Broadswords and Blasters No. 9 Spring 2019

Broadswords and Blasters No. 9 Spring 2019

The pulp magazine with modern sensibilities.

Broadswords and Blasters No. 9 Spring 2019
Matthew X. Gomez & Cameron Mount: From the Editors
R.A. Goli “Griffon Eggs”
Rex Weiner “Camera Obsura”
Ethan Sabatella “The Pole-House”
Cara Fox “The Corsair’s Daughter”
Scotch Rutherford “Termination Clause”
Matt Spencer “Old Haunting Grounds”
C.W. Blackwell “Quarter Past Ordinary”
Vince Carpini “Courtship of the Queen of Thieves”
Adam S. Furman “Olympian Six”

Editors: Matthew X. Gomez, Cameron Mount
Cover: Luke Spooner
6” x 9”, 123 pages
POD $6.99, Kindle $2.99

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