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The Digest Enthusiast No. 10 in Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog
Bud Plant’s Incredible Catalog

The latest edition of Bud Plant’s Incredible Catalog is now available. The Digest Enthusiast No. 10 is featured on page 14 under the Pulps & Pulp Fiction category, but all ten issues are available from Bud’s Art Books website, along with hundreds of other pulp-related publications like The Pulpster.

Bud Plant’s Incredible Catalog is available in a full color printed copy at various paper and collectible shows across the country and by mail, or you can download a copy of the PDF from the homepage of Bud’s Art Books website.

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Five-Star Reviews

The Digest Enthusiast No. 10

Our thanks to Geographer, Steve Alcorn, and Justin Marriott for their recent reviews and ratings for The Digest Enthusiast No. 10. At the moment, it’s the #1 New Release in its category.

Excerpts from their five-star reviews on amazon:
“Another great issue”
“I always look forward to each new issue of The Digest Enthusiast, and it never disappoints.”
“Best issue yet!” (UK site)

TDE10 is now available from Mike Chomko Books and will soon be in stock from Bud’s Art Books.

Ray Palmer’s Digest Dynasty

The Digest Enthusiast No. 9 pages 58 and 59

Inside The Digest Enthusiast No. 9 January 2019:

Vince Nowell, Sr. charts Ray Palmer’s digest dynasty from 1948 to 1958, followed by the bibliography of S.J. Byrne, one of Palmer’s go-to SF storytellers.

Special thanks to this issue’s advertisers:
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