C Michael Hall


Monster! No. 33 Spring 2018

Monster! No. 33Contents
Editorializing: Make Mine a Monster!
Monster! Mail
Daniel Best: The Mummy in Australia
Monster!’s Spring Supernatual Stunner
Dana Marie Andra: Inside the Outer Limits with Harlan Ellison & Robert Culp
Stephen Jilks: Channel of Darkness: Doctor Who & the BBC’s Gothic Horrors of the 1970s part one
Dan Ross: National Kid: The “Superman” of Japan
Brett Piper interviewed by Stephen R. Bissette part 2&3 of 6
John Harris: Monster Magazines that Time Forgot: Poster Mags
Neil D.Silva: Lapachhapi: New Indian Horror
Christos Mouroukis: Return of My Monster Movie Marathon Diary: Godzilla A Go-Go
Stephen R. Bissette & Mark Nelson: Monster! Roadshow
Mongo McGillicutty: Goin’ Ape Over Mighty Joe Young
Troy Howard: George A. Romera Remembered
Movie Checklist: Video Availability Information
Midnight Snacks: Movie Reviews “in more capsule form than our longer reviews found elsewhere”

Monster! No. 33 back coverMonster! No. 33 Spring 2018
Editor, Publisher, Designer: Tim Paxton
Editor, Wrangler, Proofreader: Steve Fenton
Publisher: Brian Harris
Proofreader: Tony Strauss
Inspiration: Heather Paxton
Cover: C. Michael Hall
5.5” x 8.5” 370 pages
POD only $16.27
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