the standard paperback-size of the day, aka 1958. A year later, Beacon Books continued the series with eleven more editions in paperback-size that extended the series through 1961.

And finally, in 1963, a short-lived series of three digest-sized book/magazines appeared. Dubbed a “Magabook” each edition included two compete novels. The first was The Sky is Falling and Badge of Infamy, both by Lester Del Rey, with cover artwork by Virgil Finlay.

See indexes at Internet Speculative Fiction Database and Galactic Central.

Both series of digest-sized novels are covered in depth by Steve Carper and Gary Lovisi in TDE4.

Digest Magazine Checklists

Digest-Size Checklist

Digest-Size Checklist Page

The first set of digest magazine checklists are available now. I think it’s fair to say they’re considerably better thanks to feedback from Lesann Berry, Peter Enfantino, Tom Johnson, Maurice-Jean Mottoulle, Rick Ollerman, Bill Thom and D. Blake Werts.

There are two types of checklists, available as free PDF files on the Resources page of the Larque Press website: pages and cards

Digest-Size Pages
These checklists are 2-up on a sheet of paper. Print them out and cut them in half. Then 3-hole punch as indicated and drop into a 3-ring binder designed for 8.5” x 5.5” pages.

The Digest-Size Checklists include more complete background information on each title, the full contents list and cover images for most of the issues. Some titles, like The Mysterious Traveler Magazine include more than one page.

Trading Card-Size  Checklists

Trading Card-Size Checklists

Trading Cards
The trading card checklists are 8-up on a sheet of paper. Print and cut the sheet into individual cards via the trim marks. Finished card size is the standard 2.5” x 3.5”. The checklist cards include basic information on each title, a check box and a little space for notes. Some titles, like Dashiell Hammett Digests include more than one card.

Both checklists are dated for version control. If corrections or new information is added I’ll update the file and post an updated version. Please let me know of any errors.

New checklists will be added from time to time and noted here. Contact me if you’d like to help with image scans or contents lists—thanks!