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Paperback Fanatic #38 Oct. 2017

“Larry Kent: Rival of Carter Brown” by James Doig
“Soldiers, Spies and Smut by Subscription” by Richard Toogood
“But Mr. Tanner, Isn’t that a Bit Close to The Rats?” by Nick Sharman & Grady Hendrix
“Just Do It!” Jim O’Brien talks to Gordon Williams
“Sea Wolves; Corsairs of the Sea” by Andreas Decker
“Mad Scientists and Peeping Toms” by Justin Marriott
“The Whole World is a Garden” by Tom Tesarek
“The Furious Futurologist: Algis Budrys” by Graham Andrews

100 pages, 6” x 9” full color $13.66 POD
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Assistant Editor: Jim O’Brien
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The Paperback Fanatic #37

PF37_500Justin Marriott has moved most of his digest magazines to the POD publishing model through the CreateSpace/Amazon channel to reduce the overseas shipping cost for readers. It also gives his titles an unlimited supply, so late-comers will no longer find an issue SOLD OUT.

The Paperback Fanatic #37 October 2017
Fanatical Thoughts (Editorial)
Fanatical Mails (LOCs)
Los Angeles PB Fair 2017 by Peter Wrobel
Artist Assemble 6 Nicollet and Caza
A Visual Guide to Digit Books by Ray Steptoe and Justin Marriott

84 pages, 6” x 9” full color $11.99 POD
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
The Paperback Fanatic website

The Paperback Fanatic #36

TPF36_500Justin Marriott publishes digest magazines: The Paperback Fanatic, Pulp Horror, The Sleazy Reader, and Men of Violence! And he’s working on a new title called Hot Lead, dedicated to westerns.

He recently sat still long enough for a fascinating interview with Paul Bishop. Among others things he spoke about his publishing process:

“My system is to solicit pre-orders for a new publication stating a deadline for when I go to print. I then print almost the same numbers as pre-ordered, paying the printers to mail them out. This means I’m not out of pocket during the gap between paying the printers and receiving orders, nor am I sitting on boxes of back issues.”

The Paperback Fanatic #36
Fanatical Letters
“Us or Them” by Tom Tesarek
“Gold Medal Classic Murder Trials” by Rob Matthews
“Arizona; A Book Odyssey” by Tom Tesarek
“The Tale of Two Dark Angels” by Jim O’Brien
“Artists Assemble 5; Screaming Metal”
“The Pantastic Saint” by Graham Andrews
“Thud and Blunder”
“Get Your Motor Running” by Paul Bishop
“The Discovery at Red Hook” by Jack Chalker

100 pages, ~6” x 8” (A5-size)
The Paperback Fanatic website