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Walter Snow’s “The Nightmare Face”


Mike Shayne Sept. 1966 with Walter Snow’s “Who’s Afraid of Kathrine Mansfield?”

Stories from Suspense Magazine #2 Summer 1951

A newspaper journalist and pulp fiction writer, Walter Snow wrote mostly adventure and detective stories. The Walter Snow Papers, hosted by Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, reports: “Snow’s writing style is characterized by his ability to bring his characters to life.” Here’s an example from his story “The Nightmare Face” from Suspense Magazine #2:

“Carlotta flirts indiscriminately with eager sailors, pats their cheeks, blows them kisses. When they get too fresh she brandishes a baseball bat prankishly. It’s an act that keeps the bar crowded when the fleet is in. Brazenly, Carlotta sasses all her customers: ‘You’re stingy tippers. Me, I want a man with money.’”

Set in the Florida Keys, Carlotta’s brazen behavior ends suddenly when she turns up dead beside her suspected paramour in the wake of a hurricane. It’s up to local law enforcement to figure out if the storm had any help.

Snow’s work also ran in Gang World, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Short Stories, and Suspect Detective Stories—and was anthologized in collections like 20 Great Tales of Murder and With Malice Towards All. He wrote two mystery novels The Golden Nightmare (1952) and The Gauguin Murders (1972).