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Apollo 12: Mysterious Encounters With Flying Saucers

Saga May 1970

Excerpt from Tom Brinkmann’s “Mr. UFO: Timothy Green Beckley’s Paranormal Odyssey” from TDE3:

“Nineteen seventy seems to have been a pivotal year in Tim’s writing career, as he says of the Saga article, “I do believe it’s probably one of the most important in my career as a paranormal and UFO writer.” Tim had gone to Washington, DC to do research for the article. Throughout the 1970s, Tim was regularly writing articles for Saga UFO Report and for their “UFO Specials.” Tim also did an interview with Charles Berlitz, “Mr. Bermuda Triangle,” in Saga’s Bermuda Triangle Special Report 1977.

Search #91 May 1970

Search #91

Search #91

Tom Brinkmann describes the last section of Tim Beckley’s “World of the Off Beat” column from Search #91, in this excerpt from his profile piece in TDE3:

“…“Astrology and Murder” in which Tim interviewed Barbara H. Watters, a leading Washing
ton area astrologer and author of the book, The Astrologer Looks At Murder (1969). She believed ‘you can actually determine the real motives at work in criminal cases through the application of astro- logical forces.’ She had studied several high profile murder cases of which she found the infamous Lizzie Borden case of 1892 the most interesting; Watters had lived in Borden’s home town of Fall River, Massachusetts for twenty years. Lizzie Borden was never convicted of the murder of her parents for lack of evidence. Watters had done an astrological chart for Lizzie and had determined that she was guilty. Watters also came up with a motive—Lizzie had wanted to improve her station in life. As Watters stated, ‘She was born with four planets in the sign of Leo. Statistically, Leo is under-represented in the charts of murderers. But it is a proud sign which does not bear frustration with good grace.’ In her previously mentioned book, Watters also revealed the identity of Jack the Ripper.”

Search #89 January 1970

Search magazine #89 January 1970

Search magazine #89 January 1970

Tim Beckley’s “World of the Off Beat” column was announced on the cover of Search #89. In a profile piece on Beckley for TDE3 Tom Brinkmann described it like this:

“Tim’s column concerned various predictions by different psychics, the first of which was Paul Twitchell head of ECKANKAR ‘the science of Soul Travel,’ who predicted, in an interview, that humans landing on the moon would result in ‘The Moon Plague,’ a virus that would be brought back to earth by those who traveled there. Twitchell claimed this virus would equal that of the Black Plague of the Dark Ages and, that ‘a quarter of the human race’ would die from it before it could be brought under control and stopped. Tim mentions that according to the people who keep score, Twitchell’s predictions were 85% correct. The ‘Moon Plague’ prediction belonged to the 15% that didn’t pan out. Twitchell’s method of ‘soul travel,’ i.e., Astral Projection, or leaving one’s body, to read the ‘Akashic Records’ which were described as an astral deck of cards that each individual had that could be read on the astral plane; each card representing a significant event in a past life.”

Fate: December 1974

Fate December 1974

Fate December 1974

Cover contents pages—yuck. I suppose they have their efficiencies, but they’re so generic and utilitarian they have minimal appeal. Yet some digests, Fate, The Saint and Reader’s Digests come to mind, had long, long runs with this approach.

At least this cover of Fate (December 1974) granted some of its real estate to a compelling headline, set in decorative type, and an intriguing lead-in to the article that continues inside.

I’m highlighting this particular cover because it includes Timothy Green Beckley’s report on “Allan Jones Believes in Fate.” Beckley has reported on “True Stories of the Strange and Unknown” for decades. Today, “Mr. UFO” produces The Conspiracy Journal, the CJ Bookshop and Exploring the Bizarre with co-host Tim Swartz. As readers of The Digest Enthusiast already know, Mr. UFO profiled in TDE3 by Tom Brinkmann.

Fate’s True Stories of the Strange and Unknown

Fate April 1970

Fate April 1970

Along with the “Asian Versions of Snowman Woman,” the April 1970 edition of Fate magazine also included Timothy Green Beckley’s article “Russia Searches For the Abominable Snowman.” One of many articles Beckley wrote for Fate throughout the years.

In an email sent to Tom Brinkmann for Tom’s article in TDE3, Beckley wrote, “Out- side of Fate none of these pubs sold very well. Fate did a respectable 40,000 on the newsstand—they had about a hundred-thousand subscribers but that nearly ruined them ‘cause they would get paid like a buck a subscription from Publishers Clearing House and other discount outlets and little by little the postage went up and the advertising revenue went way down.”

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An interview with comic artist and illustrator Michael Neno, whose artwork regularly appears in TDE, was recently featured on John Orlando’s The PVDcast #96.

Hat tip to Bill Thom for his essential Pulp Coming Attractions, his inclusion of TDE4 this week and the Digest Magazines blog.

UFO over Wanaque Reservoir

Fate October 1966

Fate October 1966

“Mr. UFO” aka Timothy Green Beckley returned to the pages of Fate magazine with Edward J. Babcock for the October 1966 edition, to report “UFO Plagues N.J. Reservoir.” Here’s the opening of their article:

“Listen, this sounds crazy—but I saw something in the sky! Do you know what it is?”

On January 11, 1966 hundreds of witnesses called Wanaque police to report the mysterious object observed from 6:30 PM to 4:15 AM, “a white garishly bright disc two feet in diameter.”

Dozens of citizens, public officials and police directly observed the object with consistent descriptions, including a beam that melted a hole in the ice of the Wanaque Reservoir. August C. Roberts successfully captured a photograph of the object which appears in the magazine as a bright, white dot against the clear, black sky.

The object reappeared on a total of four nights and although officials initially denied it, jets and helicopters were observed attempting to gain a closer look. An explanation of the UFO from the Wright-Patterson AFB was “an Air Force helicopter equipped with a powerful beacon,” but that offered a less than comprehensive explaination of the UFO’s descriptions.

For more on the famous sighting search on “ufo wanaque reservoir” or track down the original Fate magazine.

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It was Fate, a confirmed citing of (Mr.) UFO

Fate Aug. 1965

Fate Aug. 1965

Tom Brinkmann wrote in his profile of “Mr. UFO” in TDE3: “Timothy Green Beckley’s earliest article for Fate magazine, as far as he remembers and, from what I can figure out through looking on eBay, was in the August 1965 issue (volume 18, #8, issue 185).”

This was during one of those graphically-challenged periods when Fate substituted the contents page for an image, on their covers. Beckley’s article, “Saucers Chase Japanese Airliner” was lucky enough to command the premier spot, up top.

It opens: “On March 18, 1965, at approximately 7:00 P.M. somewhere between Hiroshima and Osaka, Japan, a UFO took after the Convair 240, piloted by Yoshiaki Inaba of Toa Airlines, with 28 passengers on board.”

The object, which emitted a greenish color, followed the airliner for 55 miles and disrupted both the automated directional finder and the radio, which prevented Inaba’s co-pilot from contacting anyone on the ground during the encounter. The UFO shadowed the airliner’s maneuvers in close proximity until it eventually disappeared from sight.

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“Mr. UFO” Timothy Green Beckley

Flying Saucers Sept. 1961 with Tim’s first personal ad

Flying Saucers Sept. 1961 with Tim’s first personal ad

Timothy Green Beckley witnessed his first UFO sighting in 1957 at the age of ten. By fourteen he’d begun his own UFO newsletter, and placed a personal ad in Ray Palmer’s Flying Saucers digest soliciting more magazines, books or bulletins on the subject.

Tom Brinkmann, who writes about unusual off-the-beaten-path magazines, digests, and tabloids at his website badmags.com, profiles Beckley’s paranormal odyssey in TDE3.