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Russell Branch’s Rip Tide

other_worlds_science_stories_195106-07Stories from Suspense Magazine #3 Fall 1951: “Rip Tide” by Russell Branch

Branch wrote science fiction as well as crime stories. He seems to have enjoyed adding a 
few poetic passages to this one, a murder mystery lurking just below the surface. Some of its passages call too much attention to the writing, but others are quite crisp: “Lora Walton took me like a slug of gin, on that hot empty afternoon.”

Branch’s work often appeared in pulp magazines, but his novel “Time Flaw” made it into the pages of the Other Worlds digest in Jun/Jul 1951.

Image from Galactic Central.

Other Worlds #1

Other Worlds #1 November 1949

I’ve always been a sucker for this cover. Fred Nadis wrote about it in his 2013 biography of Ray A. Palmer “The Man from Mars.”

In 1949 RAP announced to a crowd at the 7th World Science Fiction Convention in  Cincinnati that he was the Robert N. Webster, who edited the Fate and Other Worlds Science Stories digests. The latter a magazine he would make brilliant, like Astounding. He gave the cover of Other Worlds #1, painted by Malcolm H. Smith, depicting Richard Shaver’s Snake Woman, to the convention organizers for auction.

At the convention RAP met Bea Mahaffrey, whom he immediately hired for Clark Publications.

Ray Palmer: Change Agent

Search #21 June 1957

Search #21 June 1957

Ray Palmer’s Mystic Magazine ran for 16 issues before changing its title to Search Magazine with issue #17. He described the change in Mystic #16 (July 1956):

“So, if horror-comics have sullied the word Mystic, let’s supplant it with one that has distinction, reputation, solidarity, common-sense, and respectability.”

In Search #21, from June 1957, he announced a new title, Flying Saucers, or to be more precise, Flying Saucers from Other Worlds.

He also published a magazine called Other Worlds which I understand was incorporated into Flying Saucers at some point. But in June 1957 the two were separate entities. Here’s the state of things as he described them then:

“We have been completely smothered with mail these past few months, and with Search going monthly, Flying Saucers getting its start, and our science fiction magazine Other Worlds going great guns, we find ourselves the busiest editors in the world!”

Flying Saucers is a larger magazine than Search being 61/2 x 91/4 inches in size.”

Confounding collectors, Palmer seemed to love changing the titles and sizes of his magazines. Both Other Worlds and Flying Saucers grew larger over their evolutionary runs.