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Feed the Beast by Lesann Berry

The last remnants of comfort slid off Kiefer, leaving him exposed and naked, fearful.

The Digest Enthusiast’s mission is to explore the world of digest magazines—past and present. First, we’re making a record of this corner of publishing history. Second, we want to generate interest for current newsstand digests like Nostalgia Digest, EQMM, Fate, AHMM, F&SF, Analog and Asimov’s—and those today’s technology makes possible like Weirdbook, Paperback Parade, Betty Fedora, Pulp Literature, Crime Syndicate, Morpheus Tales, etc.

We’re celebrating short genre fiction, and balancing each edition with coverage of non-fiction titles like Beyond and Borderline, plus a few original fiction stories of our own. Most of the feedback supports this approach, but some digest enthusiasts see our fiction pages displacing other features. I appreciate that perspective, but I think the variety helps make the total package better. James Reasoner summed it up precisely in his review of TDE2 on Rough Edges: “Rounding out the issue, appropriately enough, are four short stories by Joe Wehrle Jr., D.D. Ploog, Richard Krauss, and John M. Kuharik. These are excellent crime and fantasy yarns.” AirShip 27 publisher Ron Fortier wrote on Pulp Fiction Reviews: “…[TDE] features a wonderful balance of articles, interviews and short fiction.”

The Digest Enthusiast book five includes three short stories by Lesann Berry, Richard L. Kellogg and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Lesann’s is the first episode of her Alternate History Archive, “Feed the Beast.” Here’s the opening:

“Kiefer turned his back but the cops kept talking. Shoulders hunched down, he shuffled away. He hated pity. The last thing he wanted to deal with right now was some yahoo’s good intentions. The bottle in his pocket victimized him enough. Blinking, he counted off three breaths before scanning the alley entrance.


“Relief flooded through him. Sometimes the creatures skulked in the shadows, watching and wait- ing. On occasion the thing stared directly at him, snapped its pointed teeth like a rabid dog. Every so often he believed they might even be real.”

And let’s not forget the great artwork that accompanies the fiction. Three beautiful pieces from Michael Neno, Brian Buniak and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Shown here are the pencils for Michael’s finished piece that appears in the issue.

TDE5 is available in print, Kindle and Magzter.

Apricot O’Toon

Apricot O'Toon #1 November 2016

Apricot O’Toon #1 November 2016

TDE5 will include the work of two newcomers to our pages: Richard L. Kellogg whose work appears regularly in Gryphon Books’ publications as well as in his Barry Baskerville series from Airship 27. For TDE5 he’s written a send-up/tribute to Roger B. Parker’s Spenser series called “Fencer’s Document Caper.” And Brian Buniak who’s drawn an illustration for the yarn.

Brian has done comics for Charlton and DC, and been a member of the Cartoon Loonacy comics group since it began in 1984. Until some recent health issues he was a long-time instructor at the Kubert School in New Jersey.

Brian has just published his own digest-size comic book: Apricot O’Toon #1 starring his “sexy, sassy, sly, sophisticated” female lead. No pin-up pages, no fillers, 16-pages of actual comics. Rush $3.00 to Brian for your copy today:

Brian Buniak
PO Box 5863
Clark, NJ 07066