Mike Shayne Aug. 1984

Mike Shayne Aug. 1984

Excerpt from Michael Bracken’s interview in The Digest Enthusiast No. 8, June 2018:

TDE: Your secret agent character, Christian Gunn, appeared in Mike Shayne (Aug. 1984) and again in Espionage (Feb. 1985). Was he ever used again?

MB: The fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of both Espionage and Mike Shayne ended Gunn’s career.

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 48 No. 8 Aug. 1984
Brett Halliday “Shadows of the Past”
Amy E. Dean: How Crime Plays
Peter A. Sellers “Loss of a Faculty”
Buzz Dixon “Spiders”
Michael Bracken “With Extreme Prejudice”
Ray Bradley “The Bus Bandits”
Arthur Moore “Bird Bank Bingo”
Lane Marsh “First Security”
Mel Washburn “To Forgive is Human”
Richard E. Givan “The Curious Case of the Dead-Drunk Driver”
Ardath Mayhar “Knit Lady”
Vicki Shaull Carleton “The Prison Letters”
Mike’s Mail
Best by Mail (classified ads)

Publishers: Edward & Anita Goldstein
Editor: Charles E. Fritch
Art Director: Robin Schaffer
Founder: Lou Margulies
5.25” x 7.75” 130 pages $1.75

Western Magazine No. 1

Western Magazine No. 1

Western Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 June 1955
Debs Smith “Firebrand”
Morgan Lewis “A Hint of Violence”
James Charles Lynch “Elkhorn’s Last Deal”
Cliff Farrell “Prairie Treasure”
William Heuman “Outlaw’s Girl”
V.E. Thiessen “Sundown Decision”
Philip Ketchum “His Brother’s Gunhand”

Editor: Harry Widmer
Business Manager: Monroe Froehlich
Art Director: Mel Blum
Art Editor: Robert C. O’Neill
Cover: Jim Bentley
~5.5” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

Read Peter Enfantino’s story-by-story recap of Western Magazine in The Digest Enthusiast No. 8.

Detective No. 1

Detective: Magazine of True Crime Stories Vol. 1 No. 1

Detective: Magazine of True Crime Stories Vol. 1 No. 1 Winter 1951
Lawrence E. Spivak’s Introduction
Eleazar Lipsky “The Shield of the Innocent”
Craig Rice “Murder in Chicago”
Jackson Hite “The Orange Daniel Webster”
Edmund Pearson “Malloy the Mighty”
Laurence Dwight Smith “Incredible Dr. Brandenburg”
Lillian de la Torre “The First Locked Room”
Lewis E. Lawes “The Rose Man”
Edward Hale Bierstadt “Death Draws a Triangle”
Edward D. Radin “It Happened in Flushing”

Publisher: Lawrence E. Spivak
Editor: Edward D. Radin
Managing Editor: Robert P. Mills
General Manager: Joseph W. Ferman
Art Director: George Salter
Cover: Sid Rosenbaum
5.5” x 7.75” 128 pages 35¢

Detective: Magazine of True Crime Stories Vol. 1 No. 1 back cover

Gamma No. 1 1963

Gamma No. 1 1963

Gamma 1 New Frontiers in Fiction
Charles Beaumont “Mourning Song”
Fritz Leiber “Crimes Against Passion”
Ray Bradbury “Time in Thy Flight”
Tennessee Williams “The Vengeance of Nitocris”
A.E. van Vogt “Itself!”
Charles E. Fritch “Venus Plus Three”
Ray Russell “A Message From Morj”
William F. Nolan “To Serve the Ship”
The Gamma Interview: Rod Serling
George Clayton Johnson “The Freeway”
Herbert A. Simmons “One Night Stand”
Kris Neville “As Holy and Enchanted”
John Tomerlin “Shade of Day”
Forrest J. Ackerman “The Girl Who Wasn’t There”
Ray Bradbury “Death in Mexico” (verse)
Richard Matheson “Cresendo”

Gamma No. 1 1963
Editor & Publisher: Charles E. Fritch
Executive Editor: Jack Matcha
Managing Editor: William F. Nolan
Cover: Morris Scott Dollens
5.25” x 7.75” 128 pages 50¢

Fawn in 1964

A flyer for Fawn Press, c. early 1960s.
A flyer for Fawn Press, c. early 1960s.

Excerpt from “The Creative Works of Joe Wehrle, Jr.” from The Digest Enthusiast No. 8, June 2018. (Quotes are from Joe’s correspondence.)

By 1964, already an accomplished illustrator, Joe began work on a comic strip, Fawn the Dark Eyed. In the series’ earliest incantation, Fawn was also dark haired. “Fawn started as a self-published fanzine in ’64. We had a number of pages in color, which was unusual at that time—only one or two other people experimented with color in their fanzines.”

I know of only two issues, but as the ’70s dawned, Ed Aprill, Jr., who published a series of comic strip reprint books of Buck Rogers and The Spirit, showed interest. “At one point Ed was talking about doing a high-quality 9” x 12” book with a new Fawn story, and I had actually started work on it when he was killed in a car crash.” A tragic set-back, but Joe continued drawing and writing, with Fawn always in mind.

Joe’s bibliography appears on the Larque Press website.

Featured image: Fawn The Dark-Eyed No. 1 1964

Manhunt No. 9 Sept. 1953

Manhunt No. 9 Sept. 1953

Manhunt Detective Story Magazine Vol. 1 No. 9 Sept. 1953
Evan Hunter “The Death of Me” (A Matt Cordell Novelette)
Fletcher Flora “Fair Game”
William Vance “What Am I Doing?”
Richard Marsten “Accident Report”
Richard Deming “Bonus Cop”
Dan Sontup’s Portrait of a Killer: Chester Jordan
Erskine Caldwell “The Motive”
Jack M. Bagby “Chase By Night”
Ray Bradbury “The Millionth Murder” art by Don Rico
Vincent H. Gaddis’ Crime Cavalcade
Hunt Collins “The Molested”
Craig Rice “Life Can Be Horrible” (John J. Malone)
Jonathan Craig “The Scrapbook”
Mugged and Printed: Erskine Caldwell, Ray Bradbury, Evan Hunter, Richard Deming, etc.

Flying Eagle Publications, Inc,
Editor: John McCloud
Managing Editor: E.A. Tulman
Assoc. Editor: Hal Walker
Art Director: Chas. W. Adams
Business Manager: R.E. Decker
144 pages, 35¢

Peter Enfantino’s story-by-story synopsis of Manhunt is featured in The Digest Enthusiast No. 6–10.

Robert E. Howard: The Garden of Fear

The Garden of Fear by Robert E. Howard

Published in 1945 by William Crawford, and listed in Paperback Prices by Graham Holroyd as a “Crawford Digest,” The Garden of Fear is an anthology titled after Robert E. Howard’s story, but also includes reprints by Lloyd A. Eshbach, H. P. Lovecraft, Miles J. Breuer, and David H. Keller from Crawford’s earlier Marvel Tales pulp magazine.

Steve Carper’s research for One-and-Dones part two (The Digest Enthusiast No. 8), reveals it was neither a singleton, nor a digest, but still a highly collectable volume, readily available in secondary markets.

Now Available from McFarland: Steve Carper’s Robots in American Popular Culture, a comprehensive reference volume that includes a companion website:

Fantastic Feb. 1975 Contents

Fantastic Feb. 1975

Ted White: Editorial
L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter “Shadows in the Skull” (Conan) art by Michael Nally
Robert F. Young “Perchance to Dream” art by Stephen Fabian
C.L. Grant “To Be a Witch, in Three Quarter Time” art by Jeff Jones
Juanita Coulson “The Dragon of Tor-Nali” art by Mike Kaluta
Gardner R. Dubious “Dissenting”
Ian McEwan “Solid Geometry” art by Richard Olsen
Alpajpuri “Asylum in the Concrete”
Bruce B. Arthurs “The Return of Captain Nucleus” art by Joe Staton
Fritz Leiber: Fantasy Books (Reviews)
According to You (Letters)
Classified Advertisements

Fantastic Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories Vol. 24 No. 2 Feb. 1975
Publisher: Sol Cohen
Editor: Ted White
Assoc. Editor: Grant Carrington
Assist. Editor: Moshe Feder, Terry Hughes
Art Director: J. Edwards
Cover: Stephen E. Fabian
5.25” x 7.75” 130 pages 75¢

Mystery Weekly Magazine August 2019

Mystery Weekly Magazine August 2019

T.L. Huchu “El Chappie” The World’s Second Greatest Criminal”
James Nolan “Stranger in Paradise”
David Bart “The Mayfly”
Andrew Welsh-Huggins “You Can’t Go Alone”
Emily Devenport “Jumpers for Jesus”
Bruce W. Most “The Dead Man in the Pearl Gray Hat”
Jeff Dosser “Three Hogg’s Tales and One Hairy Ending”
Laird Long “Fanfarewell” (A You-Solve-It)

Mystery Weekly Magazine August 2019
Publisher: Chuck Carter
Editor: Kerry Carter
Cover: Robin Grenville-Evans
7.5” x 10” 85 pages
POD $6.99, Kindle $2.99
Mystery Weekly Magazine website