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The Pulpster 26

pulpster26The official program of PulpFest, The Pulpster is also mailed to advertisers and arrived in last week’s mail. The full-size magazine is published by Mike Chomko and edited by William Lampkin. PulpFest 2017 was held in Pittsburgh, PA, July 27–30, 2017.

From the Editor by William Lampkin
From the Publisher by Michael Chomko
“Scarlett O’Horror of Alabam” by Tony Davis
“Dangerous Dames” by Ron Goulart (cover story)
“Women in the Detective Pulps” by Bill Pronzini
“The O. Henry of the Pulps” by Garyn G. Roberts
“How I Get My Inspiration” by A ‘Weird Tales’ Author (Robert Bloch)
“Bloch’s Archetypal Thriller: ‘Psycho’” by Garyn G. Roberts
“First, Do Harm!” by Curt Phillips
“The Lesser of ‘The Big Three’” by Walker Martin
“Pulp Christmas Show” by Douglas Draa
“The Tall Tales of Captain McGrail” by Monte Herridge
Final Chapters by Tony Davis
Advertisers Index

The Pulpster #26
Editor: William Lampkin
Assistant Editor: Peter Chomko
Publisher: Mike Chomko
Cover: Norman Saunders (Black Mask July 1949)
8.5” x 11” 40 pages
$13 postage paid from Mike Chomko Books (inquire for shipping outside the US)

Back on Monday

Rocket1Taking a blog break, will return on Monday with more daily digests.

Many thanks to Mike Chomko Books for carrying The Digest Enthusiast in their catalog and tabling copies at the recent PulpFest and other shows Mike attends.

TDE book seven is progressing nicely and planned for early December release. Contributors include Lesann Berry, Tom Brinkmann, Steve Carper, Peter Enfantino, Richard Krauss, Marc Myers, Michael Neno, Vince Nowell, Sr., Rick Ollerman, Josh Pachter, Robert Snashall, Bob Vojtko, and Joe Wehrle, Jr.

The Digest Enthusiast #6 update

tde6cover_500The print proof for TDE6 arrived yesterday. It’s looking great and nearly ready to release. Here’s what’s left to do:

• Print—a few text tweaks inside, discovered while working on other versions
• Magzter—same changes as above, since the files are identical to the print version, except the images are in color.
• Kindle—Three features to layout, then convert to epub/mobi and proof onscreen

Everything should be ready for a ~June 1 release.

Mike Chomko will have TDE6 available at the upcoming PulpFest and through his next catalog. Here’s the listing for Mike’s catalog:

The Digest Enthusiast #6: Interviews with Analog & Asimov’s author Edd Vick and AHMM author B.K. Stevens; previews of summer’s digest magazines; articles on Manhunt, Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse series in F&SF, Sharon Tate’s Fate, Bob Hope’s They Got Me Covered, and International Science Fiction; reviews of Digest Dolls and Weirdbook #34; fiction by Lesann Berry, Alec Cizak, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Illustrations and cartoons by Brad W. Foster, Michael Neno, Bob Vojtko, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. Haiku by Clark Dissmeyer. Cover by Brian Buniak. Includes over 75 cover images.

The Pulpster #25

The Pulpster #25

The Pulpster #25

Bookseller Mike Chomko is a huge supporter of the pulp and digest magazine community, including The Digest Enthusiast. Mike serves on the committee that produces the annual PulpFest show in Columbus, Ohio, and publishes The Pulpster magazine to dovetail with the four-day event. Although I wasn’t able to attend the show last month, as an advertiser I received a copy of The Pulpster #25. It’s a beautiful production, loaded with terrific articles. Here’s the full contents:

“From the Editor” by William Lampkin
“From the Publisher” by Mike Chomko
“What Becomes of Your Pulps After You’re Gone?” by David W. Smith
Cover Story: “90 Years of ‘Amazing Stories’” by Hugo Gernsback, Howard Browne, Joseph Wrzos, Barry N. Malzberg, Ted White (GOH of PulpFest 2016), Elinor Mavor and Patrick L. Price
“Farmer’s Ventures into the ‘Amazing’” by Art Sippo
“More Mystery for a Dime” by J. Randolph Cox
“Wallace Thurman and ‘Harlem Stories’” by David M. Earle
“A ‘Western Story’ Desperado” by Walker Martin
“Second-String Heroes” by William Lampkin

Download catalogs from the Mike Chomko Books website

The Pulpster #25
Editor: William Lampkin
Assistant Editor: Peter Chomko
Publisher: Mike Chomko
8.5” x 11” 52 pages
$13 postage paid (inquire for shipping outside the US)

Mike Chomko, Rob Lopresti and Gary Lovisi

TDE Book Three now available from Mike Chomko Books

TDE Book Three now available from Mike Chomko Books

Mike Chomko Books now has The Digest Enthusiast book three in stock and available through his Feb/March 2016 Catalog, listed under Larque Press. He’ll also bring copies to the upcoming PulpFest (July 21-24, 2016) in Columbus, Ohio. Many thanks for your support, Mike!

Rob Lopresti reports his “Shanks Goes Rogue” is scheduled to appear in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine in the May edition. Rob gave a talk last fall on Crime Against Nature: Writing An Environmental Crime Novel in which he discussed his latest novel Greenfellas. You can hear it here.

Gary Lovisi has completed an article on the digest-sized Galaxy Magabooks. Watch for it in TDE4, scheduled for June 2016 publication.

The Pulpster #24

“Erle Stanley Gardner, Ralph Turner, and Me” by Garyn G. Roberts
“The Short Life of Street & Smith Comics” by William Lamkin
“Lovecraft’s Lasting Legacy” by various
“Making the Thrill Last” by Michelle Nolan
“Thrilling Adventures of ‘The Major’” by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson
“Meet the Other Pulp Heroes” by Larry Latham
“Rediscovering Nibs Holloway’s Creator” by Tom Johnson
“Assignment: San Francisco’s Chinatown” by Monte Herridge

“From the Back Pages” by Chet Williamson

Departments: From the Editor, From the Publisher, Final Chapters, Tribute: Richard Clear, Advertisers Index

Editor: William Lampkin
Assistant Editor: Peter Chomko
Publisher: Mike Chomko

8.5” x 11”, saddle-stitch, 52 pages
$10 (plus $4 postage) from Mike Chomko Books