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James A. Kirch

Stories from Suspense Magazine #1 Spring 1951

An issue highlight, “The Eyewitness Who Wouldn’t See” by James A. Kirch, concerns the owner of a diner and his girl. Both witness a murder, but only the woman is brave enough to make a statement. Before the case goes to trial, she disappears. The police and a gangster pressure the diner’s owner to reveal the woman’s hiding place. Problem is, he really doesn’t know. A tight plot with good dialogue and mounting tension made this yarn one of the issues best stories.

I didn’t find much about Kirch online. His earliest story listed at Galactic Central is “One-Way Ticket” from Detective Fiction Weekly (Aug. 27,1938). Kirch’s short stories appeared often in detective pulps during the 1940s. His last, “Cops Don’t Run” was published in Argosy (Aug. 1957).