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The American Bystander #4

A_-Bystander_4_500Here’s an indie magazine well worth supporting. Newsweek calls it “The Last Great Humor Magazine.” The contributor list is a who’s who of cartoonists and humorists. You can buy single issues direct or subscribe via a Patreon plan that is essentially pay per issue.

Check out their website, for all the details including sample pages.

The American Bystander #3

The American Bystander #3

What’s more fun than reading? Reading a brand new laugh out loud magazine? Michael Gerber’s American Bystander is the funniest magazine around. A veritable who’s who of humorists, cartoonists and caricaturists delivered in a package worthy of its talent inside and out.

Visit the website for a taste. Order, watch mailbox, read, howl. As The New York Times declares, “Essential reading for comedy nerds.”

Two Steps Forward

EQMM August 2016

EQMM August 2016

When The Digest Enthusiast launched in January 2015 I ran classified ads in all the major digest magazines on newsstands for three consecutive issues. Unfortunately even at the very reasonable rates available, I wasn’t able to continue and TDE has been absent from the very type of magazines we pay tribute to each edition, ever since.

That is until now. The magnanimous Bill Crider, who writes the “Blog Bytes” column for Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, highlights TDE and this very “Digest Magazine” blog in the current issue (pg 26). What a thrill it is to see this coverage in “The World’s Leading Mystery Magazine.” It also appears on their website, The Mystery Place. Many thanks, Bill.

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The American Bystander #2

The American Bystander #2

A new humor magazine, The American Bystander (TAB), is using current technology and techniques to find its audience. The second issue arrived in my mailbox yesterday, loaded with cartoons, comics and laugh-out-loud prose. Here’s a little background in their own words:

“The implosion of book and magazine publishing has left a lot of established artists and writers with no way to reach the readers who love their stuff. And for younger talents, an always-difficult career is now practically impossible. We just couldn’t take it anymore, folks, we had to do something…so we created The American Bystander. What happens next is up to you.”

TAB chairman Michael Gerber uses Kickstarter campaigns to fund the magazine’s development. As an added incentive he’s offers free classified ads to supporters. As a POD/digital publisher myself I was happy to take him up on the offer and glad to see three pages of highly varied ads in TAB #2. Here’s what ours looks like: