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Weirdbook Annual #1: Witches

A Note from the Editor
“Thou Shalt Not Suffer” by Matt Neil Hill
“No Holds Bard” by Adrian Cole
“Laying the Hairy Book” by Josh Reynolds
“Here is Where Your Proud Waves Halt” by Erica Ruppert
“Vicious Circles” by Paul Dale Anderson
“Assorted Shades of Red” by Franklyn Searight
“Strange Days in Old Yandrissa” by John R. Fultz
“Fertility Rites” by Glynn Owen Barrass
“The Witch’s Heart” by Rachel Bolton
“Hag Race” by Andre E. Harewood
“Best Friend Becky” by Wayne Faust
“The Rat in the Rabbit Cage” by Ashley Dioses
“Two Spells” by Neva Bryan
“Pulled Over” by Paul Spears
“The Witch of Skur” by L.F. Falconer
“Cat and Mouse” by Duane Pesice
“Last of the Ashiptu” by Paul Lubaczewski
“Firestorm” by Richard H. Durisen
“The Witch of Pender” by John Linwood Grant
“The Nora Witch” by Brandon Jimison
“The Broken Witch” by Scott Hutchison
“The Desert Rose Inn” by Maurits Zwankhuizen
“Salty” by Lucy A. Snyder
“The Ballad of Blighted Marsh” by David F. Daumit
“The Witch-Queen” by S.L. Edwards
“A Witch’s Work is Never Done” by Lori R. Lopez
“Oracle Bone Script” by Frederick J. Mayer
“Halloween Witch” by K.A. Opperman
“Remembering the Peculiar Effects from the Sugar Witch’s Goblin-Brew” by Clay F. Johnson
“Sea Witch” by Vonnie Winslow Crist
“Little Youkai at the Witch House” by Chad Hensley
“Mother Persephone” by Oliver Smith
“A Warlock Slips into My Dreams” by Darla Klein

Weirdbook Annual #1, October 2017
Publisher/Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Doug Draa
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Production Manager: Steve Coupe
244 pages, 6” x 9”
$13.00 POD, $.99 Kindle Megapack
Wildside Press website

Black Cat Mystery Magazine #1 Winter 2017/2018

The Cat’s Perch by John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe
“Getting Away” Alan Orloff
“Fairy Tale” by Art Taylor
“Eb and Flo” by Josh Pachter
“Crazy Cat Lady” by Barb Goffman
“A Pie to Die For” by Meg Opperman
“Murder at Madame Tussaud’s” by Dan Andriacco
“Rooster Creek” by John M. Floyd
“Don’t Bank on It” by Jack Halliday
“Dixie Quickies” by Michael Bracken
“Flight to the Flirty Flamingo” by Kaye George
“The Italian Tile Mystery” by John Holding (Classic Reprint from EQMM Sept. 1961)
“Beside a Flowering Wall” by Fletcher Flora (Classic Reprint from AHMM April 1968)
“The ABCs of Murder” by Josh Pachter (verse)

Black Cat Mystery Magazine #1 Winter 2017/2018
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
Editors: John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe
Cover: Fotolia
6” x 9” 150 pages, $12.00 POD, $3.99 Kindle
Wildside Press website

Suspense Novel #3: Carl G. Hodges


Suspense Novel #3 Naked Villainy by Carl G. Hodges

Of all the digests in Farrell’s Suspense series, Naked Villainy by Carl G. Hodges is the most provocative. The story’s first victim is shown on the cover in a sheer bra and panties—exactly what she’s wearing in the opening chapter.

“The light was weak, but good enough so that the black panties held no mystery.”

And later: “She had whirled to face me, one hand jerking up from the front of the black bra and tearing the flimsy cloth. A nipple pointed at me, the color of a pecan on top of a cup cake.” Steamy prose for 1951.

Hodges’ reverence for the Midwest MWA provides a wonderful surprise mid-novel when Lieutenant Davis visits one of the chapter’s meetings. Chapter president Bill Brannon is on hand, a journalist and crime fiction writer with reportedly over 5,000 stories and articles to his credit. His biography of con man Joseph Weil, Yellow Kid Weil, is mentioned, but Brannon wrote several other books as well as stories for Coronet, Reader’s Digest, Omnibook, Saga, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and many others. He used his middle name, Tibbetts, to write as William Tibbetts, one of more than a half-dozen pseudonyms he used. Known as “The Dean of Crime Writers,” Brannon was nominated for the Edgar Award in 1951.

In 1976, MWA produced the Mystery Writer’s Handbook, under the guidance of Lawrence Treat. Each chapter tackles an element of the craft, written by a veritable who’s who of the industry. William T. Brannon is onboard with a chapter on how to write true crime. According to Treat: “After reading it, all you need is to go out and do it.”

Back at the fictitious MWA meeting, Lennie Hilts had just sold From Jennys to Jets. As it turned out the book was published in 1951, as The Airmail Jennies to Jets as told to Leonard Finley Hilts.

Milton Ozaki, who apparently coiffed hair by day, and had a “police dog” named Sacre Bleu, receives a quarter page tribute. His novels, A Fiend in Need, The Cuckoo Clock and Too Many Women are mentioned—as is his pseudonym, Robert O. Saber.

Another MWA member, Allen Pruitt, identified by his pseudonym “because he was Commissioner of Public Welfare of the City of Chicago and I guess he figured it would be better to use a pen name for his excursions into the mystery writing field.” This was actually Alvin Emanuel Rose, a Chicago journalist in the 1920s and 1930s before becoming Commissioner. He wrote two novels as Alan Pruitt, The Restless Corpse (1947), which Hodges mentions, and Typed For a Corpse, in 1954.

The final attendee was Paul Fairman, author of The Glass Ladder, Harlequin #139. Fairman’s work appeared most often in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, but he also sold to The Saint, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Mike Shayne, Shell Scott—and earlier in pulps like Black Mask, FBI Detective Stories, and Mammoth Detective. He also wrote as Paul Daniels.

Getting back to Hodges, Naked Villainy is an excellent digest original that can leave you searching for more of his work. One of his short stories, “Murder Throws a Ringer” from Thrilling Detective (Dec. 1947), is included in The Noir Mystery Megapack from Wildside Press.

Weirdbook #32

Weirdbook #32

Weirdbook #32

Second issue of the relaunch.

“Childhood’s Dread” by Taye Carrol
“The Other Neighbors” by Daniel Davis
“Rare Air” by Mark Slade
“The Children” by J.E. Álamo
“The Radiant Boy” by Kevin Wetmore
“The Whisperer in the Woods” by Peter Schranz
“Sweet Oblivion” by Andrew Darlington
“An Unsolicited Lucidity” by Lee Clark Zumpe
“Black Carnival” by Bobby Cranestone
“The Howard Family Tradition” by P. R. O’Leary
“Hell in a Boxcar” by Scott A. Cupp
“Jorōgumo” by Kelda Crich
“Clay Baby” by Jack Lee Taylor
“The Corpse and the Rat: A Story of Friendship” by Joshua L. Hood
“Getting Thin” by DJ Tyrer
“Maybe Next Door” by Richard LaPore
“Containment Protocol” by Leeman Kessler
“Under a Rock” by Lori R. Lopez
“The Children Must Be Hungry” by L.F. Falconer
“The Road to Hell” by Kevin L. O’Brien
“Maggot Coffee” by Roy C. Booth and Axel Kohagen
“Baby Mine” by Marilyn “Mattie” Brahen
“In Blackwalk Wood” by Adrian Cole
“My Longing to See Tamar” by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
“Gust of Wind Made by Swinging a Blade” by Molly N. Moss

“Necromancer’s Lair” by Chad Hensley
“The Helm” by Chad Hensley
“Ex Arca Sepulcrali” by Wade German
“The Laughter of Ghouls” by K.A. Opperman
“Ode to Ashtoreth” by K.A. Opperman
“The Necro-Conjuring Sorceress” by Ashley Dioses
“What Dark Gods Are Friends to Me?” by Chad Hensley
“Scarlet Succubus Shrine” by Frederick J. Mayer
“Penelope” Sleepless” by Darrell Schweitzer

Publisher and Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Doug Draa
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Production Manager: Steve Coupe
6” x 9” 174 pages
$12.00 Print
$3.99 Kindle
Wildside Press

Weirdbook #31

weirdbook_31Weirdbook returns after a 20-year hiatus under the editorship of Douglas Draa. Enjoy these great fantasy and horror tales by current and upcoming masters of the genre.
“Chivaine” by John R. Fultz
“Give Me the Daggers” by Adrian Cole
“The Music of Bleak Entrainment” by Gary A. Braunbeck
“Into The Mountains with Mother Old Growth” by Christian Riley
“The Grimlorn Under the Mountain” by James Aquilone
“Dolls” by Paul Dale Anderson
“Gut Punch” by Jason A. Wyckoff
“Educational Upgrade” by Bret McCormick
“Boxes of Dead Children” by Darrell Schweitzer
“The Forgotten” by D.C. Lozar
“Coffee with Dad’s Ghost” Jessica Amanda Salmonson
“Missed It By That Much” by Gregg Chamberlain
“A Clockwork Muse” by Erica Ruppert
“The Rookery” by Kurt Newton
“Wolf of Hunger” Wolf of Shame” by J. T. Glover
“Zucchini Season” by Janet Harriett
“The Jewels That Were Their Eyes” by Llanwyre Laish
“The Twins” by Kevin Strange
“Princess or Warrior?” by S.W. Lauden

6” x 9” 160 pages
$10 print
$3.99 Kindle
From Wildside Press

The Jon Kirk of Ares series

Book #1

Book #1

Scientific Romance by Gary Lovisi inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter novels and set upon the faraway Planet Ares!

Jon Kirk, is a soldier who was killed in the Battle of Hue in the 1968 Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. Or was he? To his surprise, he found himself instantly saved from death and transported to the mysterious faraway planet of Ares. There he meets strange people and stranger creatures, fights against the monstrous Winged-Men, battles to win the love of the beautiful Princess Sirah — and that is just the beginning of his strange adventures. This is fun pulp action and scientific romance in the best tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs and his famed John Carter of Mars series. Jon Kirk begins his own adventures in book #1, THE WINGED MEN (Wildside Press, 2014, tpb original), and now two new novels in the series are just out: book #2, THE INVISIBLE MEN, and book #3, THE SPACE MEN that continue the series and expand the action and danger. This is rousing pulp adventure. Each book features wonderful cover art by famed fantasy artist Marcus Boas.

Book #2

Book #2

Gor Books creator John Norman said of THE WINGED MEN: “In my view, it is a fresh country in its own right, and certainly one that ERB, and those fond of ERB, like myself, would recognize, find familiar, welcome, and relish. I bet ERB would have liked it, too.”

Famed author and Burroughs scholar, Richard A. Lupoff said of THE WINGED MEN: “Jon Kirk’s adventures among beautiful women, barbarous men and cannibalistic aliens demonstrates all the heart of a true lover of the interplanetary romance, and will surely delight readers with a yearning to escape the stress of modern civilization and travel to a world of action, intrigue, gallantry and romance.”

The Jon Kirk of Ares Books by Gary Lovisi:

Book #3

Book #3

The Jon Kirk of Ares books are available from the publisher, Wildside Press.

The books are also available for $15.00 each (+ $3.00 postage in USA, or $14.00 Outside USA) from Gryphon Books.


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