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9 of the World’s Most Exciting Suspense Stories

suspense_stories_1945One might think this magazine is called Suspense Stories, but it’s actually a one-shot entitled 9 of the World’s Most Exciting Suspense Stories, published by Consolidated Book Publishers in 1945. Compiled by R.M. Barrows, it includes stories by Richard Connell, Wilkie Collins, Damon Runyon (two), Richard Middleton, Agatha Christie, John G. Craig, Frederic J. Stimson, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Remarkably, it includes at least one illustration on every spread throughout its 96 pages, by J. Allen St. John, Stan Lilstrom, Martin Garrity, Robert Sinnott, Bob Logan and Milt Youngren. Measuring in at 6” x 9,” it originally sold for 13¢. Note the Best Books logo on its cover—a cover painted by Stan Lilstrom. It was part of a short-lived series that included 11 of the World’s Great War & Spy Stories and 12 of the World’s Great Humor Stories, both published in 1944.

William Sambrot’s The Saboteur

suspense_3Stories from Suspense Magazine #3 Fall 1951: “The Saboteur” by William Sambrot

The third issue of Farrell Publishings’s Suspense Magazine starts with a bang. William Sambrot’s tale of espionage and terrorism remains timely. His description of a terrorist organization, their methods and their targets strikes a chilling sense of familiarity nearly 70 years later.
Special thanks to Alec Cizak for his insightful review of The Digest Enthusiast book six on Amazon this past Monday. Alec’s latest book Down on the Street was just published by Down & Out Books.
For those who have yet to join the rest of us digest enthusiasts, you can now purchase a postage paid bundle of all six volumes for $49.99 on eBay.

Galaxy Novel #14

gn14Isaac Asimov’s Pebble in the Sky is the fourteenth Galaxy Novel, published in 1953, with a cover by Richard Powers.

Here’s the opening paragraph:
“Two minutes before he disappeared forever from the face of the Earth he knew, Joseph Schwartz strolled along the pleasant streets of suburban Chicago quoting Browning to himself.”

Galaxy Magabook No. 3

magabook_3Galaxy Magabook No. 3 by Theodore Sturgeon, 1963, cover art by Gray Morrow

Baby is Three: “The boy went to the psychiatrist because he needed help—but his problem was something no analyst could handle. He knew his name—but not his identity. He knew what he did—but not what he was. Worst of all, he didn’t know how many of him there were.”

. . . And My Fear is Great: “The fear that lurked inside him was a demon that drove him to desperate measures of hatred and terror. It promised him all the riches of the earth. It carried him to a God- like power—until it met an even more frightful monster outside!”

Shock Mystery Tales July 1962

shock_7_1962“Soft Brides for the Damned!” by James Barnett
“Black Chapel!” by Richard Shaw
“Vengeance of the Devil’s Mistress!” by Art Crockett
“Handmaidens of the Monster!” by Alan Lance
“Evil Stalks the Night!” by F. X. Fallon
“Night of the Walking Dead!” by Jim Arthur
“In the Name of Terror!” by Larry Dickson
“The Crypt Speaks!” by Harvey Berg
“Satan’s Ballet!” by Bill Ryder

Morpheus Tales #30

MT-30There have been two issues since I last posted anything about Morpheus Tales. Issue #30 was published in May 2017. The digest seems to have shifted from a print and digital model to strictly digital.

A year ago when I exchanged emails with MT editor, Sheri White, she reported her readership was about 50/50 print and digital. She also said, “I think digital sales continue to grow, and we’ve built a large back catalogue of issues which continues to sell, which doesn’t get so much attention in print, unless we do special offers, which we do regularly. Print seems to need to be pushed, digital sales just seem to come in steadily.”

Perhaps that explains the shift.

Morpheus Tales is also publishing a line of books, some of which are available in print and digital and some digital only.

Morpheus Tales website

The American Bystander #4

A_-Bystander_4_500Here’s an indie magazine well worth supporting. Newsweek calls it “The Last Great Humor Magazine.” The contributor list is a who’s who of cartoonists and humorists. You can buy single issues direct or subscribe via a Patreon plan that is essentially pay per issue.

Check out their website, for all the details including sample pages.

Kuš! Mono #3

Kuz_Mono_3_500Latvia comics publisher Kuš! began the Kuš! Mono series earlier this year. They’re perfect bound, full color, pocket-size paperbacks that measure about 4” x 6” (A6). The third edition is by one of my favorite indie cartoonists, Theo Ellsworth. His story, “An Exorcism,” is 128 pages, a wordless journey into the expulsion of demons.

The Kuš! comics shop on the ecrater platform provides preview pages and ordering information.

The Digest Enthusiast Book Six

tde6cover_500It’s here. The print and Magzter editions are available now and the Kindle edition should be later today. Here’s the content underneath that great cover by Brian Buniak:

• Digest News Previews of Rick Ollerman’s Down & Out: The Magazine #1, Karen Valentine’s Betty Fedora #4, Pulp Literature #15, The Pulpster #26, our joint venture with Uncle B. Publications, Pulp Modern, and much more.

• Interviews with Edd Vick (Analog, Asimov’s)* and B.K. Stevens (AHMM).

Manhunt 1953 #1–4 synopses by Peter Enfantino of the greatest crime digest ever.

tde6back_500• International Science Fiction #1 & 2 a fascinating look at this short-lived digest.

• Bob Hope’s They Got Me Covered, a title that turned out to be all too true, by Steve Carper

Sharon Tate’s Fate, weird reporting on the horrific murder by Tom Brinkmann

• Digest Dolls Trading Cards by Max Allan Collins

• Weirdbook #34 reviewed

• Fiction by Lesann Berry, Alec Cizak, and Joe Wehrle, Jr.

• Artwork and cartoons by Brad W. Foster, Michael Neno, Bob Vojtko, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Haiku by Clark Dissmeyer

I have not updated the Larque Press website yet to include TDE6. It’s next on my list.

TDE Book Six
152 pages
Print: $8.99 from amazon and select booksellers
Digital: $2.99 for Kindle and Magzter

*Interview conducted by D. Blake Werts