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John Basye Price’s Fatal Mistake


London Mystery Magazine #43 (1959)

Stories from Suspense Magazine #2 Summer 1951: “Fatal Mistake” by John Basye Price

As a storyette (3 pages), “Mistake” must get to its point quickly. As such, it’s not much more than a one-two punch. Set up the situation and deliver the unexpected ending.

Price’s “Death and the Rope Trick” appeared in London Mystery Magazine #21 (1954) and was reprinted in Mike Ashley’s The Mammoth Book of Perfect Crimes and Impossible Mysteries, an anthology that leans heavily on AHMM and EQMM for its source material.

Price also wrote two other short stories for the London Mystery Magazine, “Murder for Fine Art” LMM #14 (1952) and “The Combination Lock” LMM #43 (1959).