Alfred Hitchcock


AHMM August 1958

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 August 1958Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 August 1958

Dear Readers: Alfred Hitchcock
Richard Hardwick “Suspicion is not Enough”
Helen Fislar Brooks “The Mink Coat”
Paul Tabori “An Interlude for Murder”
George Bush “Fate has Three Blinding Eyes”
Robert Edmond Alter “To Catch a Big One”
Bryce Walton “Good-Bye Sweet World”
Evan Hunter “Not a Laughing Matter”
Evans Harrington “Like a Legend of Evil”
Henry Slesar “Compliments to the Chef”
Borden Deal “The Followers”
Charles Mergendahl “Do-It-Yourself”
C.B. Gilford “The Dangerfield Saga”

Publisher: Richard E. Decker
Editorial Director: William Manners
Managing Editor: Marguerite Bostwick
Associate Editors: Pat O’Connell, Nadine King
Art Director: Meinrad Mayer

The graveyard pictured on the front cover also appeared in Vertigo, Hitchcock’s current film at the time of this issue’s release. See Peter Enfantino’s overview and synopses of Robert Edmond Alter’s stories for AHMM in The Digest Enthusiast book seven.

Opening Lines

AHMM May 2010“I’m not so sure about this job,” he said. “It sounds dangerous. You’ll be surrounded by addicts.”

Opening lines from “Death in Rehab” (Leah Abrams’ fifth adventure) by B.K. Stevens Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine May 2011

Terror at the Crossroads

Terror at the CrossroadsA new horror anthology under the Dell Magazines imprint, Eris Press, titled Terror at the Crossroads: Tales of Horror, Delusion, and the Unknown, edited by Emily Hockaday and Jackie Sherbow and taken from the pages of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, is now available.

The collection features stories from Kit Reed, David Brin, Tara Laskowski, Alec Nevala-Lee, Will McIntosh, Louis Bayard, Zandra Renwick, Chris Beckett, Barbara Nadel, Rachel L. Bowden, Stephen Ross, Paddy Kelly, Jason Half, Kurt Bachard, O.A. Tynan, Seth Frost, Kathy Lynn Emerson, Teresa Solana, A.J. Wright, Josh Pachter, and Megan Arkenberg.

The anthology is currently available on Amazon and will soon be available via other digital platforms.

Eris Press will be holding a digital launch for the anthology on Wednesday, October 31: a day-long event featuring book giveaways, twenty-minute Twitter AMAs with authors including Alec Nevala-Lee, Chris Beckett, and Josh Pachter, video readings, Q&As, costumed author photos, and more. To follow the event, stay up to date with @ErisPress.

This collection brings readers demonic encounters, the apocalypse and post-apocalypse, ghostly apparitions, mad scientists, demented artists, monsters, and plenty of bizarre and frightening experiences that will stay with you well beyond its pages. Join @ErisPress this Halloween for their digital launch!