Dorothy B Hughes


Gamma No. 2

Gamma No. 2

Dorothy B. Hughes “The Granny Woman”
Robert Bloch “The Old College Try”
Francesca Marques “Michael”
Richard Matheson “Deus Ex Machina”
William Faulkner “The Kid Learns”
Jack Matcha “King’s Jester”
William Shakespeare & Ib Melchior “Here’s Sport Indeed!” (verse)
Burt Shoneber’s Portfolio
William F. Temple “The Undiscovered Country”
Robert Sheckley: The Gamma Interview
Charles E. Fritch “Castaway”
Charles Beaumont “Something in the Earth”
William F. Nolan “I’m Only Lonesome When I’m Lonely”
The Editors: A Note on Ernest Hemingway
Ray Bradbury “Sombra y Sol”

Gamma No. 2 1963
Editor & Publisher: Charles E. Fritch
Executive Editor: & Publisher: Jack Matcha
Managing Editor: William F. Nolan
Cover: Morris Scott Dollens
5.25” x 7.75” 128 pages 50¢