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Black Cat Mystery Magazine #1 Winter 2017/2018

The Cat’s Perch by John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe
“Getting Away” Alan Orloff
“Fairy Tale” by Art Taylor
“Eb and Flo” by Josh Pachter
“Crazy Cat Lady” by Barb Goffman
“A Pie to Die For” by Meg Opperman
“Murder at Madame Tussaud’s” by Dan Andriacco
“Rooster Creek” by John M. Floyd
“Don’t Bank on It” by Jack Halliday
“Dixie Quickies” by Michael Bracken
“Flight to the Flirty Flamingo” by Kaye George
“The Italian Tile Mystery” by John Holding (Classic Reprint from EQMM Sept. 1961)
“Beside a Flowering Wall” by Fletcher Flora (Classic Reprint from AHMM April 1968)
“The ABCs of Murder” by Josh Pachter (verse)

Black Cat Mystery Magazine #1 Winter 2017/2018
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
Editors: John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe
Cover: Fotolia
6” x 9” 150 pages, $12.00 POD, $3.99 Kindle
Wildside Press website

Paperback Parade #98 August 2017

Paperback Talk by Gary Lovisi
A Basic Overview of American Pre-Vintage Paperbacks & Series by Gary Lovisi
Science Fiction in Dime Novels; Penny Dreadfuls; & Shilling Shockers by Jon D. Swartz
A Look Behind Bachelor Books by Gary Lovisi
Badge 714 on Duty (Dragnet) by Richard L. Kellogg
Two Foreign Pre-Vintage Paperback Series (Civilizacao Brasileira & Coleccao Civilizacao) by Gary Lovisi
The 1942 Canadian White Circles by Jim Fitzpatrick
The “Ace Science Fiction Reader” by Michael S. Smith
Walter H. Hunt’s Dark Wing Series by Gary Lovisi
Matchless Paperbacks: Jacqueline Susann by Richard Greene

Editor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
~5.5” x 8.5” 96 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
Gryphon Books website

Mystery Weekly Magazine Sept 2017

“Clowns on the Run” by D.S. White
“A Man is Worth a Thousand Pictures” by Erik Deckers
“Keeper of the Flame” by Greg Herren
“Do Not Pass Go . . .” by James Blakey
“A Silver .38” by Peter W.J. Hayes
“How Mrs. Hitt Stopped Scrimping and Found Happiness with a Hit Man” by Lani Steele
“Egg on His Face” A You-Solve-It by Laird Long

Mystery Weekly Magazine Sept 2017
Publisher: Chuck Carter
Editor: Kerry Carter
7.5” x 10” 74 pages
POD $4.99, Kindle $2.99
Mystery Weekly Magazine website

The Pulpster 26

pulpster26The official program of PulpFest, The Pulpster is also mailed to advertisers and arrived in last week’s mail. The full-size magazine is published by Mike Chomko and edited by William Lampkin. PulpFest 2017 was held in Pittsburgh, PA, July 27–30, 2017.

From the Editor by William Lampkin
From the Publisher by Michael Chomko
“Scarlett O’Horror of Alabam” by Tony Davis
“Dangerous Dames” by Ron Goulart (cover story)
“Women in the Detective Pulps” by Bill Pronzini
“The O. Henry of the Pulps” by Garyn G. Roberts
“How I Get My Inspiration” by A ‘Weird Tales’ Author (Robert Bloch)
“Bloch’s Archetypal Thriller: ‘Psycho’” by Garyn G. Roberts
“First, Do Harm!” by Curt Phillips
“The Lesser of ‘The Big Three’” by Walker Martin
“Pulp Christmas Show” by Douglas Draa
“The Tall Tales of Captain McGrail” by Monte Herridge
Final Chapters by Tony Davis
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The Pulpster #26
Editor: William Lampkin
Assistant Editor: Peter Chomko
Publisher: Mike Chomko
Cover: Norman Saunders (Black Mask July 1949)
8.5” x 11” 40 pages
$13 postage paid from Mike Chomko Books (inquire for shipping outside the US)

Back on Monday

Rocket1Taking a blog break, will return on Monday with more daily digests.

Many thanks to Mike Chomko Books for carrying The Digest Enthusiast in their catalog and tabling copies at the recent PulpFest and other shows Mike attends.

TDE book seven is progressing nicely and planned for early December release. Contributors include Lesann Berry, Tom Brinkmann, Steve Carper, Peter Enfantino, Richard Krauss, Marc Myers, Michael Neno, Vince Nowell, Sr., Rick Ollerman, Josh Pachter, Robert Snashall, Bob Vojtko, and Joe Wehrle, Jr.

Nostalgia Digest Autumn 2017

Hello, Out There in Radioland! by Steve Darnall
“A Few Moments with . . . Tippi Hedren” (uncredited)
“On with the Show: Celebrating 45 Years of . . . Memory Club Movies” by Chuck Schaden
“The Jolson Story” by Stone Wallace (cover story)
“CELEBio: Larry Parks” by Lou Smith
“The Traitor from Lane Tech: The story of a high-school dropout . . . and the Nazi invasion that wasn’t.” by Wayne Klatt
“Mr. Radio: Actor, writer, producer, director . . . Elliott Lewis could do it all—and did” by Jordan Elliott
“1917: A Great Year for Comedy!” by Garry Berman
“Life is but a Scream: Behind the door of The Inner Sanctum . . . ” by Michael Cole
“The Coal Bin” by Dorothy Stanaitis
“Forever Otto” by Orrin Konheim
Mail Call

Plus, the Radio Program Guide for Those Were the Days and WGN Radio Theatre

Editor: Steve Darnall
Nostalgia Digest Autumn 2017
5.5” x 8.5” 64 pages, b&w interior
$4.50 on newsstands
Four-issue subscription $17
Eight-issue subscription $30
Nostalgia Digest website

Weirdbook #36

From the Editor’s Tower by Doug Draa
“Burn on the Bayou” by L.F. Falconer
“The Horde” by Chad Hensley (verse)
“The Mumbler” by Gillian French
“Beneath the Roads” by John Joe Lopez (verse)
“Cleric at Sentinel Hill” by Franklyn Searight
“Let Them Have Dominion” by Oliver Smith (verse)
“Whores and Criminals” by Dean MacAllister
“The Quiet on the Water” by C.C. Adams
“The Haggard Brothers Go to Town” by James Pratt
“Krysten” by Clay F. Johnson (verse)
The Awakening” by Megan Neumann
“The Chimera” by Chad Hensley (verse)
“Dead Line” by D.C. Lozar
“Stranded in Louisiana” by Chad Hensley (verse)
“The Waterman’s Song” by M.B. Vigil
“Maleficium” by Kelly Gould
“The Green Dome” by Joe DiCicco
“Cryptid Shindig” by Richard Stevenson (verse)
“We Who Walk on Worlds” by Matt Sullivan
“Insect Song” by William Tea
“The Harvest Moon Festival” by Gigi Eng
“Guardians of the Seven Gates” by Chad Hensley (verse)
“Like Falling Snow” by W.D. Clifton
“The Oldest Story” by S.L. Edwards
“Geronimo Versus Frankenstein” by Neal Privett
“The Black-and-White Dozen” by Chris Kuriata
“Omzetten” by C.M. Muller
“Vandegald’s Globes” by Jeremy Hayes
“Great Old Ones” by Darrell Schweitzer (verse)

Weirdbook Vol. 2 #6, whole #36 published August 2017
Publisher/Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Doug Draa
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Production Team: Steve Coupe, Ben Geyer, Helen McGee, Karl Würf
Cover: H. White/Fotolia
Interior & Back Cover Art: Allen Koszowski
204 pages, 6” x 9”
$12.00 in Print, $3.03 in Kindle from
$3.99 from Magzter
Wildside Press website

Now In Stock at Bud Plant’s

budplant_logoAll six issues of The Digest Enthusiast are now available through Bud Plant’s Incredible Online Catalog, from the Pulp & Fiction section. Founded in 1970 by renowned illustration & comic art expert Bud Plant, their flagship Incredible Catalog has evolved from its roots, growing to include all forms of great visual art, and now bears the name Bud’s Art Books. It’s here you will find the very best of the visual arts. A unique and diverse collection representing the past, present and future. And of course, Bud’s trademark service from a great staff who share your passion for great art!

Bud’s blog highlights the latest editions to the Incredible Catalog and featured The Digest Enthusiast in his August 17 update.

Asimov’s Science Fiction Sep/Oct 2017

asimov_9_20172017 is Asimov’s Fortieth Anniversary Year

Editorial: Thirty-First Annual Readers’ Awards’ Results by Sheila Williams
Reflections: The Last Hittite by Robert Silverberg
On the Net: Remembering Bertie by James Patrick Kelly
“Wind Will Rove” by Sarah Pinsker
“Jump-Point Failure” by John Richard Trtek (verse)
“Riding the Blue Line with Jack Kerouac” by Sandra McDonald
“Poaching Country” by Bethany Powell (verse)
“Universe Box” by Michael Swanwick
“First Contact” by Stuart Greenhouse (verse)
“Dead Men in Central City” by Carrie Vaughn
“Arriving at Terminal: Xi’s Story” by James Gunn
“The Ganymede Gambit: Jan’s Story” by James Gunn
“Your Clone Finds Her Stray” by Robert Frazier (verse)
“Zigeuner” by Harry Turtledove
Next Issue
“The Fourth Hill” by Dennis E. Staples
“The Cabinet” by William Preston
“Locked in Amber” by Jane Yolen (verse)
“An Incident in the Literary Life of Nathan Arkwright” by Allen M. Steele
“Squamous and Eldritch Get a Yard Sale Bargain” by Tim McDaniel
“Grand Theft Spacecraft” by R. Garcia y Robertson
“X Marks the Spot” by Robert Borski (verse)
“Disturbance in the Produce Aisle” by Kit Reed
“Books on the Risen Sea” by Suzanne Palmer
“Sleeping Beauty Attains Bliss” by Leslie J. Anderson (verse)
On Books by Norman Spinrad
Classified Marketplace
SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss

Asimov’s Science Fiction Vol. 41 #9 & 10, whole #500 & 501, Sep/Oct 2017
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Sheila Williams
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Cynthia Sheppard
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until Oct. 24, 2017
Asimov’s website

Fantasy & Science Fiction Sep/Oct 2017

f&sf-9-2017Fantasy & Science Fiction Vol. 133 No. 3 and 4, aka #733, Sep/Oct 2017
“Evil Opposite” by Naomi Kritzer
“We Are Born” by Dare Segun Falowo
“Leash on a Man” by Robert Reed
“Tasting Notes on the Varietals of the Southern Coast” by Gwendolyn Clare
“The Care of House Plants” by Jeremy Minton
Book to Look For by Charles de Lint
Books by James Sallis
“The Hermit of Houston” by Samuel R. Delany
“On Highway 18” by Rebecca Campbell
“Hollywood Squid” by Oliver Buckram
“Still Tomorrow’s Going to Be Another Working Day” by Amy Griswold
“Bodythoughts” by Rahul Kanakia
Science: Vanishing Act by Pat Murphy & Paul Doherty
Films by Kathi Maio
“Riddle” by Lisa Mason
“Children of Xanadu” by Juan Paulo Rafols
“The Two-Choice Foxtrot of Chapham County” by Tina Connolly
“Starlight Express” by Michael Swanwick
Coming Attractions
Market Place
Curiosities by Robert Eldridge

Publisher: Gordon Van Gelder
Editor: C.C. Finlay
Assistant Publishers: Barbara J. Norton, Keith Kahla
Assistant Editors: Robin O’Connor, Stephen L. Mazur, Lisa Rogers
Contests Editor: Carol Pinchefsky
Film Editor: Harlan Ellison
Cover: Maurizio Manzieri (Starlight Express)
Cartoons: Nick Downes, S. Harris, Arthur Mascar, Danny Shanahan
258 pages, $8.99 on newsstands until Oct. 30, 2017
Fantasy & Science Fiction website

Publisher Gordon Van Gelder was recently interviewed on Gil Roth’s The Virtual Memories Show (#232)