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N.R. De Mexico’s Strange Pursuit

suspense_novel_1A half-page ad in Suspense Magazine #4 offered a series of three Suspense Novels, companion digest/ paperbacks to Suspense Magazine, all published in 1951. The offer combined all three, along with a copy of The Scented Flesh by Robert O. Saber, also in the digest/paperback format, for a buck, postage paid.

Madman on a Drum written by Suspense contributing editor N.R. De Mexico, was first published in 1944 by Cavalcade Books based in New York, as a digest-sized paperback. In 1951 it was retitled Strange Pursuit and featured as the first of three Suspense Novels from Farrell Publishing.

Strange Pursuit (Madman on a Drum) is a top notch thriller, cleverly plotted with beautifully written narrative and dialogue. When Lois Vincent fails to keep a date with boyfriend Larry Graham, the mystery of her disappearance sparks a surreal, paranoid crisis for Graham that quickly escalates into a full-blown conspiracy in which he can trust no one as he doggedly fights to clear himself of her murder and figure out who could so completely destroy his life.