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Lesann Berry’s Feed the Beast

feed_beastThe first episode of Lesann Berry’s Alternate History Archive began in The Digest Enthusiast book five. Below are the opening lines.

“Kiefer turned his back but the cops kept talking. Shoulders hunched down, he shuffled away. He hated pity. The last thing he wanted to deal with right now was some yahoo’s good intentions. The bottle in his pocket victimized him enough. Blinking, he counted off three breaths before scanning the alley entrance.”

Episode two appears in TDE6, and I’m pleased to report Kiefer will return in TDE7, due out in December 2017, which no longer seems so far off. Each episode of the Alternate History Archive includes an illustration by Michael Neno.

Bill Crider Discovers Digests


F&SF Dec. 1951

Excerpt from our interview with Bill Crider, author of the Dan Rhodes series, for The Digest Enthusiast book five:

“It was when I was in junior high that I really hit my stride, though, and that was thanks to one of those big Groff Conklin anthologies of SF stories, The Big Book of Science Fiction. I thought the stories were wonderful, every one of them. I’ve always been one to read everything in the book, so I read the copyright page and discovered that all the stories had been published in magazines. The next day I was at the local bookstore (yes, even my small East Texas town had one), where I located a couple of digests, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Astounding Science Fiction. I bought those and was soon off on a real binge. I bought every SF digest that I could get my hands on.”

Ellery Queen’s Challenge to the Reader

mercury66Mercury Mystery #66 from 1943 reprints nine stories from the earlier hardback of the same name with 25. Queen’s challenge is simple:

“I’ll change the familiar names of the detectives to ones of my own invention, and I’ll challenge the reader to deduce who the detective is in each story. The only alteration of the original text will be the disguising of the detective’s name.

“[T]here will be clues galore . . . Clues created by the author of the story, lying right there in the author’s own text.”

Steve Carper explores this forgotten beauty and others in his article “The Riddle of the Ellery Queen Selects Series” in The Digest Enthusiast book five.

Back on Monday

Rocket1Taking a blog break, will return on Monday with more daily digests.

Many thanks to Mike Chomko Books for carrying The Digest Enthusiast in their catalog and tabling copies at the recent PulpFest and other shows Mike attends.

TDE book seven is progressing nicely and planned for early December release. Contributors include Lesann Berry, Tom Brinkmann, Steve Carper, Peter Enfantino, Richard Krauss, Marc Myers, Michael Neno, Vince Nowell, Sr., Rick Ollerman, Josh Pachter, Robert Snashall, Bob Vojtko, and Joe Wehrle, Jr.

Now In Stock at Bud Plant’s

budplant_logoAll six issues of The Digest Enthusiast are now available through Bud Plant’s Incredible Online Catalog, from the Pulp & Fiction section. Founded in 1970 by renowned illustration & comic art expert Bud Plant, their flagship Incredible Catalog has evolved from its roots, growing to include all forms of great visual art, and now bears the name Bud’s Art Books. It’s here you will find the very best of the visual arts. A unique and diverse collection representing the past, present and future. And of course, Bud’s trademark service from a great staff who share your passion for great art!

Bud’s blog highlights the latest editions to the Incredible Catalog and featured The Digest Enthusiast in his August 17 update.

Art Taylor on the fallout from relationships


EQMM Nov 2014 with Art Taylor’s “The Odds Are Against Us”

An excerpt from Art Taylor’s interview in The Digest Enthusiast #4 in June 2016.

TDE: Most of your stories explore relationships, reactions and decisions that characters have to live with. What appeals to you about this approach?

AT: Basically, I think those themes are just at the core of my own interests and obsessions. A fellow writer, E.A. Aymar, pointed out to me—nicely—that I wasn’t very good at branding my work, since my stories were all over the place in terms of subgenre and tone and whatever: noir here, cozy there; traditional structure here, something more experimental there; etc. And I’m certain that readers who have enjoyed some of my darker stories might well be bewildered by some of the lighter comedy of On the Road with Del & Louise. But to me, so many of these stories come down to the same elements: the responsibilities inherent in being in a relationship; the times when that relationship is tested; the decision to respect or betray the relationship; the fallout from that decision. Whatever the circumstances or situation that might drive that central storyline, and whatever the various combinations of choices and consequences that might result, those questions and that theme are what I return to time and time again.

John Kenyon’s Grift

Grift 1Remember Grift Magazine? One of the earliest crime fiction journals levering digital print technology, it debuted in 2012 and returned with its second issue in Spring 2013. As of 2016, Grift editor John Kenyon still intended to proceed with issue #3. When interviewed for The Digest Enthusiast in May 2016, he explained his lack of time as the biggest obstacle.

“The long-gestating third issue of Grift is delayed because I simply don’t have enough hours in the day. Also, a lack of funding that would allow me to pay beyond contributors copies. You get what you pay for, and my ability to get the type of nonfiction I desire has certainly been compromised by that.”

The first two editions of Grift Magazine are available through Lulu.com.

John Kuharik’s Wounded Wizard

griggJohn Kuharik’s fantasy series set in Buckthorn Burrough with Grigg, Doth, and Ladwick first appeared in The Digest Enthusiast book two in June 2015. A year later, the second story, “Wounded Wizard,” appeared in TDE4. John began work on another tale, but it grew in size and scope to become a novel. Last I heard, it’s in the works now.

Shown here is one of the original sketches by Michael Neno, who created the artwork for “Wounded Wizard.” The story opens as follows:

“When the Gnolls came over the lower walls and spilled into the streets of Buckthorn Burrough, its residents were ready for them.

“Men alongside women, these descendants of border ranchers joined their local militiamen to fight with swords and garden tools against the charging beasts. But commanders of the regular army within the castle walls, doubting their ability, unleashed a mortar attack upon friend and foe alike. The population and buildings were devastated. When the fires cooled, the Gnolls were defeated, but a once thriving community was now a ragged assortment of wounded veterans, resentful homeless, and gangs of hungry orphans.”

Born in Binghamton, NY, John M. Kuharik is a 1971 Rider College graduate, an Army veteran, and a career public health retiree. He loves alternate universes, and time travel, and spends ridiculous amounts of time playing fantasy MMORPG’s. His stories, “Brainboy,” “Don’t See How It Won’t Get Worse,” and “Suddenly Tired,” appeared in The Prairie Light Review.

Galaxy Novel #23

gn23Murder in Space by David V. Reed is the twenty-third Galaxy Novel, published in 1954 with a cover by Ed Emshwiller. The story first appeared in Amazing Stories May 1944.

Here’s the opening paragraph:
“It was one of those afternoons with which the colonial planet Mirabello is so often blessed. Its twin golden suns blazed merrily from the sky of flawless blue, and little puffs of breezes chased each other through poplars and willows, and the tall grass at the edge of the stream where Terwilliger Ames sat fishing was cool and fresh. If there was a word for such an afternoon, it was lazy—and if there was a word for Ames, well, that was lazy, too.”