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Paperback Parade #99 October 2017

Paperback Talk by Gary Lovisi
“The War of the Worlds: The Beginnings of a Genre” by Gary Lovisi
“Paperback Library Anomalies” by J. Grant Thiessen & Kenneth Johnson
“Universal Variants: Unfaithful Wives” by Wally Green
“Whip in Hand: Sadism and Bondage Art in American Vintage PBs” by Gary Lovisi
“A Cop Called Wolf” by Gary Lovisi
“Eliot Ness in Cleveland” by Richard L. Kellogg
“Mob Hits: True Crime Mafia & Gangster PBs” by Gary Lovisi
“An Epitome of Pulp: The Street of the Lost” by Jay A. Gertzman
“Ace Books, Donald Wollheim and Me” by David Origlio
“Sons of Starship Troopers: Capt. John Farragut & The Merrimack Series” by Gary Lovisi
“Matchless Paperbacks: Firestarter” by Richard Greene

Editor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
~5.5” x 8.5” 100 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
Gryphon Books website

Opening Lines

magabook_1Selected from a digest featured in The Digest Enthusiast book four:

“The air of the city’s cheapest flophouse was thick with the smells of harsh antiseptic and unwashed bodies. The early Christmas snowstorm had driven in every bum who could steal or beg the price of admission, and the long rows of cots were filled with fully clothed figures.”

“Badge of Infamy” by Lester del Rey Galaxy Magabook #1

Paperback Parade #98 August 2017

Paperback Talk by Gary Lovisi
A Basic Overview of American Pre-Vintage Paperbacks & Series by Gary Lovisi
Science Fiction in Dime Novels; Penny Dreadfuls; & Shilling Shockers by Jon D. Swartz
A Look Behind Bachelor Books by Gary Lovisi
Badge 714 on Duty (Dragnet) by Richard L. Kellogg
Two Foreign Pre-Vintage Paperback Series (Civilizacao Brasileira & Coleccao Civilizacao) by Gary Lovisi
The 1942 Canadian White Circles by Jim Fitzpatrick
The “Ace Science Fiction Reader” by Michael S. Smith
Walter H. Hunt’s Dark Wing Series by Gary Lovisi
Matchless Paperbacks: Jacqueline Susann by Richard Greene

Editor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
~5.5” x 8.5” 96 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
Gryphon Books website

Sherlock Holmes & Mr. Mac in: The Affair of Lady Westcott’s Lost Ruby and The Case of the Unseen Assassin by Gary Lovisi

lovisi-cAuthor/bookseller Gary Lovisi is a frequent contributor to The Digest Enthusiast. I like his writing. In fact, that’s why I publish it myself. I’ve read plenty of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, but never The Valley of Fear, where the young Scotland Yard detective, Alec MacDonald (aka Mr. Mac), was first introduced. Now he’s back, with a prominent role in two new Sherlock Holmes adventures in Black Gat Books #11.

It’s obvious from the historical notes that follow each story that Lovisi did his homework before attempting to follow in the footsteps of a legendary author like Doyle. His grasp of the characters, the times, and where these new adventures fit in the Holmes canon are to be commended. The reference points in the stories themselves are kept brief and pertinent, adding credibility without digressing into fannish indulgence.

Both stories are nicely plotted with plenty of complications and twists to keep readers engaged and mystified. The pacing strikes the right balance between the style of Doyle’s originals and today’s more fast-paced narrative drive.

The first story, “The Affair of Lady Westcott’s Lost Ruby,” is the more traditional of the pair. Steeped in English custom and courtesy, it begins with Inspector MacDonald’s investigation of a suspicious burglary attempt. Events escalate quickly into a major dilemma when Lady Westcott herself disappears, compelling Mr. Mac to draw Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson into the affair. A missing person case with no apparent motive and no apparent kidnapper presents just the sort of challenge the great detective and his fans relish.

The second and final story, “The Case of the Unseen Assassin,” pits Holmes and his companions against a more modern-day threat—a serial sniper whose victims have no discernible connection to their killer. Armed with only their wits and the tools of the 19th Century, the trio of Holmes, Watson, and MacDonald must stop the killer before another victim is murdered.

The Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Mac stories of Black Gat Books #11 offer two entertaining mysteries in the style of the original Doyle classics. Fans of the great detective and old English police procedurals would do well to conclude both are worth their immediate engagement.

Black Gat #11 and earlier books in the series are available directly from Stark House Press and the big river for $9.99.

Black Gat #11

Black-Gat-11_500Author, publisher, and bookseller, Gary Lovisi is a frequent contributor to The Digest Enthusiast. He is also the editor/publisher of Paperback Parade, which celebrates and educates readers about paperback books of every genre. I imagine seeing his own stories published in the classic PBO format he loves must give Gary a special kind of thrill.

Sherlock Holmes & Mr. Mac is a Black Gat Books Original. It’s the eleventh book in the highly-collectible series, an imprint of Stark House Press. Booklist calls it “A must-read for Holmes devotees.”

Mr. Mac is Scotland Yard Inspector Alec MacDonald. He enlists the aid of Sherlock Holmes to solve two different cases: “The Affair of Lady Wescott’s Lost Ruby” and “The Case of the Unseen Assassin.”

Stark House Press and Black Gat Books are produced in the traditional method of print, then distribute. They are available from crime fiction booksellers, big box online book retailers, and directly from Stark House. Get yours before they’re sold out.

Gary Lovisi’s Vic Powers


The Digest Enthusiast #4

The world of Gary Lovisi’s Vic Powers is hardboiled, violent, and unrelenting. Powers metes out justice on his own twisted terms. Kicked off the force for excessive brutality, whatever controls were holding him back were cleanly severed. Now he’s free to track, hunt, and convict any lowlife foolish enough to become his target.

Power’s adventure “A Rat Must Chew” appears in TDE4. Here’s the opening paragraph:

“Jimmy Dongen was a Staten Island wiseguy with his dirty hands into more dirty crap than even he could keep track of. Anything and everything to make a buck and not just gambling and other soft vices, but nasty stuff like teenage hookers, drug dealing in schools, selling guns to kiddie gangs. The guys under Jimmy saw him as a greedy fuck, the guys over him saw him as a greedy fuck who brought in
the cash. He was a good earner so they all put up with Jimmy Dongen while he tried his best to smart-ass double-cross them all when they weren’t looking. He figured he’d end up with everything he ever wanted. I don’t think he even knew all of what he wanted—he just wanted.”

Gary Lovisi is an author, also a bookseller and collector who writes about collect- able paperbacks. Under his Gryphon Books imprint, he publishes Paperback Parade, the world’s leading magazine on collectable paperbacks of all kinds. You can find out more about him and his work at his website Gryphon Books

Paperback Parade #97 March 2017

pp97_500The new issue of Gary Lovisi’s Paperback Parade is arriving in mailboxes this week! Here’s the full contents:

“Paperback Talk” by Gary Lovisi
“All About Girls: Early Vintage Paperback Girlie Pin-up Cartoon Covers” by Gary Lovisi
“The Mutiny” on The Bounty Saga of Mass-Market Paperbacks” by Dan Roberts
“Early Bee-Line Books: Sleaze Lampoons Literature’s Greatest Titles!” by Gary Lovisi and Chris Eckhoff
“Gil Cohen Paintings for Sale”
“The Pseudonymous Paperback Originals of Lawrence Block” by Don Z. Block
“Sin in Space The Beacon Galaxy Novels” by Steve Carper
“Philip Wylie & the Tragic Gladiator” by Richard L. Kellogg
“Matchless Paperbacks: Tom Murphy’s Ballet!” by Richard Greene
“Great Sherlock Holmes Adventures” by Gary Lovisi
“Short Run Series: UK Key Books True Crime Mystery” by Gary Lovisi

Editor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
~5.5” x 8.5” 100 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
Gryphon Books

The Digest Enthusiast #5

The Digest Enthusiast #5 Jan. 2017 cover by Joe Wehrle, Jr.

TDE5 is now available in print and Kindle editions. Here’s the lineup:

• Interview with Bill Crider: The inside story on Dan Rhodes, EQMM’s Blog Bytes and Bill’s storied career with digests—with special coverage of the beloved DAPA-EM.

• Digest News: the latest from Dell, Fate, F&SF, Nostalgia Digest, Video WatcHDog and our contributors; readers’ response to TDE4; plus Tom Brinkmann’s portraits of synchronicity.

Peter Enfantino’s overview and synopses of Martin Goodman’s Justice Amazing Detective Mysteries.

Steve Carper cracks the riddle of the remarkable Ellery Queen Selects series.

Peter Enfantino reports on the editorial insights of Robert A.W. Lowndes on his ultimate manifestation: the Magazine of Horror.

• RAWL on Writing for Publication, a summary by Richard Krauss.

• Reviews of the UK’s Worlds of Fantasy #4, The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction edited by Peter Nicholls, Charles Beckman, Jr.’s Honky Tonk Girl by Gary Lovisi, and Marvel Science Stories May 1951.

• Genre fiction by Lesann Berry, Richard L. Kellogg, and Joe Wehrle, Jr.; with illustrations by Brian Buniak, Michael Neno, and Joe Wehrle, Jr.

• Plus contents lists and sources; digest magazine checklists; Haiku by Clark Dissmeyer; cartoons by Brad Foster and Bob Vojtko; and more.

Print version, $8.99, includes nearly 100 B&W cover images, 152 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″ digest.
 Kindle version, $2.99, includes over 50 color cover images.

For information on previous editions visit the Larque Press website.

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Paperback Parade #96

Paperback Parade #96

The first new issue of Paperback Parade arrived on New Year’s Eve to help celebrate the beginning of 2017. Contents below:

“Paperback Talk” by Gary Lovisi
“James Meese” by Gary Lovisi
“Matchless Paperbacks” by Richard Greene
“1950’s British Tarzans” by Philip Harbottle
“Gil Cohen Paintings for Sale”
“The Mysteries of Roy Huggins” by Tom Cantrell
“Roy Huggins Paperback Bibliography” by Tom Cantrell
“Kousoulas & Kevin” by Don Z. Block
“Jay Suspense Books” by Wally Green
“Europa Books” by Gary Lovisi
“2016 UK Paperback & Pulp Book Fair” by David Hyman

Editor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
5.5” x 8.5” 100 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
Gryphon Books

Old Aunt Sin by Gary Lovisi

Illo by Michael Neno

The opening lines of Gary Lovisi’s “Old Aunt Sin” from TDE3 January 2016:

“I’d heard the stories about her from my ma and all the other daughters of General Abrams over the years. Old Aunt Sin, Aunt Cynthia Abrams, tough, crotchety, often nasty. They say she cussed like a Virginia City silver miner, could shoot better than Captain Adam H. Bogardus himself, and had kilt more Indians than Buffalo Bill or Kit Carson when she’d been in her prime. She was an old-timer now but there was still talk she’d been a beau of Sam Houston back in ‘42 after Texas had won its independence from Mexico. They said Aunt Cynthia had even turned him down. In fact, she’d never married.”

Gary is an author, bookseller and collector who writes about collectable paperbacks. Under his Gryphon Books imprint, he publishes Paperback Parade, the world’s leading magazine on collectable paperbacks of all kinds. Find out more about Gary and his work at Gryphon Books.

“Old Aunt Sin” is illustrated by Michael Neno—writer, cartoonist and publisher, creator of The Signifiers, Quacky Pig and Friends, The Mesh, Freak Cave and Reactionary Tales comics. Michael’s work has appeared in Cracked Magazine, Nix Comics and Caliber Press, he’s colored artwork by Mort (Beetle Bailey) Walker, illustrated a novel for Airship 27 and won a Governor’s Award for Excellence for painting. He’s presentated his work at the Ohio State University and Wild Goose Creative, where he’s also curated four exhibits of graphic design. For a popculture experience and more Neno links visit his Eventized blog.