Opening Lines: Valentine’s Castle

Fantasy and Science Fiction Dec. 1979

“The Ghayrog city of Dulorn was an architectural marvel, a city of frosty brilliance that extended for two hundred miles up and down the heart of the great Dulorn Rift.”
“Lord Valentine’s Castle” part two by Robert Silverberg Fantasy and Science Fiction Dec. 1979

Manhunt No. 7 July 1953

Manhunt No. 7 July 1953

Manhunt Detective Story Monthly Vol. 1 No. 7 July 1953
Fredric Brown “The Wench is Dead”
Craig Rice “Quiet Day in the County Jail” art by J.Q. Farris
Fletcher Flora “I’ll Kill for You”
Jonathan Lord “Day’s Work”
Evan Hunter “Good and Dead” (Matt Cordell) art by R. Cossette
Bruno Fischer “Say Goodby to Janie” art by Rus Anderson
Hunt Collins “The Follower” art by R. Cossette
Vincent H. Gaddis’ Crime Cavalcade
Elliot West “I’m Getting Out” art by J.Q. Farris
Frank Kane “Evidence” (Johnny Liddell)
Dan Sontup’s Portrait of a Killer No. 2: Charles Henry Schwartz
Richard S. Prather “The Double Take” (Shell Scott)
Arnold Marmor “Heirloom”
Mugged and Printed: Fredric Brown, Bruno Fischer, Frank Kane, Craig Rice

Flying Eagle Publications, Inc,
Editor: John McCloud
Managing Editor: E.A. Tulman
Art Director: Chas. W. Adams
Business Manager: R.E. Decker
144 pages, 35¢

Worlds of StrangeneSS No. 3

Worlds of StrangeneSS No. 3

Nigel Taylor’s Worlds of StrangeneSS No. 3: The Monster Issue
The Stranger Speaks (Editorial)
Ferrell Rosser “Black Lagoon”
Maharg Swerdna “The Mummy from Blood’s Tomb”
Mister Gorgue’s It’s a Strange, Strange, Strange, Strange World
The Stranger Presents: Borderland
Graham Andrews “Shell Suit”
Micronicles No. 7 “Through Others’ Eyes”
“Doc” Clancy “Cult of the Shark God”
Book Review: The Stopgap Spaceman by Graham Andrews
The Stranger’s Homage to Harryhausen
Micronicles No. 8 “This Bender Earth”
The Stranger Investigates: The Invisible Made Visible
Strange Mails
Micronicles No. 9 “Golem II”

Worlds of StrangeneSS No. 3: The Monster Issue
April 2019
Editor: Nigel Taylor
5.5” x 8.5” 68 pages
POD only $6.60
Worlds of StrangeneSS website

Hot Lead No. 3

Hot Lead No. 3

Hot Lead No. 3: The Adult Western Special

Tom Simon: Adult Western Super Friends
Justin Marriott: The Sleazy Riders
Paul Bishop: Sex and Six Guns
Adult Western Series List
Justin Marriott: Bloodied Spurs
Andreas Decker: Four a Few Issues More
Steve Myall: The Trailsman
Justin Marriott: Frontier Poet
Ian Millsted: Draw! A Top Ten of Comic Book Westerns

Hot Lead No. 3 May 2019
Editor: Justin Marriott
Ghost Editor: Paul Bishop
Additional Contributors: Andreas Decker, Ian Millsted, Steve Myall, Tim Simon
7” x 10” 52 pages in color
POD only $8.99

Angela Post’s Sourdough

Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017

Stories from Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017:

“Sourdough” by Angela Post was the runner-up for the 2016 Surrey International Writer’s Conference (SiWC) Storyteller’s Award. Post is a psychologist by day and transforms her knowledge of the human heart into the story of “Sourdough’s” emotional journey from tragedy backto the land of the living. A powerful story, more literary than pulp.

Lesann Berry’s Edge of Eternity

Michael Neno's illo for The Edge of Eternity

Illustrated by Michael Neno, Lesann Berry’s third episode of her Alternate History Archive appears in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7. Here’s the opening paragraph:

“The ruin crumbled around Kiefer, hunks of concrete dropping away to litter the ragged piles of rubble below. Inside the fractured shell of the embassy, in the days after the bombs finally stopped falling, and before the stench of the fallen became unbearable, he bore witness to the destruction. Camera crews swarmed over the twisted jungle of rebar, shutters snapping, and journalistic fever roaring. He and a handful of other soldiers stood watch, scanning the devastation for aggressive response. The others, also like him, bit the insides of their cheeks raw, chewing the words down to crumbs so they couldn’t escape. Instead, they spat them out, brief splatters of saliva coagulating in the ash and dust until the rapacious summer air sucked away the tiny oases of moisture.”

Glory Day

Analog June 1971

Excerpt from Joe Wehrle, Jr.’s article on “The Telzey Amberdon Stories of James H. Schmitz” in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7:

Glory Day (Analog June 1971). Telzey and Trigger are stunned, kid- napped, and wind up on Askanam, a day before the annual Glory Day tournaments in a political scheme that involves other telepaths. Telzey’s psionic abilities are more highly developed than the others’ and she helps Trigger develop a mind- shield. Still, they have a tough time working their way out of a danger- ous situation. Reprinted in T’nT: Telzey and Trigger (Baen, 2000).

Asimov’s May/June 2019

Asimov’s May/June 2019

Shelia Williams’ Editorial: Anthology News!
Robert Silverberg’s Reflections: Our Shaggy Cousins
Bruce Boston “Failing Masterpiece” (verse)
James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net: Fire the Canon!
James Gunn’s Thought Experiment: Science Fiction Considers the Post-Human
Bill Johnson “Unfinished Business”
E. Lily Yu “The Doing and Undoing of Jacob E. Mwangi”
James Sallis “Mother’s Day” (verse)
Ian R. MacLeod “The Memory Artist”
Ted Kosmatka “Sacrificial Iron”
Jane Yolen “Crane Wife” (verse)
Peter Wood “Never the Twain Shall Meet”
G.O. Clark “Distracted While Gardening” (verse)
Sean Monaghan “Chasing Oumuamua”
Fred D. White “Terra Incognita” (verse)
John Richard Trtek “Recrossing Brooklyn Ferry”
David Barber “The Other SETI” (verse)
Jay O’Connell “Not Only Who You Know”
Peter Payack “Timeless Graffiti” (verse)
Rahul Kanakia “The Intertidal Zone”
Next Issue
Carrie Vaughn “Gremlin”
Jenny Blackford “Quantum String” (verse)
Norman Spinrad: On Books
Classified Marketplace
Erwin Strauss: SF Conventional Calendar

Asimov’s Science Fiction Vol. 43 No. 5 & 6, whole No. 520 & 521, May/June 2019
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Sheila Williams
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Director of Art & Production: Porter C. McKinnon
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: NASA/Shutterstock
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until June 18, 2018
Asimov’s website
Asimov’s/Analog Value Pack-8
Asimov’s/Analog Value Pack-16

Ellery Queen May/June 2019

Ellery Queen May/June 2019

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine May/June 2019 Vol. 153 No. 5 & 6, Whole No. 932 & 933
T.J. MacGregor “Hurricane Jonah” art by Evan Walker
Kristopher Zgorski: Blog Bytes
David Dean “The Duelist”
Steve Steinbock: The Jury Box
Mark Stevens “A Bitter Thing”
Martin Edwards “The Girl on the Bandwagon”
Dave Zeltserman “Brother’s Keeper” (Black Mask)
J.L. Orchard “A Question of Rabbits” (Dept. of First Stories)
Josh Pachter “A Study in Scarlett!
Pat Black “The First Day of the School Holidays”
Bill Pronzini “The Shrew”
Chad Baker “The Smoking Bandit of Lakeside Terrace”
Carlos Orsi “Hatred in the House of Prayer”
Janice Law “My Companion”
James Sallis “Dear Interrogator” (verse)
Jyotirmoyee Devi Sen “The Queen and the Concubine” (Passport to Crime) Translated from the Bengali by Apala G. Egan
Art Taylor “Better Days”
William Burton McCormick “Murder With a Flick of the Wrist”
2018 EQMM Readers Award
Anna Scotti “From Deep Within the Earth, She Smiled”
Dean Jobb: Stranger Than Fiction (preview)
Adrian McKinty “From Hell” art by Jason C. Eckhardt
Classified Marketplace
Brendan DuBois “The Workout”
Sheila Kohler “The Darling”
Marilyn Todd “Boys Will Be Boys”

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Janet Hutchings
Associate Editor: Jackie Sherbow
Senior Director Art & Production: Porter C. McKinnon
Senior AD: Victoria Green
Cover: Robert McGinnis

192 pages
$7.99 on newsstands until June 18, 2019
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine website
Dean Jobb’s Stranger Than Fiction

EQMM and AHMM Mystery Value Pack-8 $7.95
Mystery Double Issue Value Pack-12 $15.95
EQMM and AHMM Mystery Value Pack-16 $12.95