Nostalgia Digest Spring 2019

Nostalgia Digest Spring 2019

Steve Darnall: Hello, Out There in Radioland!
“A Few Moments with . . . Betty Lynn” (uncredited)
Michael J. Hayde “Melodies and Madness” How Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis conquered radio.
James Dohren “The Cigarette Camps”
Necrology for 2018
Gordon Kissack and Jordan Elliott “The Voice of the 500” Remembering Sid Collins.
Annette Bochenek “Little Miss Sunshine” The story of Frances Langford, the Florida native who traveled the world with Bob Hope . . . and came home to life as a Bickerson.
Garry Berman “To Laugh . . . or not to Laugh” Remembering when radio listeners could hear all the nation’s best comedians—and none of their audiences.
Wayne Klatt “Remembering Riverview” Where Chicagoans would “laugh their troubles away.”
Stone Wallace “Heart and Soul” The incandescent life and career of John Garfield.
Mail Call

Plus, the Radio Program Guide for Those Were the Days and WGN Radio Theatre

Editor: Steve Darnall
Nostalgia Digest Spring 2019
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Psychic Power

Psychic Power

Excerpts from Tom Brinkmann’s article on The Occult Digest from The Digest Enthusiast book seven:

Psychic Power: Evolutionary Immortality started its publication with volume 2, number 1, dated February 1923 and was published monthly through volume 3, number 12, December 1924.

An ad for the magazine in its own pages read: “Psychic Power is the largest Magazine of its kind on this continent or elsewhere. Newsy, up-to-date, and with a well informed staff of writers at its disposal. 5,ooo Copies Every Month For Sale at Book Stores and News Stands.”

A regular contributor to TDE, Tom Brinkmann writes about unusual, off-the-beaten-path magazines, digests, and tabloids. His Bad Mags website was active from June 2004–July 2017. His books, Bad Mags Volume 1 (2008) and Volume 2 (2009) are available from secondary outlets, including

Andros 8 and more

Andros No. 8

Max Clotfelter was kind enough to send a batch of his recent mini comics. The digest-sized Andros No. 8 features 20 pages (plus covers) of laugh-out-loud comics. Volume Two of The Elements of Rough is also digest-sized, with an inch sliced off the top. It’s 32 pages with a self-cover—all about “Liz’s Last Birthday Party.”

Not shown are Hole Shot and Lean Cuisine, two recent mini comics in the classic 1/4-sheet format.

I interviewed Max a while back for Copy This!. Here’s an excerpt:

RK: I’ve picked up most of your work from shows in Seattle and Portland. But for those who live elsewhere, where are some good places to find your comics?

The Elements of Rough Vol. 2

MC: Ah, great question! If anyone wants any of my comics I would suggest they go to the Spit and a Half website and support John Porcellino’s fantastic distro. He carries a nice selection of my more accessible zines. Then if you really wanna get into the nooks and crannies of my catalog you can email me directly and I’ll send you a list of what’s currently in stock, along with directions on how to order. I’m also always going to be tabling at the great regional zine shows in the PNW such as The Olympia Comics Festival and Shortrun in Seattle. And occasionally I’ll even travel to other shows across the nation like CAKE, Autoptic and Fluke. Trades are always welcome through the mail or in person at the shows!

To stay current on Max’s work, check out his blog: Snake Meat.

Mystery Weekly Magazine March 2019

Mystery Weekly Magazine March 2019

Mike McHone “K. O’Connor”
Martin Zeigler “Let’s Talk Toxins”
Stan Dryer “Finishing Off Gammie”
B.V. Lawson “A Flash of Red”
Gregory L. Norris “Antiques”
Gina Burgess “The Truth of the Matter”
C.L. Cobb “A Case of Southern Discomfort”
Jenna Weart “A Flap Over a Ring” (A You-Solve-It)
Solution to Feb. You-Solve-It “Stair Case” by Laird Long

Mystery Weekly Magazine March 2019
Publisher: Chuck Carter
Editor: Kerry Carter
7.5” x 10” 81 pages
POD $6.95, Kindle $2.99
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Science Fiction Adventures Nov. 1952

Science Fiction Adventures Nov. 1952

Science Fiction Adventures Vol. 1 No. 1 Nov. 1952
An Editorial Introduction
Chad Oliver “The Fires of Forever” art by H. R. Van Dongen
Coming Up
Ross Rocklynne “Interplanetary Tin Can” art by Raymond
Cyril Kornbluth “Make Mine Mars” art by Paul Orban
F.M. Turner: The Robots Are Coming
William H. Shiras “A Day’s Work” art by Gari
Lester Del Rey: How Phonetic Can You Get?
L. Sprague de Camp “The Ordeal of Professor Klein” art by Gari
Damon Knight’s The Dissecting Table (book reviews)
Thomas C. Pace “Recognition” art by Schecterson
Roger Dee “The Persuasive Man” art by Paul Orban
Irving B. Cox, Jr. The 21st Generation” art by Schecterson
Meet Thomas C. Pace (listed on contents page only)

Publisher: R. Alvarez
Editor: Philip St. John
Assoc. Editors: Michael Shaara, John Vincent
Art Director: Milton Berwin
Cover: H.R. Van Dongen
160 pages, 35¢

Read Vince Nowell, Sr.’s article “When Things Go Wrong—The Lester del Rey/John Raymond Fiasco” in The Digest Enthusiast book seven.

Susan Pieters’ Cannery Row

Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017

Stories from Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017:

Susan Pieters’ “Cannery Row” reads like a character study about a boy and his parents in 1970s Monterey, until its fantastical elements emerge. Pop is searching for the right conditions to farm abalone because the famous bay is fished out of everything else. Sonny busies himself taking photographs of his parents and the surrounding Cannery Row where writers like John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts once dwelt. The tale is atmospheric and subtle with enough intrigue to keep the pages turning. Pieters is the consulting editor for Pulp Literature.

Alfred Hitchcock’s May 1960

AHMM May 1960

“Dear Readers” excerpt: “I have been hard at work on a new motion picture. I shall only tell you that it is entitled PSYCHO.”

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 5 No. 5 May 1960
Alfred Hitchcock: Dear Readers
Robert Edmond Alter “Each Night He Pulled the Trigger”
O.H. Leslie “Key to a Skeleton Closet”
Jeff Heller “Victim, Dear Victim”
Jack Ritchie “Lily-White Town”
C.B. Gilford “A Fair Warning to Mystery Writers”
Donald Martin “Don’t Rock the Boat!”
H.A. DeRosso “Lucrezia”
Richard Hardwick “The Still Small Voice”
Henry Slesar “Ruby Martinson’s Big Dentist Caper”
Jack Dillon “Very Moral Theft”
Donald Honig “Lingering Faces, Dead Faces”
Helen Nielsen “Woman Missing”

Publisher: Richard E. Decker
Editorial Director: William Manners
Managing Editor: G.F. Foster
Associate Editors: Pat Hitchcock, Lisa Belknap
Art Director: Meinrad Mayer
Illustrator: Barbara Remington
128 pages, 35¢

Rob T. White’s Brother’s Keeper

Switchblade issue two

Stories from Switchblade No. 2, edited by Scotch Rutherford:

The protagonist in “My Brother’s Keeper” by Rob T. White, wakes to a living nightmare, bound and gagged by a couple of masked strangers intent on torture. As he drifts in and out of consciousness between sessions, he slowly pieces together a possible reason for this horror. Thankfully, there’s more to this story than its cringingly vivid action.

Squint 6/Copy That! 60

Squint No. 6

Squint No. 6 by TDE columnist Tom Brinkmann arrived in yesterday’s mail. First previewed in The Digest Enthusiast No. 8 in June 2018, the long-awaited artzine is finally in print, showcasing 16 black-and-white amorphic images and portraits presented in a classic mini-comics format zine.

The piece was published and distributed with Copy That! #60. Editor D. Blake Werts opens CT! 60 with a reminder that he’s scaling back the frequency of his mini-comics interview/newszine and would either like to see someone else take the reins or continue himself on a quarterly or bi-annual schedule. The previous monthly schedule has prevented him from tackling some other projects he’s been sidelining for several years, but isn’t talking about yet.

Copy That! No. 60

This edition of CT! features news from Alan Sissom, Andy Nukes, Blair Wilson, Clark Dissmeyer, Charles Brubaker, Dale Martin, George Erling, Ian Shires, Marc Myers, and Matt Jones. Plus there’s a page highlighting the latest edition of The Digest Enthusiast (No. 9) which leads off with an interview with writer/filmmaker Susan Emshwiller, and a cover by her famous father, Ed Emshwiller. CT! 60 also includes cartoons by Bob Vojtko and R.C. Harvey, and covers by Tom Motley (front) and E. Buzzizyk (back).

Copy That! No. 60 (including Squint No. 6)
$3.00 postage paid
D. Blake Werts
12339 Chesley Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277