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Copy This! #40: Michael Neno

Copy-This-40_500Cartoonist and illustrator Michael Neno is interviewed by Copy This! editor/publisher D. Blake Werts, in the June 2017 edition, hitting mailboxes now. Michael is of course a regular contributor to The Digest Enthusiast, who has been with us since book one thanks to Blake’s good sense.

Here’s Michael’s response when Blake asked how he juggles so many projects:

“Well, creating and publishing is my real job. I quit my thankless and dead-end IT day job seven years ago (I wasn’t getting any younger!) to live off my creative talents. That includes everything from freelance comics lettering, coloring, penciling, inking and pre-press formatting to mural and web design, logos, mascots, t-shirts and illustrations for books and magazines. I juggle these deadlines with my own projects . . . I’m also commissioned to write weekly film reviews for a site which will be soon going live.”

There’s often a bonus that comes with an issue of Copy This!, this time it’s an 8-page mini comic by Michael called Pictures of Benevolence.

Copy This! is a wonderful ‘zine featuring interviews with long-time indie cartoonists and news from the mini comics community. To inquire about single issues or subscriptions write to D. Blake Werts.


Occult Detective Quarterly #2

Editorial by Sam Gafford and John Linwood Grant
Borkchito: Occult Doggo Detective by Sam L. Edwards and Yves Tourigny (comic)
“The Arcana of the Alleys” by Brandon Barrows, art by Sebastian Cabrol
“The Black Tarot” by Mike Chinn, art by Russell Smeaton
“Conquer Comes Calling” by Edward M. Erdelac
“The Grabber Man” by Tim Waggoner, art by Luke Spooner
“White Ghost in the City” by Tricia Owens
“Devil in the City of Lights” by Bruno Lombardi
The Constant Englishman: John Constantine, Hellblazer by Danyal Fryer (article)
“Light, from Pure Digestion Bred” by Kelly A. Harmon, art by Morgan Fitzsimons
The Man Who is Carnacki! An interview with Dan Starkey
“Death and the Dancing Bears” by Steve Liskow
The Occult Legion Chapter Two: “Terror on the Links” by Joshua Reynolds
Doctors of the Strange: The Tradition of the Occult Physician by Tim Prasil (article)
Describin’ the Scribes
Inside back cover artwork by Mutartis Boswell

Occult Detective Quarterly #2 Spring 2017
Publisher: Travis Neisler
Editors: Sam Gafford, John Linwood Grant, and Dave Brzeski
Layout/Design: Sam Gafford
Cover: Alan M. Clark
8.5” x 11” 104 pages
POD $12.95 from
Electric Pentacle Press website

Down on the Street by Alec Cizak

downonthestreetAlec Cizak is the editor of Pulp Modern. He’d published ten issues before I met him over the ether, and he welcomed me to help with its revival in May. Alec is also a filmmaker and author. His latest book, Down on the Street, from ABC Group Documentation, an imprint of Down & Out Books, is out today.

If I was the kind of guy who ever read a book in a single sitting, this would be it. I’m half way through and it’s terrific. If you like your crime fiction dire, climb aboard this one-way fare down the city’s backside. The writing is terse, the journey bleak; just the way I like it.

Down on the Street is available direct from Down & Out Books, select booksellers, and the big river.

Nostalgia Digest Summer 2017

ND_sum_2017_500The swimsuit issue, with a gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor cover, is out on newsstands now for your beach-reading pleasure. The balance of the suntanned beauties inside include Ann Miller, Marilyn Monroe (via ND Summer 2007 cover repro), Ellen Drew, Susan Hayward, Betty Grable, Alice Faye, Ida Lupino, Dolores Del, James Cagney, Joan Leslie, Gloria Grahame, Mary Martin, Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Buster Keaton, Lucille Ball, Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, and Debbie Reyolds.

Hello, Out There in Radioland! by Steve Darnall
“A Few Moments with . . . Harry Shearer” (uncredited)
“Lucky Town” by Bill Jackson “How a veteran of children’s television became the Mayor of Cartoon Town”
Paul Muni “The Actor’s Actor” by Stone Wallace
“A Mid-Century Night’s Team” by Clair Schulz (Chicago White Sox)
Helen Forrest “Little Girl Blue” by Ted Mosser
“How the West was Won . . . On Radio!” by Jack French
“Once More onto the Beach . . .” Swimsuit pictorial
“Abbott and Costello Meet the War Bond Kid” by Jeffrey S. Miller
Mail Call

Plus, the Radio Program Guide for Those Were the Days

Editor: Steve Darnall
Nostalgia Digest Summer 2017
5.5” x 8.5” 64 pages, b&w interior
$4.50 on newsstands
Four-issue subscription $17
Eight-issue subscription $30
Nostalgia Digest website

Mystery Weekly Magazine June 2017

Mystery_Wkly_6_2017_500Mystery Weekly Magazine is a joint venture from Charles F. Carter (Publisher) and Kerry Carter (Editor), based in Ontario. “The name Mystery Weekly refers to the stories published in our weekly newsletter. These sample stories are intended to build awareness of our paid monthly issues, which include our weekly stories plus bonus stories and content. Our monthly magazine is delivered to subscribers in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats, and is distributed worldwide through Magzter and Amazon in digital and print formats.”

“The Juggler’s Brew” by Arthur Davis
A birth injury takes control of a man who transforms into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde murderer.

“Karma” by Jim Farren
A bank heist getaway goes horribly wrong.

“Too Good To Be True” by C.M. West
Artist, Tru Jameson, gets in deep when he answers the call of a friend who ran away with the circus. Evie’s partner in her knife-throwing act has disappeared and she asks Tru for back up in finding the rumored, illicit after-hours show.

“Polly” by Antony Mann
What do you do when the girl you love doesn’t love you back? Murder is always an option.

“The Feast” by Natalie Satakovski
A cell of the Melbourne mafia meet to discuss the issue of a recalcitrant member. With the Don’s power waning, and each party harbouring his own ulterior motives, the conversation at dinner takes them to places they could never have imagined.

“The Ring of Truth” by David Afsharirad
Truth is stranger than fiction when a young tennis pro woos and wins the wife of the world’s most famous author.

“Dogged by Death” a you-solve-it mystery by Laird Long

Mystery Weekly Magazine June 2017
Publisher: Chuck Carter
Editor: Kerry Carter
7.5” x 10” 68 pages
POD $4.75, Kindle $2.99, Magzter $1.99
Mystery Weekly Magazine website

Morpheus Tales #30

MT-30There have been two issues since I last posted anything about Morpheus Tales. Issue #30 was published in May 2017. The digest seems to have shifted from a print and digital model to strictly digital.

A year ago when I exchanged emails with MT editor, Sheri White, she reported her readership was about 50/50 print and digital. She also said, “I think digital sales continue to grow, and we’ve built a large back catalogue of issues which continues to sell, which doesn’t get so much attention in print, unless we do special offers, which we do regularly. Print seems to need to be pushed, digital sales just seem to come in steadily.”

Perhaps that explains the shift.

Morpheus Tales is also publishing a line of books, some of which are available in print and digital and some digital only.

Morpheus Tales website

Weirdbook #35

Weirdbook-35_500The second issue of Weirdbook’s new quarterly schedule has arrived. Editor Doug Draa received over 350 submissions, so you can bet those that made the cut are gems of bizarre, horrid, adventurous, fantastical weirdness.

From the Editor’s Tower by Doug Draa
“The Pullulations of the Tribe” by Adrian Cole
“A Queen of Carpathia” by K.A. Opperman (verse)
“The Dead of Night” by Christian Riley
“Mother of My Children” by Bruce L. Priddy
“Queen of the Bats” by K.A. Opperman (verse)
“The Man Who Murders Happiness” by John R. Fultz
“A Handful of Dust” by Tom English
“Taken from the Tcho Tcho People’s Holy Codex” by Frederick J. Mayer (verse)
“Revolution à l’Orange” by Paul Lubaczewski
“Fiends of the Southern Plains” by Patrick Tumblety
“The Pyrrhic Crusade” by Stanley B. Webb
“The Migration of Memories” by Charles Wilkinson
“When Wolfsbane Blooms” by K.A. Opperman (verse)
“Maquettes” by Paul St John Mackintosh
“In the Shadows” by J.S. Watts
“The Dinner Fly” by James Matthew Byers (verse)
“The Spot,” by C.R. Langille
“Schism in the Sky” by Donald McCarthy
“To Roam the Universe” Forgotten and Free” by Janet Harriett
“Rejuvenate” by Lily Luchesi
“Vigil Night” by Lorenzo Crescentini
“Strange Jests” by Jessica Amanda Salmonson (verse)
“Dead Clowns for Christmas” by L.J. Dopp
“The Tale and the Teller” by Darrell Schweitzer

Weirdbook Vol. 2 #5, whole #35 published May 2017
Publisher/Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Doug Draa
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Production Team: Steve Coupe, Ben Geyer, Helen McGee, Karl Würf
Cover: Grandfailure/Fotolia
194 pages, 6” x 9”
$12.00 in Print, $3.99 in Kindle from
$3.99 from Magzter
Wildside Press website

Weirdbook #34 is reviewed in The Digest Enthusiast book six

Black Gat #11

Black-Gat-11_500Author, publisher, and bookseller, Gary Lovisi is a frequent contributor to The Digest Enthusiast. He is also the editor/publisher of Paperback Parade, which celebrates and educates readers about paperback books of every genre. I imagine seeing his own stories published in the classic PBO format he loves must give Gary a special kind of thrill.

Sherlock Holmes & Mr. Mac is a Black Gat Books Original. It’s the eleventh book in the highly-collectible series, an imprint of Stark House Press. Booklist calls it “A must-read for Holmes devotees.”

Mr. Mac is Scotland Yard Inspector Alec MacDonald. He enlists the aid of Sherlock Holmes to solve two different cases: “The Affair of Lady Wescott’s Lost Ruby” and “The Case of the Unseen Assassin.”

Stark House Press and Black Gat Books are produced in the traditional method of print, then distribute. They are available from crime fiction booksellers, big box online book retailers, and directly from Stark House. Get yours before they’re sold out.

The American Bystander #4

A_-Bystander_4_500Here’s an indie magazine well worth supporting. Newsweek calls it “The Last Great Humor Magazine.” The contributor list is a who’s who of cartoonists and humorists. You can buy single issues direct or subscribe via a Patreon plan that is essentially pay per issue.

Check out their website, for all the details including sample pages.

Kuš! Mono #3

Kuz_Mono_3_500Latvia comics publisher Kuš! began the Kuš! Mono series earlier this year. They’re perfect bound, full color, pocket-size paperbacks that measure about 4” x 6” (A6). The third edition is by one of my favorite indie cartoonists, Theo Ellsworth. His story, “An Exorcism,” is 128 pages, a wordless journey into the expulsion of demons.

The Kuš! comics shop on the ecrater platform provides preview pages and ordering information.