Rick Ollerman on editing

Down & Out: The Magazine No. 2

Excerpt from the interview with Rick Ollerman, editor of Down & Out: The Magazine, appearing in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7.

“My usual process is to open the document in my word processor and change the font color to red. Then as I read, I make notes in square brackets suggesting typo fixes and other grammatical issues, but also problems with the stories, if they exist. These would include things like having someone do something in one scene and later referring to them having done something different.

“If something comes to mind that I think would make the story stronger or more clear, I put it in there. Then I send it back to the author—all changes must come from them, other than basic typos. The story is always theirs, and most importantly, they always have to retain the feeling that it is theirs.”

Blog featured image, a portrait of Rick Ollerman by Joe Wehrle, Jr.

Opening Lines

AHMM May 1966 page 65

Opening line from “The Shunned House” by Robert Edmond Alter Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine May 1966:

“The abandoned Yost house has stood in shunned isolation for nearly two hundred years.”

Alan Orloff’s Getting Away

Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 1

An excerpt from my review of Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 1 from The Digest Enthusiast No. 7:

Alan Orloff offers the opening gambit in this issue with “Getting Away.” Lloyd Birnbaum runs a one-man travel agency. Has for years. He does book travel for the sake of the rubes, but relocation, along with fresh identities for his criminal clientele is where his real fortunes lie. Orloff is the author of several novels—mysteries and thrillers. He garnered an Agatha nomination in 2010, and a Kindle Scout award for Running From the Past, in 2015.

Espionage August 1985

Espionage August 1985

Espionage Magazine Vol. 1 No. 4 August 1985
About People (Contributors)
About Books
About Films
About Other Things . . .
Letters to the Editor
Jackie Lewis: Publisher’s Page
Roger A. Beaumont “The Flawed Soothayer—Willoughby: General MacArthur’s G-2” (article)
Isak Romun “Dinner in the Upper Latitudes” art by Aries
Josh Pachter “Message from Lowanda” art by Robert Spike
Ron Goulart “Skyrocket Steel Conquers the Universe” art unsigned
Morris Hershman “Proof Negative” art unsigned
John Lutz “On Judgement Day” art by Aries
Mel Waldman “Rabbi of Berlin” art by Mike Ramesburg
Interview: Ernest Volkman
Barry N. Malzberg “Piu Mosso” art by Bruce Baker
Dick Stodghill “Knights of the Golden Circle” art by Robert Spike
Jane Beckman “A Proposition He Could Not Refuse” art by Aries
Richard Ashby “Night of the Durga” part one, art by Rob Richards
Joe Lewis “Spying Through Time” (article)
Richard Walton’s On File: The Sweet Toothed Spy (article)
Games Pages
Did You Know . . .

Editor/Publisher: Jackie Lewis
Associate Publisher: Jeri Winston
Editorial Assistant: Mike Christenberry
Production Manager: Michael Mills
Cover: Richard Martin
Cartoons: Halm
Published bi-monthly by Leo 11 Publications
164 pages, $2.50

Writer Josh Pachter recalls Espionage Magazine in “I Spy” in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Jan/Feb 2019

Fantasy and Science Fiction Jan/Feb 2019

Fantasy and Science Fiction Vol. 136 No. 1 and 2, No. 741, Jan/Feb 2019
Carrie Vaughn “To the Beautiful Shining Twilight”
Robert Reed “The Province of Saints”
Andy Duncan “Joe Diabo’s Farewell”
Charles de Lint: Books to Look For
Michelle West: Musing on Books
Phyllis Eisenstein “The City of Lost Desire”
Jenn Reese “The Right Number of Cats”
Adam-Troy Castro “Survey”
Leah Cypess “Blue as Blood”
Sean McMullen “The Washer from the Ford”
Jerry Oltion’s Science: When Betelgeuse Blows
Gordon Van Gelder: Statement of Ownership
E.G. Neill’s Films: Venom, Us
Paul Di Filippo: Plumage from Pegasus
Marie Vibbert “Tactical Infantry Bot 37 Dreams of Trochees”
Erin Cashier “Fifteen Minutes from Now”
Pip Coen “The Fall from Griffin’s Peak”
Coming Attractions
Market Place
Paul Di Filippo’s Curiosities: Pink Furniture by A.E. Coppard (1930)

Publisher: Gordon Van Gelder
Editor: C.C. Finlay
Assistant Publishers: Barbara J. Norton, Keith Kahla
Assistant Editors: Robin O’Connor, Stephen L. Mazur, Lisa Rogers
Contests Editor: Carol Pinchefsky
Cover: Jill Bauman “The City of Lost Desire”
Cartoon: Arthur Masear
258 pages, $8.99 on newsstands until March 4, 2019
Fantasy & Science Fiction website

Nostalgia Digest Winter 2019

Nostalgia Digest Winter 2019

Steve Darnall: Those Were the Days Number 2,500!
“A Few Moments with . . . Stuart Canin” (uncredited)
Steve Darnall “Slings and Arrows” The story of Jack Benny, Fred Allen, and how an off-hand remark led to radio’s biggest feud.
Christopher Warner “The Long Rider” Remembering Hollywood’s first stunt hero star, Yakima Canutt.
Jim Dohren “The Big Chill” Remembering the annual rituals that kept a house warm in winter.
Leonard Maltin “From Silent Screen to Small Screen” How television provided a successful third act for some of Hollywood’s earliest stars.
Wayne Klatt “We’ll Always Have . . . Casablanca
Garry Berman “Television’s Own Private Idaho” The remarkable story of The Boys From Boise, and medium’s first musical comedy.
Michael P. Jensen “The Re-Invention of John Barrymore
Mail Call

Plus, the Radio Program Guide for Those Were the Days and WGN Radio Theatre

Editor: Steve Darnall
Nostalgia Digest Winter 2019
5.5” x 8.5” 64 pages, b&w interior
$4.50 on newsstands
Four-issue subscription $17
Eight-issue subscription $30
Nostalgia Digest website

Manhunt No. 5 May 1953

Manhunt No. 5 May 1953

Manhunt Detective Story Monthly Vol. 1 No. 5 May 1953
John Ross Macdonald “The Guilty Ones” (Lew Archer)
Jonathan Craig “Services Rendered”
Vincent H. Gaddis: Crime Cavalcade
Robert Patrick Wilmot “Stakeout”
Steve Frazee “Graveyard Shift”
Evan Hunter “Now Die in It” (Matt Cordell)
Dan Sontup’s Portrait of a Killer: Warren Lincoln
James M. Cain “Cigarette Girl”
Michael Fessier “Nice Bunch of Guys”
William P. McGivern “Old Willie”
Harold Q. Masur “Build Another Coffin” (Scott Jordan)
Manhunt’s Movie of the Month: I Confess
Craig Rice “Don’t Go Near” (John J. Malone)
Grant Colby “Assault”
Mugged and Printed: James M. Cain, Craig Rice, Steve Frazee, and William P. McGivern
Every story opens with an illustration, mostly in two colors. Unfortunately, none are uncredited.

Flying Eagle Publications, Inc,
Editor: John McCloud
Managing Editor: E.A. Tulman
Art Director: Chas. W. Adams
Business Manager: R.E. Decker
144 pages, 35¢

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Jan/Feb 2019

EQMM Jan. 2019

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 Vol. 153 #1 & 2, whole #928 & 929
Steve Hockensmith “My Christmas Story” art by Mark Evans
Ragnar Jónasson “Don’t Panic”
Hollis Seamon “Dead People’s Clothes”
Thomas Kastura “Enough is Enough” (Passport to Crime) Translated from the German by Mary Tannert
Michael Bracken “Wishing Tree”
Kristopher Zgorski: Blog Bytes
O’Neil De Noux “The Pain”
Happy Birthday, Sherlock Holmes!
Steve Steinbock: The Jury Box
Cecilia Fulton “The Father of the Corpse” (Dept. of First Stories)
A.J. Wright “Grace”
Peter Kanter: Statement of Ownership
Keith Hann “The Dragon’s Mark” art by Jason C. Eckhardt
Batya Swift Yasgur “Poof”
Simon Brett “Entries and Exits”
Brendan DuBois “Sideways Breakfast”
Mat Coward “Shall I Be Murder?
Doug Crandell “Shanty Falls”
Robert Lopresti “Please Do Not Disturb”
Lia Matera “Snow Job”
John M. Floyd “On the Road with Mary Jo”
Terence Faherty “The Cardboard Box”
David Dean “Snow Boy”
G.M. Malliet “Whiteout”
Dean Jobb: Stranger Than Fiction (preview)

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Janet Hutchings
Associate Editor: Jackie Sherbow
Senior Director Art & Production: Porter C. McKinnon
Senior AD: Victoria Green
Cover: Nataša Ilinčić
Cartoon: Scott Masear
192 pages
$7.99 on newsstands until February 19, 2019
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine website
Dean Jobb’s Stranger Than Fiction

EQMM and AHMM Mystery Value Pack-8 $7.95
Mystery Double Issue Value Pack-12 $15.95
EQMM and AHMM Mystery Value Pack-16 $12.95