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Pulp Modern Ad

Set for release next month, here’s the ad for the revived Pulp Modern (Vol. 2 No. 1. May 2017). The 132-page book includes 13 dark tales edited by Alec Cizak, author of the upcoming Down on the Street from Down & Out Books. The new Pulp Modern includes 13 photo illustrations in the style of the cover and six brand new cartoons by Bob Vojtko, whom The Saturday Evening Post dubbed “the working-class cartoonist.”

A joint production of Uncle B. Publications and Larque Press, we’ll post an update as soon as the book is available.


Project Updates


Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 1
Production is crackling like Arizona lightning. The return of Pulp Modern launches next month with a brand new 132-page edition featuring 14 stories, Print and Digital. The latest: our pal, cartoonist Bob Vojtko has signed on to provide a few moments of mirth amid the gloriously dark dreams of the authors lined up by editor Alec Cizak.

The Digest Enthusiast Book Six
You got it, things are pealing along here as well. B.K. Stevens, whose standalones and series have graced the pages of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine for over twenty years, promises to enlighten us with her inside stories on Lt. Johnson and Sgt. Bolt, Iphegenia and Harriet, Leah Abrams, and more. It’s happening in June, in Print and Digital, so mark your calendar, diary, or palm.

Digital digests

Print on demand (POD) and ePub technologies make it possible for individuals and shoestring operations to publish print and electronic magazines that can measure up to the quality standards of the big publishers. These new digital digests are a breath of fresh air for readers who want a wider choice of titles that feature short genre fiction. Titles like Weirdbook, Sherlock Holmes, Pulp Literature, Betty Fedora and Mystery Weekly are a few examples available in multiple formats made possible by digital technology.

Pulp Modern was an early entry in this new territory. Editor Alec Cizak explains, “Initially, I started Pulp Modern because I didn’t see a lot of print journals that published good, interesting fiction in a variety of genres.”

After ten issues the digest magazine has been on hiatus, but once the publishing bug has bit, it’s hard to ignore. Cizak is preparing to relaunch the book later this year. I’ll contribute the design and production tasks, so Alec can focus on the editorial work. Writers should keep an eye on the Pulp Modern website for the submissions window that’s coming in March.

Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 1

Alec Cizak has restarted his Pulp Modern fiction journal and will be open for submissions from March 1–10, 2017. He’s looking for crime, horror, fantasy, science fiction and western yarns of 2000 to 3500 words.

See the Pulp Modern website for complete submission guidelines and No Moral Center for updates and announcements. Read a few of the past issues for the type of stories he’s looking for.

I’ll handle the design and production of Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 1, so Alec can focus on sourcing the best fiction.

In other news, congratulations to TDE’s Steve Carper, whose blog, Planet Lactose, was honored as a Top Food Allergy Blog by Feedspot.

For the latest news on avoiding dairy products if you are lactose intolerant, have milk allergies, are a vegan, or want to keep kosher, follow Planet Lactose.


Pulp Modern #10 Spring 2016

Pulp Modern #10 Spring 2016

Pulp Modern #10 Spring 2016

Pulp Modern returns, now presenting nothing but the very best crime fiction available today. Issue ten is filled with dangerous women and reckless men and bad craziness all around.

“Security” by E.F. Schraeder
“The Tell-Tale Cadillac” by Tony W. Brown
“A Waste of Pain” by Albert Tucher
“Shrink Wrap” by Craig Faustus Buck
“Covered Bridges” by Joe Kraus
“Safekeeping” by Leon Marks
“Rheo Bars” by Preston Lang
“The Pareto Principle” by Scotch Rutherford
“The Dredger” by Mark Rapacz
“The Suffrages of Brother Notary” by Parnell Stultz

Editor: Alec Cizak
6” x 9” 96 pages, $5.99 and $2.99

Purchase: Print and Kindle on the monster river.
News: Facebook data collection site.
Submissions: Pulp Modern website.