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Galaxy Magabook No. 3

magabook_3Galaxy Magabook No. 3 by Theodore Sturgeon, 1963, cover art by Gray Morrow

Baby is Three: “The boy went to the psychiatrist because he needed help—but his problem was something no analyst could handle. He knew his name—but not his identity. He knew what he did—but not what he was. Worst of all, he didn’t know how many of him there were.”

. . . And My Fear is Great: “The fear that lurked inside him was a demon that drove him to desperate measures of hatred and terror. It promised him all the riches of the earth. It carried him to a God- like power—until it met an even more frightful monster outside!”

Galaxy Magabook No. 2

magabook_2Galaxy Magabook No. 2: After Worlds End & The Legon of Time
 by Jack Williamson, 1963, cover art by Ed Emshwiller

After Worlds End: “In this strange world danger was his every day companion—despair dogged his steps—and the greatest peril of all was his only hope for life!”

The Legion of Time: “They stormed the wall of the future on the trail of one woman who was too evil to live—and another who might never be born at all!”

Galaxy Novels Extended—Twice

Galaxy Books/Publishing was once a bustling enterprise. The Galaxy Novel series, ran for 31 editions as digest-sized paperbacks. Then there were four more (#32–35) produced in the standard paperback-size of the day, aka 1958. A year later, Beacon Books continued the series with eleven more editions in paperback-size that extended the series through 1961.

And finally, in 1963, a short-lived series of three digest-sized book/magazines appeared. Dubbed a “Magabook” each edition included two compete novels. The first was The Sky is Falling and Badge of Infamy, both by Lester Del Rey, with cover artwork by Virgil Finlay.

See indexes at Internet Speculative Fiction Database and Galactic Central.

Both series of digest-sized novels are covered in depth by Steve Carper and Gary Lovisi in TDE4.

Ellery Queen Selects: Coming this January in TDE5

Tyrannosaur Faire by Steve Carper

Tyrannosaur Faire by Steve Carper

Steve Carper has turned in a terrific article for The Digest Enthusiast about the Ellery Queen Selects series. It’s a fascinating read, loaded with background information about Frederic Dannay’s pet project with highlights about each edition. The article is in layout now—7600 words—and will run about 22 pages.

The past is Steve Carper’s future. He created the Flying Cars and Food Pill website to bring the past future of technological marvels back into life. A long-term collector of digests, other paperbacks, mystery and science fiction and about 10,000 other books, he’s writing a new history and bibliography of the seminal f&sf publisher Gnome Press. A collection of his own published science fiction, Tyrannosaur Faire, is available in paper and electronic format.

Steve’s part articles for The Digest Enthusiast include:
“The Dashiell Hammett Digests” (TDE3 Jan. 2016)
“The Galaxy Science Fiction Novels” (TDE4 June 2016)

H.L. Gold’s Galaxy Science Fiction

Galaxy May 1952, cover by Jack Coggins titled "Mining an Asteroid."

Galaxy May 1952, cover by Jack Coggins titled “Mining an Asteroid.”

An ambitious editor and imaginative writer, H.L. Gold, who spearheaded the groundbreaking Galaxy digest, suffered from agoraphobia from his experiences in World War II, and confined himself to his apartment. There, over the phone and in meetings with visitors, he was able to gather a talented pool of writers for his magazine.

During its first decade Galaxy presented cutting edge work by authors such as Ray Bradbury (whose story “The Fireman” later expanded into Fahrenheit 451) and Damon Knight (whose “To Serve Man” was adapted into a memorable episode of The Twilight Zone).

C.M. Hornbluth, Alfred Bester, Brian Aldiss, Robert Sheckley, Curt Simak, Evelyn E. Smith, 
Isaac Asimov, William Tenn and a host of other notables in the science fiction field were all featured in those early issues.

Excerpt from Larry Johnson’s “Galaxy Science Fiction: The H.L. Gold Years” from The Digest Enthusiast #1, reprinted as “Into the Galaxy” in Nostalgia Digest Autumn 2015.

Galaxy Jan. 1957

Galaxy Jan. 1957

Galaxy Jan. 1957

“Ed Emshwiller had the knack for applying a different style to practically every story he illustrated—from pen and ink work, to airbrush, to scratchboard technique, to pencil, to paint—and his depiction
 of the characters and action in the stories was always accurate.

“In fact, his first commercial work appeared on the cover of Galaxy for the June 1951 issue. Many
 covers ensued, including imaginative Christmas issues featuring an alien four-armed Santa Claus.”
“Galaxy Science Fiction: The H.L. Gold Years” by Larry Johnson
The Digest Enthusiast book one, January 2015

Larry Johnson’s Galaxy

Larry Johnson's article on Galaxy Science Fiction in the Nostalgia Digest Autumn 2015

Larry Johnson’s article on Galaxy Science Fiction in the Nostalgia Digest Autumn 2015

Hardy congratulations to Larry Johnson! Picked up the Autumn 2015 issue of Nostalgia Digest which contains his fine article on H.L. Gold’s Galaxy Science Fiction, reprinted from The Digest Enthusiast Book One. Nostalgia Digest is on select newsstands now.