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R. J. Burrough’s Threat of Violence

suspense_4Stories from Suspense Magazine #4 Winter 1952: “Threat of Violence” by R. J. Burrough

A school teacher wins $15,000 on a radio quiz show when she answers a nearly impossible question in Latin. Unfortunately, her good fortune does not go unnoticed. Here’s the scene as she exits the theater:

Umbrellas opened to join the stream of bobbing black mushrooms gleaming under marquee lights.
The avenue was bouncing with cold rain, splashing as taxis whooshed arrogantly by over oily pavements splotched with yellow and green.

This chaotic weather provides perfect cover for a small gang of watchers who grab the suddenly unlucky Miss Craig off the street and take her to their brownstone hideout. Fortunately, the teacher’s wits win the day a second time before the tale’s closing curtain.