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Crime Syndicate Magazine #3, October 2017

A note from the Editor’s Desk by Michael Pool
“The Deplorables” by Eryk Pruitt
“Good Cop Bad Cop” by Kevin Z. Garvey
“Below the Angels” by Max Booth III
“Schmuck” by Dennis Day
“Gods and Virgins in the Big Easy” by Nina Mansfield
“Slit the Belly” by S.A. Cosby
“Hipster Pantsin’” by Travis Richardson
“The Whitest Boy on the Block” by Paul Heatley
“Dirty South of Heaven” by Allen Griffin
“The Contractors” by David A. Anthony

Founding Editor: Michael Pool
Guest Editor: Eryk Pruitt
Cover photo: Stephanie Pool
Cover design: Michael Pool
Formatting: Rik—Wild Seas Formatting
5” x 8” 142 pages
$7.99 POD, $2.99 Kindle
Crime Syndicate Magazine website

Help Wanted


Betty Fedora #3

As the “News Digest” section comes together for The Digest Enthusiast book six I’m in touch with several indie editor/publishers. Kristen Valentine of Betty Fedora reminded me of issue #3’s first appearance of a story by Victoria Reidfeld, titled “Breadcrumbs.” It was nominated, and very recently won the Derringer award for “Best Long Story” (4001 to 8000 words).

Betty Fedora #3 was published on September 18, 2016. Yesterday, when I looked on Amazon it had zero customer reviews.

Most indie projects struggle for existence. Their creators need financial and emotional support to help motivate them to continue. Buying their books provides financial help. But frankly, the balance sheet on these efforts is usually red even after a hundred sales. So why continue?


Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 1

Each issue require hundreds of hours of effort to create. That’s not an inflated stat. I know from first hand experience. Indie publishers of series like Betty Fedora, Pulp Modern, and The Digest Enthusiast (and many others) strive to produce the best work possible. A Derringer award for a story is just one proof point of that quality.

Indie magazines and other indie projects need your help. Buy them. Read them. Rate them. Don’t sweat the review. A single sentence is enough. Write more if it feels right, otherwise a quick, honest summary is golden.

It matters. The number of reviews raises visibility on amazon, where it’s easy to be unnoticed among millions of books. And, just as important, your feedback is a voice from the dark. It helps publishers to know somebody out there cares about those hundreds of hours of work that are just beginning on their next edition.



The Digest Enthusiast #5

Now go rate some indie digest magazines that you’ve read. Your help is wanted.

Betty Fedora
Crime Syndicate Magazine
Pulp Literature
Pulp Modern
The Digest Enthusiast
(These are just a few of the titles available.)

On amazon.com, pick an issue, scroll down to the “Customer Reviews” section and click the “Write a customer review” button.

Thanks for reading and considering this request.

Crime Syndicate Magazine #2

Crime Syndicate Magazine #2, May 2016

Crime Syndicate Magazine #2, May 2016

Crime Syndicate Magazine #2, May 2016
“Bottom of the Ninth” by Dietrich Kalteis
“The Song Remains the Same” by Matt Andrew
“Fight in the Dog” by Mike O’Reilly
“The Counselor” by Preston Lang
“Sugar” by Michael Bracken
“Thunderstone” by Stephen McQuiggan
“Secrets in the Snow” by J.M. Taylor
“Jackpot Blue Thistles” by Jinapher Hoffman
“Stickup” by Nick Kolakowski

Edited by Dietrich Kalteis and Michael Pool
5” x 8” 142 pages
$7.99 Print, $2.99 Kindle
Crime Syndicate Magazine website

Crime Syndicate Magazine #1

Crime Syndicate Magazine #1 Jan. 2016

Crime Syndicate Magazine #1 Jan. 2016

Crime Syndicate Magazine #1, January 2016
“So Close” by Eric Beetner
“Restoration” by Art Taylor
“Jack the Hammer’s Online Identity Crisis” by Jeff Bowles
“On Tilt” by James Queally
“Dee the Friendly Grizzly’s Little Miracle” by Nick Kolakowski
“God May Forgive You” by Tess Makovesky
“The Line” by C.J. Edwards
Interview with Eric Beetner

Guest Editor: Eric Beetner
Editor-in-Chief: Michael Pool
Formatting: Rik Hall
5” x 8” 116 pages
Available in print ($6.99) and KindleUnlimited (included)
Crime Syndicate Magazine website