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Pocket Pin-Ups Trading Cards

The Pocket Pin-Ups trading card set provides high-quality reproduction of a enticing collection of pocket magazine covers from the 1950s. Each card front features a different cover, of which all but four are in full color. Each back includes informative facts and commentary by Max Allan Collins.

Produced by Denis Kitchen’s Kitchen Sink Press, the cards’ production values are top notch. From the quality of reproduction, the consistently even trim, Collins’ thorough research, to the sturdy two-piece retail box, this now out-of-print card set is well worth today’s going price (about $12) in secondary markets.

Marijuana Girl

Uni Books #19, 1951

Doug Aanes’ Dope Fiends trading card set includes 36 covers and their backstories of vintage PBOs, with a few that debuted in the digest paperback format. Including this beauty from N.R. De Mexico, a favorite of the U.S. House of Representative’s Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials in the early 1950s. De Mexico was listed as the Associate Editor of Suspense Magazine in 1951.

First issues by Kitchen Sink Press in 1995, the Dope Fiends trading card set can still be found by collectors in secondary markets.

Update on TDE5
The first print proof of TDE5 arrived and has been reviewed. A few new typos were uncovered during the production of the Kindle version, and a few other tweaks to both the interior and cover files necessitated a second print proof, now in production. Release is now expected on Friday or over the weekend. For those waiting, thank you for your patience.

Dope Fiends

Dope Fiends Trading Cards

Dope Fiends Trading Cards

“Enter the forbidden world of addicted teenagers, drug-crazed criminals, and wanton women!”

The Dope Fiends trading card set provides reproductions of vintage paperback book covers from the 1950s and 1960s. The set of 36 cards was compiled and annotated by Doug Aanes and first printed in 1995 by Kitchen Sink Press.

The set features highly collectable books. Most were published in true paperback book format, but a few debuted in the paperback digest format, like N.R. De Mexico’s Marijuana Girl (Uni Books #19, 1951), which went on to become a poster child of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials. N.R. De Mexico was the Associate Editor of the Suspense digest magazine in 1951.

Although Dope Fiends trading cards are no longer available from the publisher, the set can be found in secondary markets.

Digest magazines collectors’ checklists

Digest Magazine Checklist Trading Cards


For some time now I’ve wanted to design a checklist for digest magazines. The idea of making it into a set of trading cards appeals to me for a number of reasons, but mainly because separate cards make it easy to rearrange them as new titles are added.

The checklist on the back looks like this:
☐ #1 Oct 1951 __________________
(You can note condition or any other useful info in the space provided.)



The cards are designed to be printed on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of card stock, with eight different cards per sheet. Print them out front to back and cut them apart along the trim marks.

Some digests have very short runs. Any blank space is filled in with additional info about the title (see The Big Story card).

Some titles have too many issues to fit on one card and may require multiples. For example, Beyond magazine had 19 issues. The first dozen were digests and the final seven were magazine-size, so I split the run accordingly.



Take a look at the pictures and let me know if you’d find these things useful. (Click the image for a larger version.) Please leave feedback here or on Facebook or via email.

Questions for You
Front cover repros—keep them or just make checklists?
Is the information on the checklist side useful? Anything missing? Anything extraneous?

The first set of eight cards will be available as a free PDF file soo—after the design questions are settled. Thanks!

Fate Trading Cards

Fate Trading Cards

Fate Trading Cards

In 1996, Fate magazine began a series of 51 collector’s trading cards. They may have been created as a marketing promotion by Fate’s publisher at that time, Llewellyn Worldwide. Whatever their genesis, they make a wonderful collectible.

Although described as a limited-edition set, you can still purchase them new, directly from Fate magazine for $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Mine were sent in a vinyl sleeve and included a cover letter signed by Editor-in-Chief, Phyllis Galde.

The introduction on set one states: “For nearly 50 years Fate magazine has enlightened and entertained its readers with true reports of the strange and the unknown.” A true statement in 1996. Since then, the copy has been updated by hand, with “50” overwritten by “60,” in pen. An unfortunate blemish on an otherwise pristine set of cards.

Astounding Stories Trading Cards

Astounding Card Set box

Astounding Card Set box

All 50 cards feature an Astounding Stories cover, beginning with the first issue, January 1930 on card #1, through October 1943 on card #50. The backs include “Fascinating background information written by noted science fiction historian Bob Weinberg. . . .”

Most of the covers are from 1930s issues, and feature art- work by H.W. Wesso, Howard Brown, Charles Schneeman, Hubert Rogers, William Timmins and Graves Gladney.

Remarkably, the set is still available brand new from for $8.95 plus $3.50 shipping.