Analog Sep/Oct 2021

Analog Sep/Oct 2021

Analog Science Fiction & Fact [v91 #9 & 10, September/October 2021] ed. Trevor Quachi, mng ed. Emily Hockaday (Dell Magazines, $7.99, 208pp, digest, cover by Kurt Huggins)
2 • Contents pages
4 • Guest Editorial: The “New Normal” Trap • Stanley Schmidt • ed
10 • Kepler’s Laws • Jay Werkheiser • sl
82 • Science Fact: Orbital Nuclear Power System (ONPS): The Foundation of an Interplanetary Civilization • Donald Wilkins • cl
89 • The Maestro’s Final Work • Alan Ira Gordon • pm
90 • The Book Keepers • J.T. Sharrah • nv; illustration by Tomislav Tikulin
108 • Extrasolar Redundancy in the Nova Tortuga Model of Preservation for Dermochelys coriacea • Bianca Sayan • ss
117 • Quieter Songs Inland • Marissa Lingen • ss
120 • Last Dance at the Gunrunners’ Ball • Joel Richards • ss
126 • When Ada Is • Holly Schofield • ss
128 • The Alternate View: Where’s All the Antimatter? • John G. Cramer • cl
131 • Quantum Entanglement • Ken Poyner • pm
132 • Timing • Robert Scherrer • ff
134 • Room to Live • Marie Vibbert • ss
139 • In Times to Come • Anon • ms
140 • The Soul is Ten Thousand Parts • Chelsea Obodoechina • ss
144 • To Feed the Animals • John J. Vester • ss
151 • The Hunger • Marco Frassetto • nv
168 • The Silence Before I Sleep • Adam-Troy Castro • na; illustration by Kurt Huggins
205 • Don Sakers (1958–2021) • Anon • ob
206 • Brass Tacks • [The Readers] • lc
_206 • [letter] • Cy Chauvin • lt
_206 • [letter] • Joseph Kesselman • lt
_206 • [letter] • Richard M. Boothe • lt
_207 • [letter] • David Wolff • lt
_207 • [letter] • Malcolm Dunn • lt
_207 • [letter] • John Howard Brown • lt
208 • Upcoming Events • Anthony Lewis • cl

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Analog Jul/Aug 2021

Analog Jul/Aug 2021

Analog Science Fiction & Fact [v141 #7 & 8, July/August 2021] ed. Trevor Quachi, mng ed. Emily Hockaday (Dell Magazines, $7.99, 208pp, digest, cover by Tomislav Tikulin)
2 • Contents pages
4 • The Analytical Laboratory: 2020 Results • Anon • ms
6 • Guest Editorial: Hello to Maturity • John J. Vester • ed
9 • The Unlikely Heroines of Callisto Station • Marie Vibbert • na
58 • Science Fact: Return to the Golden Age: Why Venus Might Actually Once Have Been Habitable • Richard A. Lovett • cl
64 • The Next Frontier • Rosemary Claire Smith • nv; illustrated by Eldar Zakirov
80 • The Heroes of the Nation • Brenda Kalt • ss
87 • A Daguerreotype of the Moon • Jennifer Crow • pm
88 • Mandatory Arbitration • Leonard Richardson • ss; illustred by Soo Lee
94 • Siliconisis • Tom Jolly • ss
98 • Seed Bombs • Juliet Kemp • ff (Flash Fiction)
100 • The Alternate View: Pulsars, Super-Massive Black Holes, and the Gravitational Wave Background • John G. Cramer • cl
103 • Special Feature: Taming the Serpent • Edward M. Wysocki, Jr. • es
110 • Tin Man • Edd Vick & Manny Frishberg • ss
116 • Humility • James C. Glass • ss
126 • Sample Return • C. Stuart Hardwick • nv
138 • Special Feature: Like School, But There’s No Recess: An Interview with Katie Mack • Alvaro Zinos-Amaro • iv
144 • The First Martian World War • Herb Kauderer • ff (Flash Fiction)
146 • The Last Farewell • Alan K. Baker • ss
149 • When I Think of My Father • Bruce McAllister • pm
150 • Rocket • Frank Wu • ss
154 • Reassembly • Audrey Ference • ss
162 • In Times to Come • Anon • ms
163 • Minnie and the Trekker • Raymund Eich • ss
174 • Long Day Lake • Joe McDermott • nv; illustrated by Tomislav Tikulin
198 • The Reference Library • Don Sakers • rc
_199 • The Godel Operation, James L. Cambias, Baen, 288pp, $16.00, tpb • br
_200 • Speculative Los Angeles, Denize Hamilton (ed), Akhasic, 272pp, $25.95, hc • br
_200 • Screams From the Void, Anne Tibbets, Flame Tree Press, 231pp, $24.95, hc • br
_202 • Creatures of Passage, Morowa Yejidé, Akhasic, 304pp, $25.00, hc • br
_202 • A River Called Time, Courttia Newland, Akhasic, 464pp, $28.95, hc • br
_203 • Arachne’s Exile, Christopher L. Bennett, eSpec, 238pp, $14.95 tpb • br
_203 • Dragons, Ty Drago, eSpec, 386pp, $18.95, tpb • br
_204 • The 18th Race Omnibus, David Sherman & Keith R.A. DeCandido, eSpec, 554pp, $34.95, tpb • br
206 • Brass Tacks • [The Readers] • lc
_206 • [letter] • Richard M. Boothe • lt
_206 • [letter] • Ken Gilbert • lt
_207 • [letter] • Ken Winkes • lt
_207 • [letter] • Daniel Pitterman • lt
208 • Upcoming Events • Anthony Lewis • cl

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Analog MayJun 2021

Analog MayJun 2021

Analog Science Fiction & Fact [v141 #5 & 6, May/June 2021] ed. Trevor Quachi, mng ed. Emily Hockaday (Dell Magazines, $7.99, 208pp, digest, cover by Shutterstock.com)
2 • Contents pages
4 • Guest Editorial: A Frightened New World • John J. Vester • ed
6 • Your Homeworld Is Gone • Leslie J. Anderson • pm
7 • Ben Bova (1932–2020) • Trevor Quachi • ob
7 • Ben and Me • Stanley Schmidt • ob
8 • Dangerous Orbit • M.T. Reiten • ss; illustration by Dominic Harman
19 • Relative Distances • Robert Frazier • pm
20 • Science Fact: Possible Signs of Life on Venus • David L. Clements • cl
26 • Heart of Stone • Tom Jolly • ss; illustration by Eldar Zakirov
35 • Longevity Averaging • Neal Asher • ss
50 • Sunward Planet • Terry Franklin • ss
53 • Small Turn of the Ladder • Kelly Lagor • ss
56 • In-Flight Damage • Sara Kate Ellis • ss
62 • Alone in the Cold • Tim Stevens • ss
72 • Special Feature: Imaginary Exoplanets • Charles Q. Choi • es
78 • The Alternate View: Intelligence Life in Our Galaxy? • John G. Cramer • cl
81 • Dancing on Spun Sugar • Meghan Feldman • ss
94 • Pilgrimage • Michael Adam Robson • ss; illustrated by Kurt Huggins
102 • Absolutes • Jay Werkheiser • ss
108 • Dendrochromatic Data Recovery Report 45-274 • Steve Toase • ss
112 • Flash Fiction: Paole Vaulting on Moon Six • Lawson Dumbeck • ff
114 • The Message • Bond Elam • ss
117 • The Alternate View: Astronomy VS. Space-Based Internet. Is There a Win-Win? • Richard A. Lovett • cl
120 • Special Feature: A Solid Prediction • Edward M. Wysocki, Jr. • es
126 • Five-Star Review • Beth McMillan • ss
130 • Two Factor • Elisabeth R. Adams • ss
140 • Eyes to the Height • Sean Monaghan • ss
149 • In Times to Come • Anon • ms
150 • The Summoner’s Apprentice * Tessa Fisher • ss
166 • Uploading Angela • Lettie Prell • ss
199 • The Reference Library • Don Sakers • rc
_200 • Remote Control, Nnedi Okorafor, Tor.com, 160pp, $19.99, hc • Don Sakers • br
_200 • Situation Normal, Leonard Richardson, Candlemark & Gleam, 496pp, $24.95, tpb • Don Sakers • br
_201 • How to Mars, David Ebenbach, Tachyon, 240pp, $16.95, tpb • Don Sakers • br
_201 • Rich Man’s Sky, Wil McCarthy, Baen, 320pp, $25.00, hc • Don Sakers • br
_202 • Books, Kindle, Nook, $6.99, e-book • Don Sakers • br
_202 • At the End of the Journey, Charles E. Gannon, Baen, 304pp, $25.00, hc • Don Sakers • br
_203 • Water Horse, Melissa Scott, Candlemark & Gleam, 290pp, $24.95, tpb • Don Sakers • br
_203 • Lockdown Tales, Neal Asher, NewCon Press, 305pp, pb • Don Sakers • br
_204 • Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, David Eagleman, Vintage, 128pp, $15.95, tpb • Don Sakers • br
205 • Brass Tacks • [The Readers] • lc
_205 • [letter] • Elliot Jackman • lt
_205 • [letter] • Anonymous • lt
_205 • [letter] • Marie Vibbert • lt
_205 • [letter] • Dan Quibell • lt
_206 • [letter] • Scott Edelman • lt
_206 • [letter] • Dale E. Kloss • lt
_206 • [letter] • Joanne Bulley • lt
_207 • [letter] • Anthony Baranyi • lt
_207 • [letter] • JP Mihok • lt
208 • Upcoming Events • Anthony Lewis • cl

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Analog Mar/Apr 2021

Analog Mar/Apr 2021

Analog Science Fiction & Fact [v141 #3 & 4, March/April 2021] ed. Trevor Quachi, mng ed. Emily Hockaday (Dell Magazines, $7.99, 208pp, digest, cover by Maurizio Manzieri)
2 • Contents pages
4 • Guest Editorial: Better Than Being Fossilized! • Ian Watson • ed
9 • Flash Mob • Meg Pontecorvo • nv
23 • Mostly Hydrogen • Jack Martin • pm
24 • Science Fact: From Atmospheric Rivers to Super Typhoons • Christina De La Rocha • cl
32 • The Trashpusher of Planet 4 • Brenda Kalt • ss; illustration by Soo Lee
42 • It’s Cold on Europa • Filip Wiltgren • ss
49 • Tail Call Optimization • Tony Ballantyne • nv
60 • The Acheulean Gift • Matthew Claxton • ss
69 • If a Tree Doesn’t Fall • Jerry Oltion • ss
75 • The Alternate View: Rejuvenation and the DNA Methylation Clock • John G. Cramer • cl
78 • Thhshthh • Aimee Ogden • ss
80 • John Henry Was a Steel Driving Man • Shane Halbach • ss
88 • Damocles • Sean McMullen • nv
100 • Recollection • Elise Stephens • ss; illustration by Tomislav Tikulin
110 • The Burning Lands • Tom Jolly • ss
120 • Hillman, Charles Dallas, Age : 35, No Partner, Parents: Deceased • Ron Collins • ss
129 • I Have Loved the Stars too Fondly • James Van Pelt • ss
132 • The Pond Who Sang • Charles Hand • ss
136 • The Alternate View: Planet or Not? • John J. Vester • cl
138 • First Scientist (?-?) • Jessy Randall • pm
139 • Second Hand Destinies • Marie Vibbert • ss
145 • In Times to Come • Anon • ms
146 • The Shadow of His Wings • Ray Nayler • ss; illustration by Kurt Huggins
156 • Problem Landing • Sean Monaghan • nv
170 • Invasive Species • Catherine Wells • na
199 • The Reference Library • Don Sakers • rc
_200 • Domesticating Dragons, Dan Koboldt, Baen, 352pp, $16.00, tp, ISBN: 978-1-9821-2511-0 • Don Sakers • br
_200 • Screens, Christopher Laine, Garden Path, 336pp, $14.95, ebook • Don Sakers • br
_201 • Tyger Bright, T.C. McCarthy, Baen, 272pp, $16.00, tp, ISBN: 978-1-9821-2517-2 • Don Sakers • br
–202 • Candidate Spectrum, Brian Cato, BC Studio, 342pp, $14.39, tp, ISBN: 979-8-6436-4955-7 • Don Sakers • br
_202 • The Founder Effect, edited by Robert E. Hampton & Sandra L. Medlock, Baen, 400pp, $16.00, tp, ISBN: 978-1-9821-2509-7 • Don Sakers • br
_203 • Agent of the Imperium, Marc Miller, Baen, 368pp, $16.00, tp, ISBN: 9-78-1-9821-2507-3 • Don Sakers • br
–204 • Busted Synapses, Erica L. Satifka, Brocken Eye Books, 104 pp, $14.99, tp, ISBN: 978-1-9403-7258-7 • Don Sakers • br
_204 • The Golden Age of Science Fiction: A Journey into Space with 1950s Radio, TV Films, Comics and Books, John Wade, Pen and Sword, 240pp, $42.95, hc, ISBN: 978-1-5267-2925-5 • Don Sakers • br
205 • Brass Tacks • [The Readers] • lc
_205 • [letter] • Raymond Carlson Jr. • lt
_205 • [letter] • Thad Ware • lt
_205 • [letter] • Mark Davis • lt
_206 • [letter] •Tom Schneider • lt
_206 • [letter] • Anonymous • lt
_206 • [letter] • Mark Warner • lt
_206 • [letter] • Steve Briggs • lt
_206 • [letter] • Scott T. Meissner • lt
_207 • [letter] • DJ Aland • lt
_208 • [letter] • Leonard Pallats • lt
_208 • [letter] • Joe W. Haldeman • lt
209 • Upcoming Events • Anthony Lewis • cl

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Analog Jan/Feb 2021

Analog Jan/Feb 2021

Following 2020’s retro masterhead cover design, this issue debuts Analog’s new masthead design.

Analog Science Fiction & Fact [v141 #1 & 2, January/February 2021] ed. Trevor Quachi, mng ed. Emily Hockaday (Dell Magazines, $7.99, 208pp, digest, cover by Dave Seeley/Shannon Associates)
2 • Contents pages
4 • Guest Editorial: Monumental Thinking • Rosemary Claire Smith • ed
8 • Mixed Marriage • Dan Helms • nv; illustrated by Soo Lee
22 • Science Fact: Constructing a Habitable Planet • Julie Novakova • cl
29 • Biolog: Julie Nováková • Richard A. Lovett • bg
30 • My Hypothetical Friend • Harry Turtledove • ss; illustrated by Soo Lee
41 • In Times to Come • Anon • ms
42 • A Shot in the Dark • Deborah L. Davitt •nv
53 • Photometric Evidence of the Gravitational Lensing of SA023820 by a Nonluminous Low-Mass Stellar Object • Jay Werkheiser • ss
58 • Conference of the Birds • Benjamin C. Kinney • ss
65 • Interstellar Pantomine * Martin Dimkovski • ss
68 • Matter and Time Conspire • Sandy Parsons • ss
70 • The Tale of Anise and Basil • Daniel James Peterson • ss
74 • The Practitioners • Em Liu • ss
80 * What Were You Thinking? • Jerry Oltion • ss
89 • Hidden Things • Jennifer Crow • pm
90 • The Liberator • Nick Wolven • nv
104 • The Nocturnal Preoccupation of Moths • J. Northcut, Jr. • nv
120 • Changing Eyes • Douglas P. Marx • ss
129 • The Last Science Fiction Story • Adam-Troy Castro • ff (Flash Fiction)
130 • A Working Dog • anne m. gibson • ss; illustrated by Kurt Huggins
137 • The Alternate View: Wave Function Collapse Revealed • John G. Cramer • cl
140 • So You Want to Be a Guardian Angel • Michael Meyerhofer • ss
144 • Choose One • Marie DesJardin • ss
146 • We Remembered Better • Evan Dicken • ss
149 • Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation • Peter Kanter • ms
150 • The Last Compact • Brian Rappatta • ss
156 • Riddlepigs and the Cryla • Raymund Eich • ss
164 • Belle Lettres Ad Astra • Norman Spinrad • nv
177 • If • Bruce MacAllister • pm
178 • By the Will of the Gods • Charles Q. Choi • nv
196 • The Reference Library • Don Sakers • rc
_197 • Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas, Emily C. Skaftun; Fairwood Press, 310pp, $17.99, tp, ISBN: 978-1-9338-4698-9 • Don Sakers • br
_197 • The Best of James Van Pelt, James Van Pelt, Fairwood Press, 698pp, $40.00, hc, ISBN: 978-1-9338-4695-8 • Don Sakers • br
_198 • The Sentient, Nadia Afifi; Flame Tree Press, 293pp, $14.95, tp, ISBN: 978-1-7875-8432-7 • Don Sakers • br
_198 • Psi-Wars, ed. Joshua Viola, Hex Publishers, 301pp, ISBN: 978-1-7339-1777-3 • Don Sakers • br
_199 • Gemesys X, B.J. Graf; Fairwood Press, 310pp, $17.99, tp, ISBN: 978-1-9338-4697-2 • Don Sakers • br
_199 • Fearless, Allen Stroud; Flame Tree Press, 361pp, tp, ISBN: 978-1-7875-8540-9 Don Sakers • br
_200 • Trader’s Leap, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller; Baen, 416pp, hc, ISBN: 978-1-9821-2501-1 • Don Sakers • br
_200 • City of Dream and Dust, Ru Pringle; Fractal Symmetry Books, 456pp, $16.99, tp • Don Sakers • br
_200 • A Haven in the Stars, Ru Pringle; Fractal Symmetry Books, 441pp, $16.99, tp • Don Sakers • br
–201 • Neptune’s Treasure, Richard A. Lovett; Strange Wolf Press, 355pp, $16.95, tp, ISBN: 979-8-6430-3897-9 • Don Sakers • br
_201 • It Came From the Multiplex: 80s Midnight Callers, ed. Joshua Viola; Hex Publisher, 305pp, $19.99, tp, ISBN: 978-1-7339-1775-9 • Don Sakers • br
202 • Brass Tacks • [The Readers] • lc
_202 • [letter] • Paul W. Allen • lt
_202 • [letter] • Rick Norwood • lt
_202 • [letter] • Frank Coulter • lt
_203 • [letter] • Cy Chauvin • lt
204 • 2020 Index • Anon • ix
207 • It’s AnLab Time Again • ms
208 • Upcoming Events • Anthony Lewis • cl

Analog Science Fiction & Fact website

News Digest Oct. 30, 2020

Analog Nov/Dec 2020

New Releases
Analog N/D 2020
CALL HIM LORD, Gordon R. Dickson


PEACEWEAVER, Marissa Lingen
BELOVED TOILER, George Zebrowski
STATE OF GRACE, Clancy Weeks
ASHES, Mario Milosevic

EVENT, Timons Esaias


BIG SMART OBJECTS, Gregory Benford & Larry Niven

SO MANY BLANK MOONS, Holly Lyn Walrath


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Asimov's Nov/Dec 2020

Asimov’s N/D 2020
Take a Look at the Five and Ten by Connie Willis

Christmas at the Hilbert Astoria by Sam Schreiber
The Hind by Kevin J. Anderson & Rick Wilber
Forger Mr. Z by Chen Qiufan, (Translated by Andy Dudak)
Return From the Stars by James Gunn
Pull It From the Root by Zack Be
The Long Iapetan Night by Julie Novakova

The Mirages by Alaya Dawn Johnson
Grief, as Faithful as My Hound by Marissa Lingen
Footprint by Kate Maruyama
Return to Glory by Jack McDevitt

After a Year of Solitude by Lora Gray
Archaeologists Uncover Bones, Bifocals, a Tricycle by Steven Withrow
Black Box Sonnet #13,041 by Garrison Kammer
Protozoan Pride by Peter Payack
Let Them Go by Darrell Schweitzer

Guest Editorial: Where We Came from Is Where We’re Going  Allen M. Steele
Reflections: Finding the Mountains of Madness by Robert Silverberg
On the Net: What Information Wants by James Patrick Kelly
Next Issue
On Books by Paul Di Filippo
The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss

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Guns + Tacos Season 2 Episode 11

Guns + Tacos Season 2 Episode 11
Announcement: We are thrilled to be releasing the fifth episode of our second season, Sopa and a Streetsweeper by Ryan Sayles.

Beau is a hero.

He’s also the kind of guy who, when he patrons a taco truck, is as interested in their food as he is their black-market firearms. And the special is soup paired with a streetsweeper shotgun.

When Beau puts the special to use at a Black Friday sales event, he unintentionally starts a full-blown, storewide shoot-out. But he escapes, and takes with him an abandoned little girl he rescued. Maybe she’d like some soup too.

In his apartment, oblivious to the fierce manhunt for the child, Beau discusses just how badly he screwed up the Black Friday shooting with his underhanded neighbors. Then SWAT arrives, but SWAT’s never dealt with someone like Beau. Concerned for the little girl’s safety, Beau has to reach deep down to become the protector she needs.

After the fires have been put out, the bodies sorted and the wreckage cleared, Beau’s gonna be hungry. Fortunately, soup is very filling and a lot of taco trucks offer it.

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Nov/Dec 2020 Digests

Digest Magazine Blogs
Kewaunee Lapseritis’ “Sasquatch: A Terrestrial-Extraterrestrial?” at Fate Magazine blog.

ECR compiles the Top Tem Hammer Horror Films of All Time! at EconoClash Review blog.

Eric Del Carlo, whose “Asleep Was the Ship” appears in Analog N/D 2020, explores the dilemma Covid-19 poses for near-future SF writers at The Astounding Analog Companion.

Jehane Sharah, whose “Words Don’t Kill” appears in EQMM N/D 2020, explores “The Scents of an Ending” at Something is Going to Happen.

Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 5

Kate Maruyama’s key take-away from a panel of writers mired in 2020 at Asimov’s From Earth to the Stars.

Digest Magazine Reviews and Reflections
R.T. Lawton examines series evolution via “A Matter of Values” from AHMM N/D 2020 at SleuthSayers.

Matthew X. Gomez reviews Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 5 at EconoClash Review.

John O’Neill teams with Victoria Silverwolf to review Weirdbook No. 43 at Black Gate.

Eerie 50, Vampirella 27, Creepy 56
A Traveller's Guide to Eight Wonders of the Ancient World

TDE Contributors’ Corner
Uncle Jack (Seabrook) and Cousin Peter (Enfantino) review Eerie No. 50, Vampirella No. 27, and Creepy No. 56 at bare•bones e-zine.

Marc Myers has released a new zine: A Traveller’s Guide to Eight Wonders of the Ancient World filled with full page collage art, complete with a guided tour program. Contact Marc Myers for ordering information.

David James Keaton’s
“Dolla Dolla Bill Wall” at Tough Crime.

Michael Carter’s “Terminal Island” at Pulp Modern Flash.

Mark McConville’s “Monumental Strength” at Close to the Bone.

TDE Booksellers
Bud’s Art Books’ latest Weekly New Items blog headlines 2021 Calendars.

Amazing Selects No. 3

Readin’ and Writin’
The third edition of Amazing Selects, Adrift in the Sea of Souls by David Gerrold, features three stories by the famed author as well as introductions by Adam-Troy Castro and publisher Steve Davidson. The first, from which the collection gets its title, mixes time travel and head hopping into a satisfiying posit on reincarnation and existence.

“The White Piano” is a magical fantasy laden with a love for life, art, and beauty. “Jacob in Manhattan” presents a fresh new take on one of horror fiction’s oldest, most reliable bloody legends. A trio of 5-star stories wrapped in wonder, invention, and heart. The Author’s Afterward adds a hard-won lesson on storytelling for aspriing writers and pros. A terrific collection.

Our current issue: The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 is available in print at Lulu.com and Amazon, and in digital formats at Kindle Books and Magzter.

The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 June 2020

Vintage Digests
Todd Mason
shares vintage covers and contents from F&SF, Fantastic, Shock, Fear, Science Fantasy, Fantastic Universe, and Macabre at Sweet Freedom.

Vocabulary: Cyanotic
“Her fair and sunburned face had gone absolutely corpse-gray with terror, making the golden freckles stand out with greater prominence, and her lips were blue and cyanotic.”
“The Mansion of Unholy Magic” by Seabury Quinn Startling Mystery Stories No. 1 Summer 1966

News Digest Aug. 21, 2020

Analog Sep/Oct 2020

Current Releases
Analog Sep/Oct 2020
Contents Page
Sheila Williams’ Anniversary Retrospective Editorial
Lewis Padgett “Mimsy Were the Borogoves” (reprint)
Jason Kahler “After National Geographic” (verse)
James Van Pelt “Minerva Girls”
Derek Kunsken’s Science Fact: The Science Behind The House of Styx
Holly Lyn Walrath “Yes, Antimatter is Real” (verse)
John J. Vester “Where There’s Life” art by Kurt Huggins
Sean McMullen “The Chrysalis Pool”
Aimee Ogden “A Skyful of Wings”
Jacob C. Cockcroft “Going Small”
Beth Goder “True Colors”
John G. Cramer’s The Alternate View: Where’s All the Antimatter?
Stephen S. Power “Drive Safely”
Wang Yuan “Casualties of the Quake” translation by Andy Dudak
Dan Reade
“The Home of the King” art by Tomislav Tikulin
In Times to Come
Joel Richards “City”
M.L. Clark “Seeding the Mountain”
Jay Werkheiser “The Writhing Tentacles of History”
Alan Dean Foster “The Treasure of the Lugar Morto”
Richard A. Lovett’s The Alternate View: The Post-Coronavirus “New Normal”
James Sallis “Schools of Thought”
Mary Soon-Lee “The Boy Who Went to Mars”
Sarina Dories “I, Bigfoot” art by Mark Evans
Adam-Troy Castro
“Draiken Dies” art by Soo Lee
Don Sakers
: The Reference Library
Brass Tacks (Letters)
Anthony Lewis: Upcoming Events

Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Astounding) Vol. 140 No. 9 & 10 Sep/Oct 2020
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Trevor Quachri
Managing Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Rae Purdom
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Soo Lee
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until Oct. 20, 2020
Analog website

Bare Bones No. 3

bare•bones No. 3
Contents Page
W.D. Gagliani’s epic overview of the original Planet of the Apes films, novel and sequel novelizations
Craig Miller recalls being on-set for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
John Scoleri looks at the Apes adaptations from Screen Stories
Jack Seabrook interviews collector Walker Martin
Matthew R. Bradley’s look at Ray Bradbury’s Elliott Family
J. Charles Burwell on the Western Noir novels of H.A. DeRosso
Don D’Ammassa’s Overlooked Library returns
Peter Enfantino Digs into Crime Digests
S. Craig Zahler ducks into Sleaze Alley
David J. Schow’s latest installment of his R&D column looks at Monster Movies

bare•bones No. 3 Summer 2020
Editors: Peter Enfantino, John Scoleri
Layout: John Scoleri
Cimarron Street Books
6” x 9” 107 pages
Print $9.95

Jul/Aug 2020 Digests
Jul/Aug 2020 Digests

Digest Magazine Writers Update
Alexandria Blaelock, whose story “The Perfume of Peaches” appears in Ellery Queen Sep/Oct 2020, muses about The Thin Grey Line at Something is Going to Happen.

Ana Hurtado on her story “Madre Nuestra, Que Estás en Maracaibo” from F&SF Jul/Aug 2020 at Fantasy & Science Fiction.

James Van Pelt on his cover story “Minerva Girls” from Analog Sep/Oct 2020 at The Astounding Analog Companion.

Gregory Fallis correlates day jobs with writing stories (his “Terrible Ideas” appears in EQMM Sep/Oct 2020) at Something is Going to Happen.

Leah Cypess on her story “A Sideways Slant of Light” from Asimov’s Sep/Oct 2020 at From Earth to the Stars.

Bennett North on “A Bridge from Sea to Sky” from F&SF Jul/Aug 2020 at Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Trace Evidence previews the writers and stories for AHMM Sep/Oct 2020.

F&SF Sep. 1965

Digest Magazine Review
Gideon Marcus
reviews Fantasy & Science Fiction Sep. 1965 at Galactic Journey.

M.E. Purfield
shares his story “Bumper” at Rusty Barnes’ Tough Crime.

Eerie 45, Vampirella 22, Creepy 51

TDE Contributors’ Corner
Uncle Jack (Seabrook) and Cousin Peter (Enfantino) review Eerie No. 45, Vampirella No. 22, and Creepy No. 51 at bare•bones e-zine.

Readin’ and Writin’
I’m slowly making my way through Martin Roth’s The Crime Writer’s Reference Guide and ran across this gem on page 182: “A crime is a wrong that affects the community in its aggregate capacity. A tort is a wrong apart from contract, which affects persons in their individual capacity. One is a public wrong, whereas the other is a private wrong. In the case of a crime, the wrongdoer is liable to criminal prosecution, whereas in the case of a tort, the offender is liable only to a civil action by the person injured.”

bare•bones No. 2

Finished reading bare•bones No. 2, an excellent follow-up to its debut issue. Lots of good stuff on the work of Richard Matheson by Paul M. Riordan, Matthew Bradley and co-editor John Scoleri, who also provides an article/review of DC’s Captain Action comics; co-editor Peter Enfantino’s pieces on The Sharpshooter paperbacks, another peek down Sleazy Alley, and follow-on to his article on the Shock Mystery Tales digests from TDE4, about the final bedsheet editions; Gilbert Colon on Lin Carter’s “People of the Dragon”; S. Craig Zahler on select issues of The Spider pulps; and David J. Schow explains the pile-up on production credits and endless writers’ meetings. Full disclosure: I dig into crime digests Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (Feb–Jun 1957) in this issue.

Marc Myers is creating a new collection of work by the late Roman Scott. The hardcover format book will include all the content from his Oddities and Head zines. The volume will include recollections by Jonathan Falk and Todd Mecklem. I began the preliminary work on the layout this week.

Marc also completed a beautiful collage to illustrate a new story by Robert Snashall for The Digest Enthusiast No. 13, due in January 2021.

The current issue: The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 is available in print at Lulu.com and in digital formats at Kindle Books and Magzter.

Cracked Digest Oct. 1986

Vintage Humor Digest
Cracked Digest No. 1 Oct. 1986
John Severin “Sagebrush”
Contents Page
Editor’s Note
Keny Gamble “Rambozo”
Bill Everett “Pushbutton War”
“Cat Gifts”
Vic Martin “Hudd & Dini”
“Ultra-Realistic Dolls”
Charlie Rodrigues “Cannibal Chuckles”
Sean Powers “School for TV Wrestlers”
McCartney “Hurry Ups”
John Severin “Celebrities’ Screen Idols”
McCartney “Surfing U.S.A.”
John Severin “Beach Ballon”
Charlie Rodrigues “Take Me Out to the Old Cracked Ball Game”
“Cracked Lens” (photo gags)
Bill Ward “Cracked Interviews the Magic King”
John Severin “Silly Things We Do…”
Howard Nostrand “Foggy Night in Minnesota”
John Severin “The Cracked Late Late Late Late Movie: The Towering Infernal”
John Severin “Sagebrush”
John Severin “Rare Old Shut Ups” (back cover)

Cracked Digest No. 1 Oct. 1986
Editor-in-Chief: Michael Delle-Femine
Art Director: Barry Shaprio
Editorial Assistance: Mort Todd
5.5” x 8.25” 148 pages $2.00

News Digest July 3, 2020

Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 6
Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 6

New Releases
Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 6
Contents Page
Michael Bracken: From the Cat’s Perch
Trey R. Barker “Seven Card Joker High”
Robert Guffey “The Loser”
Michael Bracken “Blest Be the Tie that Binds”
John Hegenberger “The Magnificent Score”
Robert Lopresti “Worse than Death”
Patricia Dusenbury “The Last Thing He Remembered”
Laird Long “Paint the Clown Red”
Bryce Walton “The Contagious Killer” (Classic Reprint)

Black Cat Mystery Magazine No. 6 (Vol. 2 No. 2) (June 2019)
Publisher: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Michael Bracken
Production Team: Sam Cooper, Steve Coupe, Shawn Garrett, Sam Hogan, Yamini Manikoth
Cover: Uncredited
6” x 9” 132 pages
Print $14.49 Kindle $3.99
Black Cat Mystery website

Analog, Asimov's Ju./Aug 2020
Analog, Asimov’s Ju./Aug 2020

The Jul/Aug 2020 issues of Analog and Asimov’s are now available. For contents click on their titles.

Pulp Modern Flash

Pulp Modern editor Alec Cizak provides an update on the fiction digest at No Moral Center and introduces Pulp Modern Flash, a new online genre fiction website.

Tales from the Magician's Skull No. 4
Tales from the Magician’s Skull No. 4

Tales from the Magician’s Skull No. 4
Contents Page
John C. Hocking “Guardian of the Broken Gem”
Adrian Cole “On Death Seed Island”
James Enge “Masks of Silence”
James Stoddard “Cage of Honor”
C.L. Werner “The Witch’s Hand”
Ryan Harvey “The Dead Queen’s Triumph”
Tom Doyle “Thieves of the Fallen World”
Milton Davis “Apedamak’s Army”
Terry Olson’s Appendix: Game Statistics

Tales from the Magician’s Skull No. 4
Publisher: Joseph Goodman
Editor: Howard Andrew Jones
Cover: Doug Kovacs
Design: Lester B. Portly
Interior Art: Chris Arneson, Randy Broecker, Samuel Dillon, Jannell Jaquays, Doug Kovacs, Brad McDevitt, Russ Nicholson, Stefan Prag
8.5” x 11” 72 pages
Print $14.99

Analog July 1965, If Aug. 1965
Analog July 1965 and World of If Aug. 1965

Digest Magazine Reviews
Robert Lopresti
reviews Mark Thielman’s “A Beastly Trial” from AHMM Jul/Aug 2020 at Little Big Crimes.

Gideon Marcus reviews Analog July 1965 at Galactic Journey.

David Levinson reviews Worlds of If Aug. 1965 at Galactic Journey.

Jul/Aug 2020 Digests
Jul/Aug 2020 Digests

Digest Magazine Blogs
Derek Künsken’s
Q&A on “Tool Use by the Humans of Danzhai County” Asimov’s Jul/Aug 2020 at From Earth to the Stars.

P.K. Torrens on his story “Nanoscopic Nemesis” Analog Jul/Aug 2020 at The Astounding Analog Companion.

C.C. Finlay overviews F&SF Jul/Aug 2020 at Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Stephen Mazur is leaving his post as Assistant Editor of F&SF. C.C. Finlay writes a farewell tribute at Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Stephen Mazur interviews Richard Bowes about “In the Eyes of Jack Saul” (F&SF May/Jun 2020) at Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Jacqueline Freimor whose story “That Which is True” debuts in EQMM Jul/Aug 2020 responds to the question: “Where do you get your ideas?” at EQMM’s Something is Going to Happen.

Batman 323, Brave & Bold 162, Detective 490
Batman 323, Brave & Bold 162, Detective 490

TDE Contributor Corner
Jack Seabrook
and Peter Enfantino review Batman No. 323, The Brave and the Bold No. 162, and Detective Comics No. 490 at bare•bones e-zine.

Jack Seabrook presents The Hitchcock Project—Harold Swanton Part Two: Portrait of Jocelyn at bare•bones e-zine.

The Confession, Eddie's World
The Confession and Eddie’s World

Readin’ and Writin’
(6-28-20) Finished reading The Confession by Domenic Stansberry, Hard Case Crime, 2004 (HCC-006) this week. A criminal psychologist tells his first-hand story of the criminal justice system when he finds himself facing trial for the murder of his lover amid an avalanche of circumstantial evidence.

Second read of the week was Eddie’s World by Charlie Stella, from Stark House Press’ Black Gat imprint. It’s Black Gat Books No. 2. The copyright is 2001, first published by Carroll & Graf. Cover photo by Peter Rozovsky, book design by Mark Shepard.

Eddie is a sometimes gangster, sometimes word processor. He takes on his latest caper mostly to help out a friend who is in deep financial straits. It’s an after-hours heist for $15K in cash, split three ways between Eddie, Tommy, and the inside-gal Sarah. Like the rest of Eddie’s life, things get complicated, get worse, and get hard to see anyway free and clear of the noirish muck he’s mired in. Plot, characters, prose—this one’s terrific from every angle.

Updated several larquepress.com webpages this week, adding The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 and Pulp Modern No. 5 to their respective webpages and a complete redo of the links page.

Barb Goffman shares proofreading tips at SleuthSayers.

DreamHaven Books now has copies of The Digest Enthusiast No. 10–12 and bare*bones No. 1 and No. 2 for sale online and at their landmark store in Minneapolis.

Jack Seabrook wrapped up a terrific article on Mystery Book Magazine author Leo Marr that’s locked in for The Digest Enthusiast No. 13, due in January 2021.

John Shirley on Weirdbook No. 42
John Shirley on Weirdbook No. 42

While you’re waiting you might want to check out the current issue that includes an interview with John Shirley about his special issue of Weirdbook No.42. The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 is available in print from select booksellers and Lulu.com–and in digital versions for Kindle and Magzter.

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Feb. 1959
Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Feb. 1959

Vintage Crime Digest
Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Feb. 1959
Brett Halliday: First Appearances
Brett Halliday “Keep Me Out of the Morgue” (Mike Shayne)
Lewis Horne “Strangers in Gideon”
Art Crockett “Murder Begins at Home”
Johnston McCulley “Thubway Tham’s Double Play”
Henry Slesar “Something Borrowed”
John Jakes “The Crooked Three”
Charles Beckman, Jr. “Framed”
Dennis Weigand “Child’s Play”

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol 4 No. 3 Feb. 1959
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Editorial Director: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Walter P. Dallas
5.5” x 7.75” 128 pages
Cover Price: 35¢

News Digest May 8, 2020

AHMM May/Jun 2020

May Digest Magazines
Alfred Hitchcok’s May/Jun 2020
This issue marks the introduction of former police detective Lee Lofland’s new column Case Files, “offering insights into the working lives and daily realities of those involved in law enforcement.”
Contents Page
Linda Landrigan: Trapped! (introduction)
The Lineup
Joseph S. Walker “Etta at the End of the World” art by Kimberly Cho
Jeff Cohen “The Question of the Befuddled Judge”
Ken Brosky “Airless Confinement”
Parker Littlewood “Buck Solves the Case”
Arlene Fisher: Dying Words (acrostic puzzle, solution on page 192)
Robert Lopresti “Shanks Saves the World” art by Kevin Speidell
Mark Lagasse: Scrambled Plum (puzzle, solution on page 105)
Joslyn Chase “The Wolf and Lamb”
Laurel Flores Fantauzzo: Booked and Printed
The Devil Aspect by Craig Russell
Anti-Social by Andrew Marantz Viking
Phantom Lady by Christina Lane
Elizabeth Zelvin “Reunion”
Mysterious Photograph $25 fiction contest “Never a Dull Moment in the Kitchen”
Michael Bracken “Sleepy River”
Bob Tippee “A Bias for Action”
John G. Wimer “Probable Cause”
Mark Thielman “The Case of the Cereal Killer” art by Enan Liang
Sarah Weinman “Limited Liability”
Eve Fisher “Brother’s Keeper”
Janice Law “The Client”
Russell Atwood selects/introduces a Mystery Classic” “A Gross Miscarriage of Justice” by Joyce Porter
Lee Lofland’s Case Files
The Story That Won (Jan/Feb) “Famous Last Words” by S.D. Burke
Coming in AHMM Mar/Apr 2020
Directory of Services/Indicia
Classified Marketplace

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Vol. 65 No. 5 & 6 May/Jun 2020
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Linda Landrigan
Managing Editor: Jackie Sherbow
Senior Director of Art & Production: Porter C. McKinnon
Senior ADs: Victoria Green & Thomas Slosser
Cover: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
192 pages
$7.99 on newsstands until June 16, 2020
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine website
AHMM and EQMM Mystery Value Pack-8 $7.95
AHMM and EQMM Mystery Value Pack-16 $12.95
Mystery Double Issue Value Pack-12 $15.95

Analog May/Jun 2020

Analog May/Jun 2020
Emily Hockaday’s Anniversary Retrospective Editorial: Here There Be Women
Anne McCaffrey “Weyr Search” (90th Anniversary Retrospective Reprint)
G.O. Clark “Miles to Go Before We Rest” (verse)
Neal Asher “Moral Biology”
Richard A. Lovett’s Science Fact—Space Dust: How an Asteroid Altered Life on Earth . . . Millions of Years Before the Dinosaurs
Tom Jolly “A Breath of Air” art by Soo Lee
Sarah Gallien
“The New Planet” (verse)
Dominica Phetteplace “Candida Eve”
John G. Cramer’s The Alternate View: Is the Universe a Hypersphere?
Aimee Ogden “To Persist, However Changed”
James Sallis “Net Loss”
Phoebe Barton “A Compass in the Dark”
In Times to Come
Eric Cline “It Was a Tradition When You Turned 16”
Ramona Louise Wheeler “Calm Face of the Storm” art by Mark Evans
Derek Künsken
“The House of Styx” Part II art by Eldar Zakirov
Don Sakers: The Reference Library
The Oppenheimer Alternative by Robert J. Sawyer
Accepting the Lance by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Frozen Orbit by Patrick Chiles
The Blood-Dimmed Tide by Michael R. Johnson
Starborn & Godsons by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnes
The Renegat by Kristine Karthryn Rusch
Vulcan’s Forge by Robert Mitchell Evans
The Collapsium by Wil McCarthy
Gremlins Go Home by Ben Bova & Gordon R. Dickson
Brass Tacks (Letters)
Anthony Lewis: Upcoming Events

Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Astounding) Vol. 140 No. 5 & 5 May/Jun 2020
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Trevor Quachri
Managing Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Rae Purdom
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Donato Giancola
208 pages, $7.99 on sale until June 16, 2020
Analog website
SF Value Pack-8 $7.95
SF Double Issue Value Pack-12 $15.95
SF Value Pack-16 $12.95

May/Jun 2020Digests

Digest Magazine Blogs
C.C. Finlay
previews the May/Jun issue of F&SF at Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Michael Bracken talks catalyst about “Sleepy River” from AHMM May/Jun 2020 at SleuthSlayers. (Click on the note page for a larger, readable view.)

Shelly Dickson Carr discusses writing at EQMM’s Something is Going to Happen.

Leah Cypess on “Stepsister” from F&SF May/Jun 2020 at Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Linda Landrigan remembers Angela Zeman at AHMM’s Trace Evidence.

Worlds of If June 1965, Commando: Across the Fence

Digest Magazine Reviews
David Levinson
reviews Worlds of If June 1965 at Galactic Journey.

James Reasoner reviews Commando: Across the Fence at Rough Edges.

Scott posted the cover of Leisure Detective Magazine No. 9 at The Nick Carter & Carter Brown Blog.

TDE Contributors’ Corner
Jack Seabrook
and Peter Enfantino explore Batman in the 1980s at bare•bones e-zine.

Jack Seabrook’s The Hitchcock Project: Morton Fine and David Friedkin Part Three: Crimson Witness at bare•bones e-zine.

Nils Gilbertson’s
“Feelin’ Like Hell” at Rock and a Hard Place.

Fright by Cornell Woolrich

Advertiser Spotlight
Digest, paperback, pulp, and comic collectors may want to request a subscription to the free monthly Modern Age Books all-picture catalog. It’s a great source for collectibles with accurate grading, speedy service, and great prices. Request a subscription here.

Readin’ and Writin’
Book Trailer for Lake County Incidents by Alex Cizak. I wrote a short review of the book on Goodreads, but see my full version in the upcoming TDE.

Read this week: The Hard Case Crime edition of Fright by Cornell Woolrich. A beautifully written noir crime story with a socko finish.

Finished writing my article on Fotocrime this week and laid out the pages. The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 is getting close to final so I sent out many requests to digest magazine editors for news updates, the final step of content creation. There are some great things in the works!

Space Science Fiction Feb. 1953

Vintage SF Digest
Space Science Fiction Feb. 1953
Contents Page
Lester del Rey: An Editorial on Immortality
H. Beam Piper “Ullr Uprising” part one of two, art by Paul Orban
William Morrison
“The Hunters” art by H.R. van Donge
Coming Events
Milton A. Rothman’s Solution Unknown
George O. Smith’s Book Reviews Science: Fact and Fiction
H.B. Fyfe “Exile” art by Ed Emshwiller
John Christopher
“Relativity” art by Ed Emshwiller
Poul Anderson
“Security” art by Alex Ebel
Take-Off (Letters of Comment)
In Memoriam: Earle Bergey

Publisher: John Raymond
Editor: Lester del Rey
Assoc. Editor: John Fell, John Vincent
Art Director: Milton Berwin
Cover: Alex Ebel
5.5” x 7.5” 160 pages
35¢ cover price

Read Vince Nowell, Sr.’s article “When Things Go Wrong—The Lester del Rey/John Raymond Fiasco” in The Digest Enthusiast book seven.

News Digest May 1, 2020

Asimov's May/Jun 2020

April Digest
Asimov’s Science Fiction May/Jun 2020
Contents Page
Cady Coleman with Susan Alzner of Shift7 Guest Editorial: Will NASA’s Next Generation Spacesuit Fit You?
Robert Silverberg’s Reflections: The One that Gets You Hooked
Jane Yolen “Ode to Cassini” (verse)
James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net: Two Dooms
Eleanor Arnason “Tunnels”
Alice Towey “The River”
Sandra Lindow “Darning” (verse)
Ian R. Macleod “The Mrs. Innocents”
Jenny Blackford “Feeding Time” (verse)
Brad Aiken & Rick Wilber “Ithaca”
David Gerrold & Ctein “Ronni and Rod”
Dominica Phetteplace “Digital Witness”
James Gunn “Against the Stars”
Ian Watson “Brave New World by Oscar Wilde”
Robert Borski “How an Astroarcheologist Celebrates the Fourth of July” (verse)
Evan Marcroft “Pax Mongolica”
Suzanne Palmer “Hot New Collectible” (verse)
Tegan Moore “Perfect Blue”
Ruth Berman “The Riches of the Cloud Country” (verse)
Bruce McAllister “The Voice”
R. Garcia y Robertson “Living in Wartime”
Norman Spinrad’s On Books: Modern Chinese Science Fiction—Windows into China
Invisible Planets edited and translated by Ken Liu
Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan, translated by Ken Liu
China Dream by Ma Jian, translated by Flora Drew
Next Issue
Erwin Strauss: SF Conventional Calendar

Asimov’s Science Fiction Vol. 44 No. 5 & 6, whole No. 532 & 533, May/Jun 2020
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Sheila Williams
Managing Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistants: Deanna McLafferty, Rae Purdom
Senior Director of Art & Production: Porter C. McKinnon
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Anna & Elena Balbusso
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until June 16, 2020
Asimov’s website
Asimov’s/Analog Value Pack-8
Asimov’s/Analog Value Pack-16

Fantastic and Analog May 1965

Digest Magazine Reviews
Victoria Silverwolf
reviews Fantastic May 1965 at Galactic Journey.

James Reasoner reviews Commando: Codename Warlord at Rough Edges.

Gideon Marcus reviews Analog May 1965 at Galactic Journey.

Mar/Apr 2020 Digests

Digest Magazine Blogs
The May/June issue of AHMM is previewed at Trace Evidence.

Robert Lopresti discusses his story “Shanks Saves the World” in AHMM May/Jun 2020 at Trace Evidence.

Gabino Iglesias interviews Wendy Heard at EconoClash Review.

Amanda Hollander on “A Feast of Butterflies” from F&SF Mar/Apr 2020 at Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Jim Weikart on the International Association of Crime Writers at EQMM’s Something is Going to Happen.

Eleanor Arnason on “Tunnels” from Asimov’s May/Jun 2020 at From Earth to the Stars.

Aimee Ogden on her story “To Persist, However Changed” from Analog May/Jun 2020 at The Astounding Analog Companion.

Nostalgia Digest Back Issue Sale
Spring cleaning unearthed a cache of 2013–2017 back issues at Nostalgia Digest HQ. Fill in your collection here (scroll down), while supplies last.

TDE Contributors’ Corner
Peter Enfantino & Jack Seabrook
review Warren’s Sept/Nov 1971 titles at bare•bones e-zine.

Peter Enfantino reviews Marvel/Atlas Horror Comics from June 1953 at bare•bones e-zine.

Fate T-Shirt

Fate Fundraiser
Support the oldest continuous running magazine of its kind: Fate Magazine. Editor and publisher Phyllis Galde has been at the helm since 2001, but at present Fate is experiencing legal action from an outside force that threatens our ability to continue. The proceeds from your purchase of a Fate t-shirt will go towards legal defense expenses to protect Fate
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Nostalgia Digest Spg 2020 and Constantine

Readin’ and Writin’
Finished reading the latest issue of Nostalgia Digest this week. Those Were the Days will celebrate its 50th Anniversary this year. Due to the pandemic, the special live event that had been scheduled for May 2nd, will be rescheduled. Nonetheless, this issue of Nostalgia Digest provides an interview with Chuck Schaden, who started the weekly radio show in 1970, as well as a enthralling excerpt from his memoir: Chuck Schaden’s Radio Days—Adding Decades to the Golden Age of Radio (Hall Closet Press, 2019).

Other issue highlights include articles on Tina Cole of Hawaiian Eye and My Three Sons, Raymond Burr, and movie star Jean Arthur. Another satisfying edition of Nostalgia Digest. Keep ‘em coming Steve Darnall!

Inspired by the special all-John Shirley issue of Weirdbook, I picked up a copy of the novelization of Constantine, also by Mr. Shirley, and read it this week. It’s terrific. A beautifully written, action-packed, supernatural, adventure story.

Spent a few hours working an my article about Fotocrime for the next issue of The Digest Enthusiast, and worked in edits from Alec Cizak for the next Pulp Modern—both digests scheduled for June release.

Western Magazine Feb. 1958

Vintage Western Digest
Western Magazine February 1958 (final issue)

L.L. Foreman “Showdown at Saber Pass”
In a double-crossing, cold-blooded game of cattle empire—a young, beautiful girl was the helpless pawn. And Lobo Turner was king of gunslingers.

Gardner F. Fox “Gunswift”
Returning from a self-imposed exile, Con Mallard had need of his notorious gun rep to combat the savage welcome his old neighbors had waiting for him.

Joseph Chadwick “Trail-Town Raiders”
The tough town of Rawson prepared its tricks and its heady temptations for the unsuspecting trail-driver Riordan—who had acquired plenty of steam to let off.

Ed Montgomery “Robber’s Reunion”
When Cowhide County elected a sheriff, hardcases took over the vote getting.

Western Magazine Vol. 5 No. 1 Feb. 1958
Publisher: Martin Goodman
Editor: Harry Widmer
Business Manager: Monroe Froehlich, Jr.
Art Director: Mel Blum
~5.5” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

Read Peter Enfantino’s story-by-story recap of Western Magazine in The Digest Enthusiast No. 8.