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Jack Vance and the Golden Girl

luruluStories from Marvel Science Stories May 1951

By far this issue’s most poignant story is “Golden Girl” by Jack Vance. At first only a select few 
are allowed to see the alien female, brought to a small, private hospital by Bill Baxter, the man who found her amid the wreckage of her ship. “. . . it was rumored that the golden woman was beautiful. Young and fantastically beautiful.”

Bill appoints himself her guardian, but of course with no official standing, those in authority are quick to dismiss him. Fortunately, Lurulu, the golden girl herself, prefers Bill’s company to the other strangers vying for her attention—so he stays. And for a time that’s enough, until the story reaches its fateful end.

Vance must have liked the name of his female lead, his final novel, in 2004, was titled Lurulu, a sequel to Ports of Call (1998).