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Pulp Horror #5 March 2017

Pulp_Horror_5_500The last of recent arrivals from Justin Marriott’s line of digest magazines, Pulp Horror expands its focus beyond paperback books to include film, comics and magazines.

Pulp Horror #5 March 2017 contents:
“The Pulpit of Horror” (welcome editorial)
“A Visual Guide to Frankenstein” 35 pages of the famous monster in comics, magazines and books.
“The Tie-Ins of Frankenstein” A look at the link between the film and book versions of the monster.
“The Lost Worlds of Frankenstein” German pulp-meister Andreas Decker looks at the German editions of Don Glut’s series.
“Mister Frankenstein” An interview with Frankenstein’s most famous fan and collector , Donald F. Glut.
“In the Shadows” David Sutton traces the development of the British small press across two important decades.
“Straight From the Satyr’s Mouth” Pulp Horror interviews David Sutton about horror in the 70s and his own publishing imprint.
“Leslie Whitten: Night Stalker” Tom Tesarek looks at an early example of the contemporary vampire novel.
“The Michelangelos of Misogyny and Mutilation” Two volumes of Sex and Horror collect the outrageous cover art that appeared on Italian comic books.
“The Wicca Man” The occult fiction of Stewart Farrar, a leading light in the Wicca movement.
“The Totem; A Review” A look at David Morrell’s novel.

96 pages, ~6” x 8” (A5-size) perfect bound, full color throughout
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
Contributors and Scanners: Tom Tesarek, Andreas Decker, David Sutton, David Riley, Darrin Ventincinque
Back cover: Rik Rawling
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