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Duane Yarnell’s Ask No Quarter

Mantrap_backStories from Suspense Magazine #4 Winter 1952: “Ask No Quarter” by Duane Yarnell

The introduction to Yarnell’s story reports: “He sold his first seven stories before turning 21, and his slicks, pulps and network shows are legion.” Beyond Suspense Yarnell’s stories appeared in Five-Novels Magazine, Trapped, Detective Tales and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. But his main body of work was centered on sports—from team sports to hunting and fishing. Even his Suspense story is really a boxing yarn, with a twist ending that likely helped him place it here.

Yarnell wrote novels too, primarily sporting stories, but his novel for Crest, Mantrap (1957), appears to be genuine crime fiction. The back cover copy, written by the publisher, tells readers the book “packs a wallop like Mickey Spillane.”