Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 4

Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 4

John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe: From the Cat’s Perch
Michael Bracken “Something Fishy”
Alan Orloff “Inseparable, Insufferable”
Julie Leo “Use of the Awkward Hand”
Janet Fox “The Timeline Murders” (verse)
Dayle A. Dermatis “Umberto Scolari and the Feast of Paradise”
Ramona DeFelice Long “Moe’s Seafood House”
Su Kopil “Mud Season”
Steve Liskow “Messin’ with the Kid”
Tais Teng “Assassin’s Scroll”
Cynthia Ward “Trouble in Mind”

Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 4 January 2019
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
Editors: John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe
Production Team: Sam Cooper, Steve Coupe, Shawn Garrett, Karl Würf
Cover: Uncredited
6” x 9” 132 pages
POD $12.00 Kindle $3.99
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Story Title

Rick Ollerman Hit Me

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