Fantasy and Science Fiction Mar/Apr 2018

F&SF 3/4 2018 coverFantasy and Science Fiction Vol. 134 No. 3 and 4, #736, Mar/Apr 2018
Charlotte Ashley “The Satyr of Brandenburg”
Chi Hui “Deep Sea Fish” translated from Chinese by Brian Bies
Joseph Bruchac “The Next to the Last of the Mohegans”
Jeff Crandall “After the Wolf” (verse)
Charles de Lint: Books to Look For
Michelle West: Musing on Books
Andy Stewart “Likho”
William Ledbetter “The Beast from Below”
Susan Palwick “Hideous Flowerpots”
Marc Laidlaw “A Swim and a Crawl”
Mary Soon Lee “Diaspora” (verse)
F&SF 3/4 2018 back coverPaul Di Filippo: Plumage From Pegasus: The Varley Corps Wants You
Jerry Oltion: Science: Naked-Eye Astronomy
David J. Skal: Films: The Shape of Things Coming Soon
Ted Rabinowitz “A Dog of Wu”
Wole Talabi “The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi”
G.V. Anderson “Down Where Sound Comes Blunt”
Coming Attractions
Market Place
Robert Eldridge: Curiosities: The Cloud Dream of the Nine, by Kim Man-Choong (1922)

Publisher: Gordon Van Gelder
Editor: C.C. Finlay
Assistant Publishers: Barbara J. Norton, Keith Kahla
Assistant Editors: Robin O’Connor, Stephen L. Mazur, Lisa Rogers
Contests Editor: Carol Pinchefsky
Film Editor: Harlan Ellison
Cover: Cory & Catska Ench “The Satyr of Brandenburg”
Cartoons: Arthur Masear, S. Harris, Danny Shanahan, Bill Long, Kendra Allenby
258 pages, $8.99 on newsstands until April 30, 2018
Fantasy & Science Fiction website

Fate #732

Fate #732 coverI am always grateful to see a new copy of Fate. It’s been eight months since the last issue, so it’s great to know the magazine with “True Reports of the Strange and Unknown” is still in print. The indicia states it’s bimonthly, so let’s hope now that editor Phyllis Galde has completed her move from Minnesota to North Carolina, things really will get back on schedule.

Fate #732 Contents:
I See By the Papers by Fate Staff
Phyllis Galde: From Your Editor
M. Christian “Danseuse Sauvage” The Amazing Life of Josephine Baker
Frank Joseph “Josephine Baker Mystique”
P.D. Batten “Dark Hypnosis and Political Power”
Valenya “A Visit from the Shekina?”
Dale Gilbert Jarvis “The Folklore of Phantom Drummers”
W.A. Harbinson “The Nazi UFOs”
Fate #732 backNatalie Fowler “A Paranormal Investigation at Forepaugh’s Restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota—And Its Aftermath”
Maureen St. Germain “Discovering Multiple Dimensions”
MJ Banias “The Co-Creation Hypothesis and UFOs”
James T. Farley “The Home of the Loup-Garou”
Jesse Lee Alexander “Rise of the Techno-Terrestrials”
Theo Kostaridis “The Haunting and Glass Shards”
Frederick H. Goddard “Where the Twig Bends the Water Lies” (Fate Dec. 1963)
Will Johnson “WIB”
Micah Hanks “Beyond the Known Part II”
True Mystic Experiences
My Proof of Survival
Report from the Readers
Lori Hamilton “Synchronicity from a Scientific Perspective”
Randell Brock Yarbo “The Importance of Open Mindedness”
Kay Phillips “Bigfoot Sighting”
Thomas N. Hackney “Hyperion”
The Amazing Godwin from Spirit as told to Phyllis Galde by Janice Carlson

Editor-in-Chief: Phyllis Galde
Executive Editor: Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Editor: Jamie Anderson
Editor: Natalie Fowler
Contributing Editor: Micah Hanks
Art Director: Todd Bates
Social Media: Jamie Anderson
Fate Radio Host: Todd Bates
Cover image courtesy Chez Josephine, NYC
Approximately 5.25” x 7.75” 120 pages

Marvel Comics Digest #5

Marvel Comics Digest #5 coverContents (reprints)
Avengers (1963) #3
Avengers (1963) #4
Avengers (1963) #57
Avengers (1963) #58
Avengers (1963) #126
Marvel Adventures The Avengers (2006) #1
Marvel Adventures The Avengers (2006) #3
Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2012) #1
Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2012) #3
Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2012) #5
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble (2013) #3

Marvel Comics Digest #5 backMarvel Comics Digest #5: Avengers featuring Black Panther
~4-3/4” x 6-5/8” 224 pages, full color
$6.99 at grocery checkouts

Nostalgia Digest Spring 2018

Nostalgia Digest Spring 2018 coverReady for spring? Here’s a sign it’s on the way, the Spring 2018 edition of Nostalgia Digest:

Steve Darnall: Hello, Out There in Radioland!
“A Few Moments with . . . Max Collins” (uncredited)
Stone Wallace “No Stress, No Strain” The effortless (and sometimes dangerous) charm of James Cagney. (cover story)
Necrology for 2017 (Sad, but at least many of these stars were in their 90s when they passed.)
David Weinstein “Things are Different Now” When America went to war, Eddie Cantor went to work.
Bob Kolososki “But They Really Want to Direct” Recalling actors who looked at movies from the other side of the camera.
Ted Mosser “The Fat Man” The life and career of Thomas Waller, the musician who was—literally—larger than life.
Christopher Lynch “Roadside Assistance” When Burma-Shave was the original King of the Road.
Wayne Klatt “The Days of Our Soaps”
Mail Call

Nostalgia Digest Spring 2018 backPlus, the Radio Program Guide for Those Were the Days and WGN Radio Theatre

Editor: Steve Darnall
Nostalgia Digest Spring 2018
5.5” x 8.5” 64 pages, b&w interior
$4.50 on newsstands
Four-issue subscription $17
Eight-issue subscription $30
Nostalgia Digest website

Hat tip to Robert Lopresti for his review of The Digest Enthusiast book seven on FB.

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Mar/Apr 2018

AHMM 3/4 2018 coverContents
Linda Landrigan: Crime Travels (introduction)
The Lineup
Dara Carr “Off-Off-Off Broadway”
R.T. Lawton “The Left Hand of Leonard”
Tom Larsen “Los Cantantes de Karaoke” A Wilson Salinas Mystery of Ecuador, art by Hank Blaustein
Solution to Jan/Feb “Dying Words”
Bill Pronzini & Barry N. Malzberg “Night Walker”
Mysterious Photograph $25 fiction contest “Don’t let the grass grow under your wheels!”
Michael Bracken “The Mourning Man”
Max Gersh “Fair Game”
Arlene Fisher: Dying Words acrostic puzzle
Dale Berry “The Trail” (comic)
Michael A. Black “Walking on Water”
Robert Lopresti “Nobody Gets Killed”
Robert C. Hahn: Booked & Printed
Shauna Washington “Knockoffs”
Tim Chapman “Handy Man”
Martin Limón “High Explosive” art by Tim Foley
Mario Milosevic “The Hitchhiker’s Tale”
The Story That Won (Nov/Dec) “Widow’s Tears” by Jess Harris
Classified Marketplace

AHMM 3/4 2018 backAlfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Vol. 63 #3 & 4 Mar/Apr 2018
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Linda Landrigan
Associate Editor: Jackie Sherbow
Senior Director of Art & Production: Porter C. McKinnon
Senior AD: Victoria Green
Cover: Czgur/
192 pages
$7.99 on newsstands until April 24, 2018
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine website

AHMM and EQMM Mystery Value Pack-8 $7.95
AHMM and EQMM Mystery Value Pack-16 $12.95
Mystery Double Issue Value Pack-12 $15.95

The Sleazy Reader #6 Feb. 2018

The Sleazy Reader #6 coverVirtually a one-man show (with a little help from his friends), as editor Justin Marriott contributes all the articles, reviews, and conducts the interview.

Sleazy Musings
“Coffee, Tea or Me?” The air stewardess in sleaze paperback.
Interview with artist Monte Rodgers “Holloway House Memories”
“Invasion of the Cycle Brutes” a fistful of short story reviews of early ’70s Men’s Adventure mags
“A Pack of Vixens” reviews of New English Library’s world “Phwoar” novels circa ’70s
“The Sexpert” Lancer Books’ ‘sexy spy’ series by Gerry Ransom

The Sleazy Reader #6 back coverThe Sleazy Reader #6 Feb. 2018
Editor: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
Scans: Brian Emrich
6” x 9” 58 pages, full color
POD only $8.99
The Paperback Fanatic website

Mystery Weekly Magazine Feb. 2018

Mystery Weekly Magazine Feb. 2018 coverContents
Chad Lutzke “I Gave Them the Finger”
Gary Cahill “…On a Two-Way Street”
Craig A. Strickland “A Letter for the Bayou”
Jack Bates “Magic Cat and the Girl in the Shadows”
Justin Rempel “My Favorite Fungus”
Tariana Claudy “Summer Vacations in Chile” (A You-Solve-It)
Solution to Jan. You-Solve-It “Smoke Test” by Rhonda Howard

Mystery Weekly Magazine Feb. 2018
Publisher: Chuck Carter
Editor: Kerry Carter
Mystery Weekly Magazine Feb. 2018 backCover: Ryan Glen Sardachuk
7.5” x 10” 72 pages
POD $5.99, Kindle $3.99
Mystery Weekly Magazine website

Econo Clash Review #1

Econo Clash Review #1 coverThe print version of J.D. Graves’ Econo Clash Review is now available. The line-up for the first edition is listed below. (And be sure to check out the website, the content is lively and well worth following.)

J.D. Graves: Dear Thrill Seekers (introduction)
Rick McQuiston “The Last Book” (horror)
William R. Soldan “Recompense” (noir)
Christopher Hivner “The Boss Man Cometh” (humor)
Joochim Heijindermans “Blessed He Be, Shinokaze” (Kaiju SF)
Charlotte Platt “Meet the Family” (weird/urban fantasy)
J.D. Graves “The Little Death of Jacob Green” (noir)
Lyndon Perry “Exit Ramp” (fantasy)
Gerri R. Gray “Green Eyed Monster” (horror)
Nick Manzolillo “Quick Pick” (crime)
Edward Turner III “Beneath Me” (macabre)
Scotch Rutherford “Neon Anemone” (SF/noir)
Cheap Thrill Bios

Econo Clash Review #1 backEditor: J.D. Graves
Cover: Eric Hibbler
Alt Cover Designs: J.D. Graves
Comic line art: Bill & Bob Thomas
Artwork: Duane Crockett, Jeremy Jenkins
5” x 8”, 146 pages
$7.99 POD, $2.99 Kindle (99¢ with print version)
Econo Clash Review website

John Bender’s Double or Nothing

The fifth story from Justice Amazing Detective Mysteries #3, October 1955:

Story splashpage

The Trent twins use their identical appearances to be in two places at once. A perfect alibi for contract killers. But the odd man of the pair prefers his identity as Jody and puts the trigger man in double jeopardy.

John Bender wrote mystery and detective yarns with an occasional western or sports story for the pulps beginning in 1940 and ending in 1956. “Double or Nothing” was his second yarn for Justice, and his before to his final story, “Homecoming,” for Redbook in Nov.1956.

Analog Mar/Apr 2018

Analog Mar/Apr 2018 coverAnalog Science Fiction and Fact (Astounding) Vol. 138 #3 & 4 Mar/Apr 2018
Stanley Schmidt: Time and Time Again (Guest Editorial)
Alec Nevala-Lee “The Spires” art by Vincent DiFate
C. Stuart Hardwick: Taming the Genie: How Fear of the Atom Threatens Our Future (Science Fact)
Suzanne Palmer “The Steaming Man”
In Times to Come
Rich Larson “Razzibot”
Gwendolyn Clare “The Selves We Leave Behind”
Tom Ligon “Beek”
Brian Trent “An Incident on Ishtar”
Brendan DuBois “The Tail Gunner’s Lament”
Bruce McAllister “Engineered” (verse)
Jerry Oltion “Sicko”
Mary A. Turzillo “Car Talk”
John G. Cramer: When Virgo Joined Ligo (The Alternate View)
Bruce McAllister “Frog Happy”
Susan Forest “Sun Splashed Fields and Far Blue Mountains”
Nick Wolven “Lab B-15”
Gregory Benford “Physics Tomorrow: A News Item of the Year 2116”
Bill Pronzini “The Being” (Probability Zero)
James Van Pelt “Big Thompson”
Tom Jolly “The Camel’s Tail” art by Tomislav Tikulin
Richard A. Lovett: Tom Jolly (Biolog)
Mary Soon Lee: “Venus, As It Might Have Been” (verse)
Derek Künsken “The Quantum Magician” part 2, art by Josh Meehan
Don Sakers: The Reference Library
Classified Marketplace
Brass Tacks (Letters)
Anthony Lewis: Upcoming Events

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Trevor Quachri
Assistant Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Donato Giancola
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until April 24, 2018
Analog website