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Ray Bradbury’s The Screaming Woman

screaming-womanStories from Suspense Magazine #4 Winter 1952: “The Screaming Woman” by Ray Bradbury

Despite the announcement in Suspense Magazine #1, there were no Suspense radio scripts presented in issue #3 or #4. Bradbury’s piece here is a story, but it was first heard on radio (episode #316) as a script on November 25, 1948. The background on this popular story is conflicting. One source credits Sylvia Richards for adapting Bradbury’s tale for radio, yet its first record as a published story was in the Today magazine of the Philadelphia Inquirer on May 27, 1951, almost three years later. A second source credits Bradbury with the original script for Suspense, that he later adapted for print in Today, which seems more chrono-logical.

screaming-woman-2A young girl, through a neatly arranged set of circumstances, seems to be the only living person
to believe one of her neighbors has been buried alive. The story was dramatized for the EC comics line in Crime SuspenStories #15, Feb/ Mar 1953 and featured on The Ray Bradbury Theatre on television, on Feb. 22, 1986, with Drew Barrymore. On January 29, 1972, it aired as the ABC Movie of the Week, starring Olivia De Havilland in the title role—transformed from youngster to former mental patient— whom nobody believed either.