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The Sleazy Reader #5 October 2017

Sleazy5_500Justin Marriott publishes an impressive list of digests. Up to now he’s used the old standard print-then-distribute model. But went he launched The Sleazy Reader #5 he decided to try the new distribute-then-print model thru CreateSpace/Amazon.

Justin is based in England. He explained what drove the switch in an email: “International postage costs have been an ongoing challenge as the cost of posting from the UK to America or Australia is more than the cost of printing. Especially for smaller black and white zines such as Men of Violence.  By making publications available through Amazon, the mag is typically printed and posted from the same country it’s ordered in (not sure how it works for Australia and Japan), which means the postage is cheaper. I also know many people have Amazon Prime which includes “free” postage.”

However, at least initially, the change isn’t across the board. “For black and white publications such as Men of Violence, or smaller scale publications where the postage is too great compared to the print costs for me to feel comfortable about passing it on, I will use Amazon exclusively.

“For The Paperback Fanatic and Pulp Horror, I don’t know at this stage. I was especially proud with the reproduction quality in issue 6 of Pulp Horror, and am not sure if the colour print quality from Amazon is as good. (At this stage I haven’t seen a physical copy of The Sleazy Reader to make an informed judgement.) If the print quality is noticeable inferior, I doubt if I will go down this route for now.”

I have both The Sleazy Reader #5 and Pulp Horror #6. The print quality of PH6 is superior to TSR5, but for me, not enough to ignore the distribution and shipping advantages of print on demand.

Although the introduction and one article are uncredited, in appears as if Justin Marriott wrote the entire issue.

Sleazy Musings
“Bad Girls Go to Hell: The J.D. Lit of Wenzell Brown”
“Talking ‘Bout My Degeneration: A Review of Leslie Garrett’s The Beasts”
“The Flagellants of Falconhurst: The Shocking Phenomena of the ‘Plantation-Exploitation’ Novel”
“The Tormented World of Phil Hirsch: Bizarro Anthologies at Pyramid Books”
“Enter the World of the Notorious Outlaw-The Biker: Review of Easy Riders Best Fiction”
“Living in the Shadows: Harry Whittington’s Life in Paperbacks”

Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Proofing: Jim O’Brien
6” x 9” 52 pages, full color
POD $7.99
The Paperback Fanatic website

Men of Violence #8

Editor’s Notes
A Pair of Claws
Machine Gun Preacher
The Good, the Bad, and the Very Bad by Paul Bishop
John Benteen Series Checklists
· Fargo
· Sundance
· Cutler
· Ranch Bravo
“Walter Kaylin, come back!” by Bob Deis
Lyle Kenyon Engel
The Fantastic Novel Factory Paperback Impresario: Cranking Out Books, Raking in the Money by Joseph McLellan (Washington Post Feb. 12, 1979)
A Working Checklist for the Books Packaged by Lyle Kenyon Engel by Joe Kenney

Men of Violence #8 July 2017
56 pages, ~6” x 8” (A5-size) saddle-stitch binding
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
The Paperback Fanatic website

Men of Violence! #7

mov_7A trio of zines from Justin Marriott arrived yesterday, two issues of Men of Violence! and Pulp Horror #6. More on the content of the others in the days ahead, but let’s begin with MOV! #7:

Mailbag of Violence: LOCs from John Gallagher, Andy Boot, and Art Black
James Leasor Update
A Dirty Way to Die: Peter Enfantino’s recap of The Sharpshooter paperback series by Bruno Rossi
Flying High: Gavin Tudor Lyall paperbacks
The Sheriff of Rockabye County: J.T. Edson’s paperback series
In the Interrogation Room: Stephen Mertz—An interview by Paul Bishop

48 pages, ~6” x 8” (A5-size) saddle-stitch binding
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
Cover: Image from The Sharpshooter #11 Triggerman
The Paperback Fanatic website

Men of Violence! #6

mov6_500Dedicated to men’s adventure paperbacks, Men of Violence, is another digest magazine from Justin Marriott, “paperback fanatic.” The articles listed below are uncredited, so is it fair to assume Mr. Marriott wrote them all?

Danger; Diabolical (Deadly Companions by Bob Sang and Dusty Sang)
Welcome (editorial)
Dennison’s Army (Dennison’s War series by Adam Lassiter)
Bloody Brits (Don Miles series by Larry Kenyon)
Submission (The Dragonhead Deal by Richard J. Harper)
Lost in Translation (Detective San-Antonio series by Frédéric Dard)
The Great Game (Renegade series by Ramsay Thorne)
The Executioner Versus Michigan General Corp.

40 pages, ~6” x 8” (A5-size) saddle-stitch binding
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
The Paperback Fanatic website