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Robert Martin’s Husband’s Best Friend


Jim Felton writes on Mystery File: “One author quite worthy of being remembered is Robert Martin (1908–1976).” Martin’s story “Husband’s Best Friend” is the lead story, a novelette in the debut issue of Justice Amazing Detective Mysteries Vol. 1 No. 1 May 1955. Here’s the description from the back cover:

“This well-known writer, of whom the New York Times says, ‘Robert Martin gets better with every book,’ leads off this issue with the intriguing story of a detective who buys a suburban home to enjoy discreet bachelor weekends. He meets his new neighbors, suntanned Beth, her quiet husband—and the husband’s best friend. Strange things happen when jealousy, suspicion and death also move into the suburbs.”

The story’s detective is a PI named Lee Fiske, a series character who had appeared previously in pulps like 15 Story Detective.

Martin was a prolific author and wrote dozens of short stories, primarily for the pulps, as well as over 20 novels, many featuring his other series detective, Jim Bennett.

Image from Mystery File