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Art Taylor’s “White Rose of Memphis”

needle_fall_2011Award-winning author Art Taylor gave us a terrific interview for The Digest Enthusiast in book four. His story “The White Rose of Memphis” appeared in Fall 2011 edition of Needle Magazine.

Art summarizes the story on his website.

The last entry at the Needle Mag website is dated, but through the magic of the digital press, freshly minted back issues of Needle are still available through Lulu.com.

Art Taylor’s “Blue Plate Special”

barrelhouse10_500Crime fiction writer Art Taylor’s stories have appeared in quite a number of digest magazines. Foremost, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, but he also made his way into the special Crime issue of lit mag Barrelhouse, issue 10 in 2011, with an unsettling “Blue Plate Special.”

Read our extensive interview with award-winning author Art Taylor in The Digest Enthusiast book four.

Art Taylor’s “A Voice from the Past”

Speaking about real life events, Art Taylor shared a few memorable incidents drawn upon for his stories like the one that appears in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine August 2009:

AT: “A Voice from the Past” centers on some hazing incidents very similar to the rat system at the boarding school I attended. All those* are pretty heavily fictionalized beyond those core elements, of course, but building from that foundation has helped to fuel the imagination.

*Art mentions several others in his full interview that appears in The Digest Enthusiast book four.

Art Taylor’s first story for EQMM

EQMM Dec. 1995

“My first paid publication, however, was my first story in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine—“Murder on the Orient Express” (December 1995)—a story that wasn’t originally intended as a mystery at all. Instead, it focusses on a couple honeymooning aboard the Orient Express and fumbling along a little from mishap to mishap, while the husband builds stories in his mind about the other passengers—all of it imaginary, fueled by the spirit of Christie’s novel of the same name. The story is about that imagination and how imagination suddenly helps the new marriage click, and— spoiler alert—ultimately there’s no real crime in the story at all.”

Excerpt from the 14-page interview with Art Taylor in The Digest Enthusiast book four.


New Series Begins Tomorrow

Spent time organizing the next series of posts, derived from TDE3. The contrast between the opening lines of short stories by Dashiell Hammett and the authors of Super-Science Fiction ought to push the borderline beyond its outer limits. We’ll start tomorrow.

I misstated in TDE4 that Peter Enfantino would cover Weird Tales digests next time. Instead he’s working on another western series: Western Magazine, which is about as generic as titles go. But, it nevertheless looks like a great one!

Did some travel recently and wanted to acknowledge a couple of posts from our friends while I was off-grid:
• Writer Art Taylor, our feature interview subject in TDE4, wrote about the issue on June 6th on his blog.
• Artist Michael Neno, who drew the illustrations for John Kuharik’s “Wounded Wizard” wrote about TDE4 in a Facebook post on June 7
• Airship 27’s Captain Ron Fortier also gave us a nod on his Facebook post on June 10th
Many thanks, fellas!