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Ron Fortier’s The Hideout


The Digest Enthusiast #4

Although The Digest Enthusiast is primarily a non-fiction series, we like to include a few short stories in each edition. After all, fiction is why readers are drawn to the digests we write about in the first place.

“The Hideout” is a Brother Bones short story featuring Ron Fortier’s iconic avenger. Here’s an excerpt from the story which appeared in The Digest Enthusiast book four, with illustrations by Rob Davis.

“Bones, you are needed.” Within the shimmering yellow flame he saw the tiny angelic face of his spirit guide; a teenage girl he’d shot to death in his previous life as gunman Tommy Bonello.

Ron Fortier’s Rail City Rolls

My introduction to New Pulp champion Ron Fortier came through Gordon Linzner’s science fiction zine Space and Time in the 1970s. Ron contributed his own original fiction and was an avid supporter of the digest-sized magazine, where his letters of comments were frequently published.

I was one of the contributing artists. Gordon would send me a story and a deadline, and I’d send back my best effort. Space and Time has been around over 50 years and still being published today under the editorship of Hildy Silverman.

By the 1980s I’d lost track of S&T, but never forgot Ron Fortier and his enthusiasm for stories and illustrations. With the rise of web, I rediscovered Ron years later and his publishing outfit Airship 27. When I started publishing The Digest Enthusiast, Ron reviewed our debut issue on his Pulp Fiction Review blog and began contributing a year later.

Here’s the opening line to his story, “The Rail City Rolls,” which appears in TDE3:

“The alarm klaxon sounded throughout the ten levels of Car Seven, waking young Alet Eams from a sound sleep. He lifted his head off the pillow just as Fireman Second Class, Dario Rasco shoved the barracks door open and started screaming.”

Illustration for Douglas Derek Roome’s “Arthur Rampant” from Space and Time #48.

Illustration for Douglas Derek Roome’s “Arthur Rampant” from Space and Time #48.

New Series Begins Tomorrow

Spent time organizing the next series of posts, derived from TDE3. The contrast between the opening lines of short stories by Dashiell Hammett and the authors of Super-Science Fiction ought to push the borderline beyond its outer limits. We’ll start tomorrow.

I misstated in TDE4 that Peter Enfantino would cover Weird Tales digests next time. Instead he’s working on another western series: Western Magazine, which is about as generic as titles go. But, it nevertheless looks like a great one!

Did some travel recently and wanted to acknowledge a couple of posts from our friends while I was off-grid:
• Writer Art Taylor, our feature interview subject in TDE4, wrote about the issue on June 6th on his blog.
• Artist Michael Neno, who drew the illustrations for John Kuharik’s “Wounded Wizard” wrote about TDE4 in a Facebook post on June 7
• Airship 27’s Captain Ron Fortier also gave us a nod on his Facebook post on June 10th
Many thanks, fellas!

The Digest Enthusiast #4 is here!

The Digest Enthusiast #4

The Digest Enthusiast #4

The fourth edition of our book-length magazine celebrating yesterday’s and today’s digest magazine titles is now available in print and digital versions. Here’s what’s inside:


Art Taylor: Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
Editors of the new generation of digital digests:
  Alec Cizak (Pulp Modern), Jennifer Landels (Pulp Literature),
  John Kenyon (Grift Magazine),
 Kristen Valentine (Betty Fedora), Sheri White (Morpheus Tales


Suspense Magazine and Novels by Richard Krauss

Galaxy Science Fiction Novels by Steve Carper
Galaxy Magabooks by Gary Lovisi

Criswell Predicts: Fate & Spaceway by Tom Brinkmann

Shock Mystery Tales by Peter Enfantino

Max Allan Collins’ Pocket Pin-ups trading cards

H.G. Wells Society Newsletter #30
Bulldog Drummond by Sapper
Mystery, Detective, and Espionage Magazines by Michael L. Cook


“A Rat Must Chew” by Gary Lovisi

“The Hideout” by Ron Fortier
“Strangers in Need” by Joe Wehrle, Jr.

“Wounded Wizard” by John Kuharik

Artwork and Cartoons:

Sean Azzopardi

Rob Davis 

Brad Foster

Michael Neno

Bob Vojtko
Joe Wehrle, Jr.

Also includes:

Editor’s Notes
Suspense Magazine index
Social media round-up
Opening Lines

Print $8.99 (b&w interior) 
Includes ~100 cover images, 152 pages
amazon.com     CreateSpace
eBook $2.99 (color throughout) 
Includes ~ 50 cover images
Kindle     Kindle Preview

Larque Press website

Now available: TDE3

The Digest Enthusiast #3

The Digest Enthusiast #3

Great news, the third edition of The Digest Enthusiast is now available in print and Kindle from Amazon.

The issue leads off with D. Blake Werts’ interview with Heather Jacobs, editor of the handcrafted Big Fiction small press digest from the Seattle area.

Tom Brinkmann is back with an overview of that other Beyond digest; the one about strange phenomena, plus a profile about one of the digest’s writers, Timothy Green Beckley.

New Pulp champion Ron Fortier joins TDE with four reviews and a fast-paced story, “The Rail City Rolls.”

Cover artist Joe Wehrle, Jr. provides a noirish new cover painting, a SF yarn, “Planetstorm” and a look at the Italian digest comic Diabolik (with his portraits of the character’s creators).

Peter Enfantino joins TDE with an overview of Super-Science Fiction and Gunsmoke, along with an all-inclusive synopsis of each issue.

We also welcome Steve Carper to our pages, who provides a terrific piece on Dashiell Hammett’s digests: Bestseller Mystery, Mercury Mystery and Jonathan Press.

Gryphon Press’ editor and publisher, Gary Lovisi returns with a wonderful western yarn, “Old Aunt Sin” with brand new artwork provided by the talented Michael Neno.

Plus, an overview of Dope Fiends trading cards; new reviews of A Blonde for Murder by Walter B. Gibson, Jeff Canja’s Popular Fiction Periodicals reference book, Betty Fedora #2, Paperback Parade #89, Manhunt (Dec. 1953), Children’s Digest (Spring 1972), and Fate #727; and artwork and cartoons by Brad Foster and Bob Vojtko.

Print version, $8.99, includes nearly 100 B&W cover images, 152 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″ digest.
Kindle version, $2.99, includes nearly 50 color cover images.

PS: If you’d like to help spread the word TDE3 is now available, visit www.larquepress.com/factsheet.htm for the full contents list and cover images.