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The Mysterious Traveler Magazine #2The Mysterious Traveler Magazine #2

The Mysterious Traveler Magazine

References and resources for The Mysterious Traveler Magazine article by Charlie Jacobs that appears in The Digest Enthusiast book two.

Mysterious Traveler
The Digital Deli Too
The Full Wiki
Fury Comics
Innsmouth Free Press
ORT Plot Spot
State Master Encyclopedia
Three Investigators Books

Dark Destiny
Classic TV Archive

Robert Arthur
Elizabeth Arthur
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database
Interview with Elizabeth Arthur
Three Investigators Books

David Kogan
Radio Spirits
Talkzone Interview
Tangent Online
Three Investigators Books

Maurice Tarplin
Radio Horror Hosts


The Big Story ChecklistDigest Checklists

Digest-Size Checklists: Two-up on a sheet of paper. Click the title below to download the PDF file. Print out, cut in half and 3-hole punch. Designed for use in a (8.5" x 5.5") 3-ring binder.

The Digest-Size Checklists include complete background information, full contents lists and cover images for most of the issues. Some titles require more than one page.

The checklists are dated for version control. If corrections, or new information is added, updated versions will be posted.

The Big Story and Gunsmoke

The Dashiell Hammett Digests

The Mysterious Traveler Magazine

Suspense Magazine and Suspense Novels


Trading Card ChecklistTrading Card Checklists: Eight-up on a sheet of paper. Click the title below to download the PDF file. Print and cut into individual cards via the trim marks. Cards are 2.5" x 3.5". The checklists include basic information, a check box and a little space for notes. Some titles require more than one card.

Set 1: The Big Story, Dashiell Hammett Digests, Gunsmoke, Mysterious Traveler and Supense magazine & novels.

Protective Sleeves

Table of ClearBag's crystal clear bags for digests, compiled by D. Blake Werts and Denae Horneman, that appeared in TDE1.


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