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Hardboiled #24


Gary Lovisi’s Hardboiled #24 1998, cover by Bruce Timm

An excerpt from the interview with Bill Crider, from The Digest Enthusiast book five:

TDE: In 1998 you wrote a story called “There Was an Old Woman” for Gary Lovisi’s Hardboiled #24. He quoted you as saying it was “sort of a hardboiled cozy.” It’s about three sisters named Clara, Cory, and Camille, caretakers of their mother, who suffered a devastating stroke. Do you recall where
the idea for this one came from?

BC: It happens that I remember exactly how “There Was an Old Woman” came about. I’d been read- ing about fairy tales motifs, and one of them was the old man or woman with three daughters. Shakespeare used it in King Lear, which I was teaching in one of my classes, so I had it on my mind. The story came out of that, and while it’s not exactly what I’d call hardboiled, it wasn’t a cozy, either. I’m still not sure what it is, but it was kind of fun to write.

Hardboiled, Noir and Gold Medals

gold_medalsJust finished reading Stark House’s excellent Hardboiled, Noir and Gold Medals. It collects Rick Ollerman’s essays about the authors of the paperback original era, along with some additional background material written specifically for the volume. A big part of the Stark House Press mission is to return the best books of the PBO era to print. Ollerman’s book explains why. It’s overflowing with background on the writers and their works. It’s meticulously researched and dangerous to book collectors who won’t be able to resist adding even more to their bulging libraries after reading it.

Interview with Gary Lovisi

Hardboiled #42

Hardboiled #42

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Gary Lovisi, in which he gives a brief overview of his writing/publishing career. (See the full interview in The Digest Enthusiast book two.)

Gary Lovisi: “I wrote a lot of stories and articles over the years. In the early 1980s I started doing my own fanzines and small chapbook publishing which eventually morphed into Gryphon Books, where I have published over 100 pulp, crime, SF, trade paperbacks, as well as 88 issues [now 91] of my book collector magazine Paperback Parade, and 47 issues of Hardboiled magazine and many others. The magazines were all in digest size, with the exception of one. I have written in just about every genre, hundreds of stories and dozens of novels, collections, and also hundreds of articles about books, authors, artists, which have also been collected. I have written many articles on artists for Dan Zimmer’s Illustration magazine, a gorgeous color slick, various Sherlock Holmes pastiche stories for three Michael Kurland anthologies, and Marvin Kaye’s Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine (one just out in issue #15 is “Happy Birthday, Mr. Holmes”) and another has just been accepted for a future issue. I wrote three gorgeous full color books for Krause Books on collectable pulp paperbacks: The Antique Trader Collectable Paperback Price Guide; Dames, Dolls & Delinquents; and Bad Girls Need Love Too. These are glorious cover art books. I continually write articles on books for my magazine Paperback Parade, as well as other magazines. I keep pretty busy.”

I’m happy to say, Gary has also become a regular contributor to The Digest Enthusiast. He recently sent in a new Vic Powers yarn, scheduled for TDE4.