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N.R. De Mexico’s Strange Pursuit

suspense_novel_1A half-page ad in Suspense Magazine #4 offered a series of three Suspense Novels, companion digest/ paperbacks to Suspense Magazine, all published in 1951. The offer combined all three, along with a copy of The Scented Flesh by Robert O. Saber, also in the digest/paperback format, for a buck, postage paid.

Madman on a Drum written by Suspense contributing editor N.R. De Mexico, was first published in 1944 by Cavalcade Books based in New York, as a digest-sized paperback. In 1951 it was retitled Strange Pursuit and featured as the first of three Suspense Novels from Farrell Publishing.

Strange Pursuit (Madman on a Drum) is a top notch thriller, cleverly plotted with beautifully written narrative and dialogue. When Lois Vincent fails to keep a date with boyfriend Larry Graham, the mystery of her disappearance sparks a surreal, paranoid crisis for Graham that quickly escalates into a full-blown conspiracy in which he can trust no one as he doggedly fights to clear himself of her murder and figure out who could so completely destroy his life.

Marijuana Girl

Uni Books #19, 1951

Doug Aanes’ Dope Fiends trading card set includes 36 covers and their backstories of vintage PBOs, with a few that debuted in the digest paperback format. Including this beauty from N.R. De Mexico, a favorite of the U.S. House of Representative’s Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials in the early 1950s. De Mexico was listed as the Associate Editor of Suspense Magazine in 1951.

First issues by Kitchen Sink Press in 1995, the Dope Fiends trading card set can still be found by collectors in secondary markets.

Update on TDE5
The first print proof of TDE5 arrived and has been reviewed. A few new typos were uncovered during the production of the Kindle version, and a few other tweaks to both the interior and cover files necessitated a second print proof, now in production. Release is now expected on Friday or over the weekend. For those waiting, thank you for your patience.

Dope Fiends

Dope Fiends Trading Cards

Dope Fiends Trading Cards

“Enter the forbidden world of addicted teenagers, drug-crazed criminals, and wanton women!”

The Dope Fiends trading card set provides reproductions of vintage paperback book covers from the 1950s and 1960s. The set of 36 cards was compiled and annotated by Doug Aanes and first printed in 1995 by Kitchen Sink Press.

The set features highly collectable books. Most were published in true paperback book format, but a few debuted in the paperback digest format, like N.R. De Mexico’s Marijuana Girl (Uni Books #19, 1951), which went on to become a poster child of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials. N.R. De Mexico was the Associate Editor of the Suspense digest magazine in 1951.

Although Dope Fiends trading cards are no longer available from the publisher, the set can be found in secondary markets.