Arthur C. Clarke


Galaxy May 1970

Galaxy May 1970

Ejler Jakobsson: The DDTs
James Blish “A Style in Treason”
David Gerrold “The God Machine”
Arthur C. Clarke “Neutron Tide”
Robert Silverberg “The Tower of Glass”* Part II
Avram Davidson “Timeserver”
Algis Budrys: Galaxy Bookshelf
Michael G. Coney “Whatever Became of the McGowans?”
Vaughn Bodé “Sunpot” (comic)
Frederik Pohl’s Editorial View: Overkill
Galaxy Stars: Robert Silverberg

Galaxy Magazine Vol. 30 No. 2 May 1970
Publisher: Arnold E. Abramson
Associ. Publisher: Bernard Williams
Editor: Ejler Jakobsson
Editor Emeritus: Frederik Pohl
Science Editor: Donald H. Menzel
Feature Editor: Lester del Rey
Managing Editor: Judy-Lynn Benjamin
Art Director: Franc L. Roggeri
Assoc. Art Director: Jack Gaughan
Cover and interior art: Jack Gaughan

Arthur C. Clarke and Captain Wyxtpthll’s Flying Saucer

As featured in Marvel Science Stories May 1951:

Arthur C. Clarke provides the seventh story in this issue of MSS, a light-hearted adventure about an alien scouting party sent to Earth to size things up before they take over. The title, sets the tone: “Captain Wyxtpthll’s Flying Saucer.”

Marvel Science Stories May 1951 cover

In addition to Clarke’s fame as a writer, he also hosted several documentary television series in the 1980s (Mysterious World, World of Strange Powers, and Mysterious Universe), available today on DVD.