The Paperback Fanatic #39

The Paperback Fanatic #39 coverContents
Fanatical Mails
Artists Assemble: Paul Gulacy & Alfredo Alcala
A Chat With a Cool Cat: Andrew Nette co-editor of Girl Gangs, Biker Boys and Real Cool Cats
A transcript of James Doig’s presentation on “Australian Pulp Fiction”
Paul Bishop “Steve Holland—The Face of a Hero”
Nigel Taylor “Portrait of a Slapdash Perfectionist”
Tom Tesarek “Would You Like Some Humor with Your Horror?”
Peter Enfantino “His Life Turned Into a Screaming Nightmare” or “A Comprehensive Look at ‘The Frankenstein Horror’ Series”
“Steve Holland is The Avenger” gallery images from Bill Thom, introduction by Justin Marriott

The Paperback Fanatic #39 back cover100 pages, 6” x 9” full color $14.99 POD
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Assistant Editor: Jim O’Brien
Proofing: Tom Tesarek
The Paperback Fanatic website

Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar/Apr 2018

Sheila Williams Editorial: More Words About Some Words
Robert Silverberg Reflections: Rereading Fletcher Pratt
James Patrick Kelly On the Net: Is the Internet Broken?
Kristine Kathryn Rusch “Dix”
In Memoriam: Kit Reed (1932–2017)
Mary Robinette Kowal “Artisanal Trucking, LLC”
James Van Pelt “Queen of the River: The Harbor Hope
Peter Payack “The Evolutionary Race” (verse)
Rudy Rucker “Emojis”
Darrell Schweitzer “When the Time-Travelers from the Future Finally Reach Us” (verse)
Ray Nayler “A Threnody for Hazan”
Robert Reed “Love Songs for the Very Awful”
Jane Yolen “Is It True? It’s Not True” (verse)
Rachel Swirsky & Trace Yulie “Seven Months Out and Two to Go”
Sean Monaghan “The Billows of Sarto”
Todd Dillard “Palate of the Babel Fish” (verse)
James Gunn “The Waiting Room: The Pedia’s Story”
James Gunn “Attack on Terminal: The Pilgrims’ Story”
Robert Frazier “Your Clone Defies Aging” (verse)
Rich Larson “In Event of Moon Disaster”
Alexandra Renwick “Because Reasons
Bill Johnson “Bury Me in the Rainbow”
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Peter Heck: On Books
Classified Marketplace
Erwin S. Strauss: SF Conventional Calendar

Asimov’s Mar/Apr 2018 cover

Asimov’s Science Fiction Vol. 42 #3 & 4, whole #506 & 507, Mar/Apr 2018
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Sheila Williams
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Jeff Brown
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until April 24, 2018
Asimov’s website
Asimov’s/Analog Value Pack-8
Asimov’s/Analog Value Pack-16

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Mar/Apr 2018

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Mar/Apr 2018 Vol. 151 #3 & 4, whole #918 & 919
Lisa Cody “Health and Safety” art by Jason C. Eckhardt
Chris Muessig & Steve Seder “One Fall to a Finish” (Black Mask)
Susan Perry Benson “Rip Currents”
Steve Steinbock: The Jury Box
Peter Turnbull “The Ancient Mariner Syndrome”
G.M. Malliet “Victory Garden”
David Dean “Sofee”
William Burton McCormick “Cleopatran Cocktails”
Dean Jobb: Stranger Than Fiction Introduction and Preview
John Lantigua “The Avenging Angel”
Margaret Maron “The Last Man I Killed”
Samantha Allen “Some Kind of Wonderful” (Dept. of First Stories)
Christine Poulson “Faceless Killer”
Brendan DuBois “The Submarine of Walker Lake”
Jane Smith “The Barroom Girl (1776)” (verse)
Josh Pachter “A Young Man’s Game”
Marilyn Todd “Bench Mark”
Thomas Przybilka & Gitta List “Rest in Peace” (Passport to Crime) Translated from the German by Mary Tannert
Kristine Kathryn Rusch “The Wedding Ring” art by Laurie Harden
Cath Staincliffe “Tigers and Flies”
On Our Cover
Classified Marketplace
Peter Lovesey “Reader, I Buried Them”

EQMM cover
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Mar/Apr 2018

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Janet Hutchings
Associate Editor: Jackie Sherbow
Senior Director Art & Production: Porter C. McKinnon
Senior AD: Victoria Green
Cover: Robert McGinnis
192 pages
$7.99 on newsstands until April 24, 2018
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine website

Paperback Parade #100 February 2018

Congratulations to Gryphon Books’ Gary Lovisi and Richard Greene on the publication of the 100th issue of Paperback Parade! Here’s what awaits readers inside:

Paperback Parade #100 cover

Gary Lovisi: Paperback Talk
Gary Lovisi “Treasure Island Again”
Graham Andrews “Pulp-Jungle Man: Frank Gruber”
Gary Lovisi: Robert Weverka Interview
Gene Scovill “A Gold Medal Romance”
Richard Greene: Matchless Paperbacks Duel in the Sun
Philip Harbottle “Lupoff’s Dunwich Lovecraft”
Gary Lovisi: Lyndon Mallet Interview
Richard L. Kellogg “Philip Wylie’s Superspy”

Paperback Parade #100 back cover

Editor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
~5.5” x 8.5” 108 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
Gryphon Books website

The Fanatic Newsletter

From this morning’s mail, from Justin Marriott.

Justin Marriott's newsletter


The Paperback Fanatic 39
Now available through Amazon UK, Europe and US. Although the back cover states it’s issue 37, because I am an imbecile, it’s definitely issue 39! 100 pages, all colour, ALL NEW, an eclectic mix of articles and contributors.

Pulp Horror 5
An abridged reprint of the out-of-print issue designed as a tester for Amazon and for those that might want to try the title – DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY

Pulp Horror 6
An abridged reprint of the out-of-print issue designed as a tester for Amazon and for those that might want to try the title – DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY


The Sleazy Reader 6
ALL NEW – stewardesses in sleaze paperback, World ‘Phwoar’ Two New English Library paperbacks, sexy spies, rare art from vintage men’s mags. This will be available through Amazon in early February.

The Sleazy Reader 7
A reprint of the drugs and biker material from issue 35 of The Fanatic designed for the new audience available through Amazon, DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY OF 35 OF THE FANATIC


Hot Lead
In collaboration with Paul Bishop, I will finally publish a zine dedicated to vintage western paperbacks. Yee-haw!

Men of Violence 2
A reprint of the issue dedicated to Manor Books and their men’s adventure paperbacks. I expect this to be very different to the original, and in colour.

Monster Media (not sure about the title, but it’ll do the job for now…)
A zine dedicated to monster mags, but casting the net more widely than Famous Monsters to take in some real obscurities and even fanzines

2017 Total Paid Distribution

The release of the Jan/Feb issues of Dell’s digest magazines marks the first year of their bi-monthly, double-issue format. The issues also provide the publisher’s statements of ownership, which include the average number of copies for a variety of categories, over a preceding 12-month period, for the print editions.

Magazines print more copies than they sell through subscriptions and newsstands. For the big five digests, excess inventory is offered in Value Packs on their websites. A great opportunity for readers to try out recent issues of a title at a fraction of its regular price.

Dell and F&SF sell far more issues via subscriptions than newsstands. For the most part, combining the two gives you the total paid circulation. However, it’s important to note these numbers don’t include digital sales, which are likely on the rise. Below is the “total paid distribution” from Jan/Feb 2017 and 2018 of the print editions:

2017 13,527
2018 12,962

2017 19,963
2018 18,957

2017 13,978
2018 13,320

Ellery Queen
2017 16,472
2018 15,486

2017 11,108
2018 11,429

Except for F&SF, the year-over-year numbers show declines of ~500–1000. Is this due to thicker, less frequent issues, general magazine publishing trends, distribution challenges, or something else? Without numbers on digital edition sales, it’s unclear. But I will share some anecdotal evidence about my experience buying the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of AHMM. (I generally buy magazines at a newsstand to avoid subscription mailing labels.)

Shortly after the new Dell books were out, I went to Rich’s Cigar Store on SW Alder, which to my knowledge is the largest magazine shop in Portland, Oregon. Dell’s two SF digests were there, but not AHMM. They still had five copies of the previous issue on display.

After the holidays I tried Powell’s in Cedar Hills. They had EQMM and F&SF, but no Hitchcock. A week or two later I called Powell’s to see if it had arrived. The CSR couldn’t locate the issue or the title, despite the fact that I have purchased it there before.

My fallback is wwnewstand on ebay, but as of yesterday they still were not offering it.

I finally found a copy at Barnes & Nobel at Bridgeport Village. After my purchase, there was only one remaining. I also learned you could buy a single issue AHMM from the B&N website. Good to know of another backup option.

I think the difficulty points to the distributor. When I asked for an issue of Strand Magazine at Rich’s one day this fall, the manager told me they were never quite sure what the distributor was going to give them. Apparently, in the case of the current AHMM—zero. As of my last trip there in mid-January, Rich’s still had five copies of Nov/Dec 2017 on display.

Genre digest publishers—even the big five—have their challenges. If you like what they do, please support them at the newsstand, online, or through subscriptions. The world needs stories, and they publish some of the best.

Note: Total paid distribution numbers for Fate and Nostalgia Digest are not listed here, as I didn’t find any Statements of Ownership in recent issues.

Copy This! #47

Copy This! #47 back cover

The new issue of Copy This! is an all art edition, dedicated to the memory of Joe Wehrle, Jr. who is featured in a back cover self-portrait. Two pages reprinting Joe’s Night Radio comic strip are included inside.

The 48-page issue is loaded with great work by many of my favorite indie cartoonists including several whose work is featured in The Digest Enthusiast:

Tom Brinkmann: two portraits
Brian Buniak*: Apricot O’Toon
Brad W. Foster: comic and gag cartoon
Marc Myers: two collages
Bob Vojtko*: two gag cartoons

Copy This! #47 cover

Here’s the balance of the contributors:
Carl Alessi
Verl Holt Bond
Charels Brubaker
Buzz Buzzizyk
Bruce Chrislip*
Kel Crum
Gary Fields* (cover)
R.C. Harvey
R. Hendricks
Doug Holverson
Mike Kraiger*
Brian Leonard
Dale Martin
Nate McDonough
Bill McKay
David Miller
Tom Motley
Andy Nukes
Aaron Poliwoda
David Robertson
Artie Romero
Jim Siergey*
Larry Tisch
Adam Yeater

*Cartoon Loonacy club members

For your copy of Copy This! #47 send $3 to the editor:
D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

Broadswords and Blasters #4 Winter 2018

The pulp magazine with modern sensibilities.

Broadswords and Blasters #4 cover

From the Editors
Richard L. Rubin “Commander Saturn and the Deadly Invaders from Rigel”
Karen Thrower “Demons Within”
Steve DuBois “Monsters in Heaven”
Benjamin Cooper “A Brush with Death”
Freddie Silva, Jr. “Granny May Saves the Day”
C.B. Droege “Regarding the Journal of Jessix Rutherford and Its Connection to the Beacon’s Tower Island Massacre of 1446 AR”
Chad Eagleton “The Lady and the Gunsmith”
D.J. Tyrer “The Sewers of Paris”

Broadswords and Blasters #4 back cover

Editors: Matthew X. Gomez, Cameron Mount
Cover: Luke Spooner
6” x 9”, 98 pages
POD $6.99, Kindle $2.99 (free with print version)

Broadswords and Blasters website